BandHip HopSoul

High energy performers with an genuine appeal that other artist have to "build". Our style is not limited to a "region" so to speak. We speak from experiences that represent our home, but we can relate to other situations and adapt accordingly. We are hip-hop electricity!


Streetkor is commecial appeal with actual lyrical content. Our lyrics are for adults but still fun loving and party orientated at the same time.

We set ourselves apart from the rest because of the quality of person that you find in each individual. We are real people with real personalities and honest thoughts and appreciations for music in general.

Our influences cross genres of music and time periods as we are cultured. From Janis Joplin, to Nas, to Robert Randolph and the Family Band, to Mos Def.

Our story is simple....we are a crew of cats who want to bring the MidWest into the conversation about where the best music comes from. We feel slighted and that is part of the fire that drives us.


When the Streets Talk EP 2004
Hoodmix Mixtape 2004
The Streets are Still Talking 2005
So Focus EP 2006
Greatness Deferred 2006

Set List

Our typical set is between 25-30 minutes.

We recently added an artist by the name of "Infinite" who is a solo act so we are working him into the mix.

We try and let each artist do a solo song and then throw in a few crew cuts as well. We cover everything from original music to things off our mixtapes using industry beats.

Some of our fan favorites are:

Itz Whateva
You Blew It
My Life
Get Low
Get It How You Get It
Chit Chat
Come Get It
Beautiful Summer
CO Anthem
Hula Hoop
Theme Music
My Life
We have shared held down stages with some of the best that the MidWest has to offer including the following:

The Lab Rats
Hum V and the Cleptoz
RNS Entertainment
Searius Add
Relm Diggy
Kimberly Joyce