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Hip Hop Reborn. Infinite Skillz is lyrical purity and word-play mated with present day consciousness. If you like KRS ONE, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Gangstarr, Jurassic Five, or The Roots, you'll love Infinite. He is the organizing member of B.A.S.E INC out of the Hip Hop hotbed known as Virginia.


Infinite Skillz started in an Atlanta based crew called Unparalleled Sound (UPS). The four-man consortium met while attending college at various institutions in the Atlanta University Center. He and the rest of UPS went their separate ways after graduation. With the Hip Hop bug firmly implanted, Infinite left Atlanta after graduating from Morehouse College and moved to a small town named Searcy in North Central Arkansas for grad school. The lack of social stimulation and/or progress inspired Infinite to finish his 2-year program in 16 months. With school (and Arkansas thankfully) behind him, that drive is now being channeled into his many hustles. Music is one of them.

Infinite Skillz, born Jeremy Writt, is a R.E.A.L. emcee. He brings a "message to the party and some fun to the thinkers." Infinite Skillz is Hip Hop. He combines lyrical wordplay, storytelling, and vocal clarity to consistently create music you can support confidently.
He is an accomplished TV production professional and journalist but do not be fooled. As the founding member of B.A.S.E. Inc, Infinite is committed to putting in work on his craft and creating quality music that fans can feel good about supporting.

Infinite's debut album, The Anomaly, is a path clearing journey aimed at restoring a much-needed balance to the Hip Hop community. Infinite claims Virginia as his home but draws on his Army brat upbringing to connect with people of all walks of life. His list of collaborators include the Cuban Sandwich Crisis and the St. Petersburg Times in addition to an untold number of emcees and producers. Both the Swoon Music EP, and the Slave Music street album were produced in their entirety by fellow B.A.S.E. Inc member Mr. J.


The Anomoly
Swoon Music
Slave Music
You're All Invited