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One of the most vivid lyrical expression of finally reaching heaven! - Rashatta Daugett


Still working on that hot first release.



Earl West, A.K.A Infinite is a new breed of Christian rapper. He grew up in New Brunswick, NJ, where he was inspired by his uncle to write rhymes. At the ripe age of seven Earl created his first rap to "King of Rock" by Run DMC. As part of the Group Killa Troop Unit, made up of he and his two cousins, he honed his skills.

Eventually, the appeals of the street life began to shift his focus from rap to crime and drugs. He began smoking marijuana at the age of 12 and committed his first armed robbery at 16.

However, the next year brought a moment of clarity. One night while driving with his cousin, high on drugs, he lost control of the car and backed into a house. Under the back bumper was a baby crib. Thankfully, no one was home. When he realized there could have been a baby in the crib, that became the turning point in his life. He knew he needed to change or he was headed into more serious trouble.

Two months later, Earl's family relocated to Stone Mountain, GA, where he eventually gave his life to Christ at Metro World Outreach Center in Stone Mountain, GA. It was there that God used people to minister to him and impart wisdom into his life. It was also there that God used various people to encourage him to use his skills in rap as a means to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In 1997 Earl did just that by forming the rap duo, Sons of Thunder with his cousin. When his cousin moved back to New Jersey, Earl continued the work of preaching the gospel through rap, taking on the new name, Infinite. Since then, he has become one of the most effective ministers of the gospel through rap in our generation.

The common thread in the songs Infinite has penned has been the reality of hope and pain. Most new believers come into this walk with Christ only with the idea of hope. Not many consider the struggle that comes with it. Infinite brings in the reality of the pain that all believers must endure with that hope. That is why this first album project is entitled "Hope and Pain". "Hope and Pain" encourages, teaches, and exemplifies how to demonstrate the light of Christ in the everyday pains of life.

What is so amazing about Infinite's music is that its' evangelically relevant to the hearts and minds of those in the streets - not just the church. God has allowed him to experience life in the streets and in the church so that his music will be able to reach those in both walks of life. He knows that even though there are lots of people in church that have not truly surrendered to Jesus, that through Christ the message in his music will touch, change and deliver them to salvation. At the same, the message in his lyrics reaches those who would never step foot in a church.

Infinite believes that there is a certain street credibility that comes from being who God made him to be. Not that getting the street-cred is what's important, but it helps you to be more effective when you speak, if you are familiar with your audience. There is a saying that real recognizes real and Infinite has consistently been recognized as such.

Since 1997, Infinite has been used by God to minister the gospel in New Mexico, Florida, New York, New Jersey, and of course, Georgia. Infinite has been ministering and preaching the gospel through Hip Hop for over 10 years.
Currently, Infinite lives in Snellville, GA with his wife, April West and their three children Asia, Noah and Isaac.