Infinite Heights

Infinite Heights


Infinite Heights is an intoxicating mixture of electronica, jazz, drum n' bass, funk, hip hop grooves and beats. Free jazz style improvisation and melodic statements resonate throughout, carrying the listener on interstellar journeys of the mind, body , and soul.


Infinite Heights is a collection of underground musicians dedicated to cultivating innovative compositions and improvisations that carry the listener on captivating journeys of the body, mind, and soul.This genre bending, electronic hybrid tantilizes your senses with mind altering soundscapes,soaring and resonant melodies, free jazz improvisations, beautifully layered textures, hip hop/funk grooves, and driving beats. The group started as the brainchild of enigmatic bassist/producer Jon Furr, who has developed his unique style through studies at some of the world's leading comtemporary music schools, such as M.I.T. of Los Angeles, and Jeff Berlins' Players' School of Music. The group also features the unbrideled wizardry of Khari Wynn , the masterful, and energetic guitarist of acclaimed Hip hop group Public Enemy. Chris Riggs' impressive display of drum and bass and jazz chops rounds out the ensemble with massive drumming, bred through many years of marching band and emsemble playing. The band has shared the stage with many world class artists, performed at a variety of festivals, and performed late night parties for acts such as Sts9, Lotus, Umphrees McGhee, ect. With a fresh, evolved new sound be sure not to miss the ever changing live show near you, as Infinite Heights hits the scene to support the debut album "Origins".


Debut CD "Origins" available now , a few tracks can be heard here, or on

Set List

Typical sets are 45 mins to an hour , sometimes two sets are played, original music with a cover thrown in occasionally