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"Streetkor - Community Spotlight"

Streetkor Entertainmnet is the focus of today’s article. These local artist have been together for 4 years and have a unique sound of hip-hop and rap. They started focusing on their music to find a way to stay off the streets. Most of the local artist I have interviewed lately have touched base on at least one of the same reasons they wanted to get into the entertainment business, and that is to find a way to stay away from the troubles of street life, which I think is admirable. The younger generations who think there is no way out for them, here is an option, if they work hard to achieve it.

Streetkor Entertainment members are all from Columbus, Ohio their venues range from Little Brothers, High Five, Pup 161, Scarlet & Grey to the Cleveland Music Festival. This group’s main goal at this time is to provide for their families as well as each other. They want to put Columbus on the map.

I had a great conversation with this group and most of the topic was not really about them but about the industry, other local artist and how they would like to change the stigmatism our radio stations and venues have about helping new artists and giving them the opportunity to grow.

When I asked Freddie what he is doing to get his foot in the door of this business, he said “ We as a group have tried to get business loans to start local music with no success. We can’t get the exposure we need because everyone is looking to put their hand out for money with every turn. The radio stations do not want to play local artist music so that the city can here the talent but that is what Atlanta, California, and Miami does so that local artist can be recognized. From the call-ins or request, they let the public decide what will go in rotation, but if the radio stations here in Columbus will not even give the artist a chance, we lose great artist to other cities. We want the local artist to start having respect for each other and to give respect for each others craft.”

Freddie Scott and the other members of the group also want to help in the community such as helping other artist succeed, take the younger generation to studios to show the background of the music industry, and fit this in with a focus on school and grade point averages.

The group feels that they are not where they want to be yet, they still will work with other local artist and give them any connections they have, so that all of this great talent in Columbus, Ohio will soon be noticed.

My last question to the group was “what would they tell anyone who wanted to get a start in this business?”, their answer was, “focus 100% on yourself, hustle, don’t rely on other people, have confidence, and appearance and image is everything.” Freddie’s last words to me was “If you can’t own home, you can’t own anywhere else.” Well Streetkor, I have every confidence in the world that you are going to make it. Good Luck. -

"Artist of the Month"

What is Streetkor’s goal for the future?

(All C’ing)

Right now our goal is to continue to grind in hopes of landing some sort of deal. In all honesty, though the money would be better with a major, an independent deal is what I am looking at.

Look at Dipset and the success they have been able to maintain with labels like Koch and Asylum.

We just want that chance to be heard.

What projects do you currently have in the works?


Man, we have a gang of future projects in the works.

We are building the foundation for a new mixtape that is being mixed by “DJ Con Artist”, plus we are looking to put out solo efforts from our three artists “Mr. Sosa”, “Focus”, and “Kato”.

The solo efforts will more than likely be EP’s, and then we will look to put out an LP the beginning of next year.

Who are the artists in Streetkor, and what do they do (MC, DJ, production, etc.)?

(All C’ing)

Now this is a tricky question because we have a gang of people involved in what we do.

Our core stable of artists right now as Soft mentioned are: “Mr. Sosa”, “Focus”, and “Kato”. We also have my dude “Trouble” waiting in the wings. DJ Con Artist has been our DJ for shows.

And then, Softmoney and I play CEO’s/MC’s/producers.

Are you involved with any local producers or DJs?

(All C’ing)

This is a funny question. We have been trying to link with local producers around here for a minute now. Cats are type funny with the beats man. Either they are charging so much that you have to dip in your 401K to cop a track or they only phuck with their own circle of people. It is cool though.

Right now, we got this young cat Richie Rich who did “Rydah” off our most recent mixtape, JMJ laced “All I C’ing” for the mixtape and you can expect to hear something from my man Stony in the near future. Hopefully when people realize how cool we are they will be more willing to put down some shyt man.

On the DJ tip….if it isn’t DJ Con Artist it ain’t nobody. We did a show in while ago with Gold Finger too. He is a cool ass dude.

Who is really representing Columbus right now?


What? We are representing Columbus right now!!!!!


On some real, cats need to start showing more love for where they are from.

(Mr. Sosa)

I mean you have cats from other cities and states reppin Columbus harder than some of their own products.

(All C’ing)

I mean there are gangs of people reppin Columbus, and I have to say we are one of the camps who are trying to do that.

You got Weightless, The Lab Rats, Blackhouse are doing their thing, O-Dot, and Blokwatch…the list goes on and on.

Then you have the out of town cats that are doing their thing like DJ Con Artist, Infinite, and RNS.

Which artist(s) have influenced you the most?


Everyone has their own type of inspiration you know?

I love what the south is doing right now. I am feeling a lot of their music. Luda, TI, Lil Wayne…all those cats.

(All C’ing)

To be honest with you, the 90’s in general inspired me. There was so much “classic material” coming out in that era that I would be almost disrespecting the times if I named dropped certain people.

Also when I came into this hip-hop shyt, Columbus was hot.

This was around the time when RJ and Copy and them were still together, when the Nomads were chewing shyt, when Lone Catalyst first starting getting praise, and when Spit Ball was just getting their following. I can remember going to the release party for “The B-Sides” and seeing Spit Ball perform the first time.

Those cats had so much life on stage man.


I am going to stick to my favorite emcees, Tupac and Jay-Z.

(Mr. Sosa)

I’ma have to run with what All said but, on some real shyt Rakim put me on with all I needed as far as reason to spit.

At this point, what do you consider the highlight of your career?


We are pretty critical so I don’t know if we really had any true “highlights”. Yeah we have done some nice shows and performed with some hot cats, but we are not where we want to be just yet, so ask us that in six months ya feel me?

(All C’ing)

The biggest thing for me is being in the public and having people recognize me as part of “Streetkor”. Most cats see me at shows and don’t even know my first name, but they know my camp.

What’s the best compliment you’ve received about your music?

(All C’ing)

The biggest compliment we have received about our music was based on how much life we breathe into a track. If you have ever been to a show, you know how we get down on stage. We have fun and we put everything that we got into a performance.

Nobody else has to tell me that we are hot because I feel like our style is different, but anytime another artist can put his ego to the side and prop you up that is always good shyt.

What is hip hop?

(Mr. Sosa)

Hip-Hop is what you live. People get that mixed up like it is j -


When the Streets Talk EP 2004
Hoodmix Mixtape 2004
The Streets are Still Talking 2005
So Focus EP 2006
Greatness Deferred 2006



Streetkor is commecial appeal with actual lyrical content. Our lyrics are for adults but still fun loving and party orientated at the same time.

We set ourselves apart from the rest because of the quality of person that you find in each individual. We are real people with real personalities and honest thoughts and appreciations for music in general.

Our influences cross genres of music and time periods as we are cultured. From Janis Joplin, to Nas, to Robert Randolph and the Family Band, to Mos Def.

Our story is simple....we are a crew of cats who want to bring the MidWest into the conversation about where the best music comes from. We feel slighted and that is part of the fire that drives us.