New York City, New York, USA
BandHip Hop

Infinite Marvelous brings a drak milotic street flow to the table . At the same time he gives you a current event abtract style with songs for the ladys . He hit's all points and really touch home . He's a piranah bricks leader and rep for one half of royal statiz .

An im from Brooklyn ...


From taking a few years off of the music life. Infinite Marvelous aka R.o.c.c.a came back with a half of LP from a one day studio session. A nine track cd called the interview. But he scraped it. From not knowing the proper procedures to make a professional LP. HE laugh about it to day. It was basically the beat situation. Inf Marvelous is working on up and coming projects such as the The Royal Statiz group LP’s with partners Liff Cappuccino , DonDay and O - digga . Also his solo LP’s not yet to be title. Rocca is in links with artist by the name of Hell Razah of suns of man , Shabazz the Disciple , Poison Pen and others. The song STEP IN TO MY WORLD is produced by x3m along with a hold lot of other joints . Cold Heat and Craig g co singed on STEP IN TO MY WORLD . When that time come and that time will come and you are acknowledging him .Keep acknowledging him because this man defently got something for the world .


01. Infinite Marvelous - Talk 2 Me Daddy
02. Infinite Marvelous - Hard Hearted
03. Infinite Marvelous, Hell Yeeeeah & Titan - Different Varieties
04. Infinite Marvelous - U Drunk
05. Infinite Marvelous, Hell Yeeeeah & Titan - I Hear Them Laughin At Me
06. Infinite Marvelous - Timefly (feat. DonDay)
07. Infinite Marvelous - Stop Shittin (feat. Grea Business)
08. Infinite Marvelous & Thomas Handsome - The Last Exorcism
09. Infinite Marvelous - Black Mag Jack
10. Infinite Marvelous - Step Into My World
11. Royal Statiz (Infinite Marvelous & Liff Cappuccino) - No War
12. Royal Statiz - Ex·quis·ite
13. Royal Statiz - Voices