Infinite Starr

Infinite Starr

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

• 3x's Awarded 2x's Nominated Best Female Rapper •
• “Days Like This” Nominated for Indie-Music Top 25 •
• Hypnotizing melodic delivery that satisfies the appetite of rap connoisseurs and soul diehards alike
• Eminem's emotions, Tupac's battle of good and evil, and Kanye West's fearless creativity


You're mistakenly wrong if you believe Nicki Minaj is the only female rapper worth taking a second look at. There's a new breed of a female rap artist cut carefully from an authentic cloth minus the cooky faces, fake ass, and ghost-writers. Hello World, we would like to finally introduce you to Infinite Starr.

Imagine Eminem's emotions on a song, Tupac's battle of good and evil, and Kanye West's fearlessness to be creative cooked in a gumbo pot, the results - Infinite Starr.

Taking the South by storm, Infinite Starr (formerly InfiniteKFC for Kin Folk Committee not chicken) dominated her state and was voted and awarded the #1 Best Female Rapper (Rap Artist) in the entire state at the Jackson Music Awards for not one, but two consecutive years in a row. Not to mention, nominated as the Best Indie Female Rap Artist on a Mixtape by the Southern Entertainment Awards after releasing her first-ever mixtape entitled By Myself proved without a doubt that this femcee could release a full album without features and still hold her own. "I've evolved into a monster on tracks. If you think the start of my career was something, you haven't seen nothing yet."

Touring the southern region and independently selling over 15,000 units out the trunk of her car, Infinite Starr opened up for Yo Gotti, Lil Boosie, Juvenile, Pastor Troy, Lil Webbie, 5th Ward Weebie, and many more. With the help of myspace Infinite Starr was introduced to a manager who promised her and two other artists a major deal, but only solidified 3 songs featured on Envy the Movie starring AZ, Ray J, Lisa Raye, Maia Campbell, Chico Debarge, and Dez. With the disappointment of signing a major recording contract, Infinite Starr reinforced her independent mind-state and released a group project, Krunk or Die with her group Dread Bred. The success of the group was independently impressive selling 5,000 TakeOver vol. 1 dvds however the group disbanded after each artist desired to release solo music.

Back for the second time solo (unsigned and independent), Infinite Starr stampeded the scene with the new single "So Fabulous," which reached 8,000 downloads in two weeks. Followed by the highly-anticipated brand new breathe-taking album World on Fire being featured on iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody, Zune, and eMusic, Infinite Starr received raving reviews from music blogs, online magazines, newspaper articles, and fans worldwide.

Ready to hit the streets again this time in a gold suburban, Infinite Starr commands the World's attention with new music, a new style (check out the mo-hawk with the koi fish tattoo), over 150,000 views on youtube, 680,000 myspace plays, and 20,000 cd sells under her belt. "Internet rappers beware! I'm taking over the streets one neighborhood at a time. You can sit behind your computer all day while I flood your city." Charming, beautiful, talented, and confident female rapper Infinite Starr works hard with her own promotion team and excels beyond the usual pretentious rappers. She self-writes all her music and reframes from sounding similar to other artist, like most copy-cat entertainers in the industry. Spitting slick metaphors with a harmonious flow, Infinite Starr easily catches attention of true music lovers worldwide. Whether you like her music or not, you better believe she will never stop. Hence, the name - Infinite - Starr. "Either you love me or you hate me...either way you'll see me at the top." You can't do anything but truly respect this femal rapper's grind and dedication, and if you're smart you will be apart of it!


So Fabulous

Written By: Infinite Starr

So Fabulous Lyrics by Infinite Starr

It ain't no thang when I'm doing my thang
Pockets on swole so I let my pants hang
cuz I'm so fabulous (fabulous) so fabulous
I'm so fabulous (fabulous) so fabulous
It ain't no thang when I'm doing my thang
Every move I take I be making haters hate
cuz I'm so fabulous (fabulous) so fabulous
I'm so fabulous (fabulous) fa fabulous

[Verse 1:]
I be getting money I be getting quap
Steady stacking paper I just floss the knots
They say I'm hot whether heard or not
If you miss me homeboy you've been kicking rocks
Well let me help you some I'm a give you some
I got a call from Indie told me to drop em one
So I can't hold back I'm sacking quarterbacks
You take the MVP the ring I'm taking that
Uh I send you home to get your game right
And I'll be up in the W getting brains right
That late night la la la late night
I I I keep the steel so you can keep the pipe
Like heroine I'm in your veins
No beginning or end Infinite be the name
What's that you claim Mississippi mayne
I'm the coldest in the state fuck what Banner say


[Verse 2:]
Now watch me get it in gah get it in
I ain't in it for the money I'm in it to win
Hating's a sin haters repent
Every move that I take i make em sin again
My victory is in sight
Everytime I fail I get up twice
And yea I'm nice more like magnificent
How you the queen of the south ain't got no dividends
Uh you smell that I smell like money
I'm worth a mil from the booth cuz I spit out hunnids
Yea honey industry play us weak
Lil C at grand hustle boo at CTE
Check your stats it's in my blood
I ain't gotta budge still fabulous
I ont need goons I keep them thugs
Money make you look good I'm born fabulous


Infinite Starr - So Fabulous Lyrics

Just Friends

Written By: Infinite Starr

Just Friends Lyrics by Infinite Starr

[Verse 1:]
I'm a big truck driver I love to hit the slab
I see fine over here I see fine over there
Toot toot beep beep come on baby get in
I just bought a new ride would you like to take a spin
All gas on me everything on me
At the end of the night even you gon' be on me
Baby you can come and see why they talk about me
Suavé be the game and my game so unique

You see me riding with another one
R-Riding with another one r-r-riding with another one (r-r-riding)
Then that's my friend (that's my friend)
Well that's my friend (that's my friend)
You see me rolling with another one
R-Rolling with another one r-r-rolling with another one (r-r-rolling)
Then that's my friend (that's my friend)
Well that's my friend (that's my friend)

That's my friend (3x) we're just friends
That's my friend (3x) we're just friends

[Verse 2:]
Headed to the mall we can buy a few fits
You ain't got to spend no money cuz you know I got it
We're just friends with benefits
Baby keep that in mind
I got somebody at home please don't ever cross the line
Wanna ride we gon' ride wanna fly we gon' fly
I've been drinking on Ciroc we can do it all night
You can call your friends I can call my friends
We can meet up at the club we can meet at platinum inn
It ain't ever got to end let's let's let's get it
All my friends got money let's let's let's spend it
Wanna ride luxury let's let's let's go
Wha-wha-what goes just don't let nobody know


[Verse 3:]
You ain't ever got to worry just call me when you need me
Hit my blackberry or tune into your tv
When you close your eyes you can even think of me
I'll lay you down to sleep hopefully you dream of me
I'll be like your medicine take away all your pain
We can go anywhere we can do anything
Just call my name baby call my name
I'm a friend you never had you can tell me anything
Let's keep this understood we're still only friends
I'll tell you time again and again and again
I don't mean to be rude that's the way this thing is
My promise to you once that end this begin


Infinite Starr - Just Friends Lyrics

Days Like This

Written By: Infinite Starr

Days Like This Lyrics by Infinite Starr

It be days like this
When I don't want to up and go to work
I don't want to feel my feet hurt
It be days like this
When I don't want to handle no biz
I just want to get it how I live
It be days like this
When I just want to smoke on dat purp
I don't give a fuck what you heard
It be days like this
I really need to think about me
Today I just got to get me (yea)

[Verse 1:]
Woke up one morning realized life fucked up
Who to blame not you see I fucked up
I ain't prayed in awhile I think the Lord ain't listen
Haven't seen my son in awhile do you think he miss me
And this path that I took it's too late to turn back
Been rapping seven years and I ain't on yet
In a race against time I done lost my mind
10 years ago I was saying I got time
But I ain't here to give up that ain't the point of this song
I just needed some way to vent while I'm holding this gun
God's will be done well I feel dumb
Looking in the mirror cuz I hate what I've become
I cocked the gun


[Verse 2:]
Woke up one morning realized life fucked up
Who to blame not you see I fucked up
Got Patron in my cup lungs heavy with drugs
I ain't scared to die I'll give you hoes all mean mugs
Few niggas I trust it's just me on this bus
Call Jessie Lee up and she always fuss
But she give me reality bitter sweet like a cavity
She make a bitch think is it really true happiness
It ain't coming from me I make 'em all lose sleep
Probably rest a little better I was resting in peace
So I grab me a nine and I closed my eyes
I see my ex sitting there but his ass been died (damn)


[Verse 3:]
Woke up one morning realized life fucked up
Who to blame not you see I fucked up
Thanks to suicide thoughts I'm in a puddle of blood
People say I gave up I'm saying it was too much
If I blame it on the devil maybe God won't judge
If you turn the hands back maybe I won't rush
It's like having oral sex I should've sucked it up
And yes life throws punches that's your cue to duck (just duck)
I missed my chance I ain't ever find love
I was sulking in my misery with Vodka and drugs
I know I'm late but I'm built Ford tough
I start screaming and the hollering
And I just woke up like man
(Nobody better fuck with me today I need a blunt)


Infinite Starr - Days Like This Lyrics

Feeling Like a Starr

Written By: Infinite Starr

Feeling Like a Starr Lyrics by Infinite Starr

I'm feeling like a starr oh oh oh ohhhh yea

I'm headed to the top my rims on shine
Working hard in the day so I can play all night
I'm feeling like a starr
I like it I like it [x3]
(I like it) I live in the sky with my tweeters on high
I've been waiting all my life
Finally got things right
I'm feeling like a starr
I like it I like it [x3]
(I like it)

[Verse 1:]
Riding in the slow lane gotta stay focus
When I hit the interstate gone like hocus pocus
My rims they atrocious
I know that I'm the dopest
I'm feeling like a starr cuz Infinite was told this
I don't need yo' hand outs I went and got my own
Soon as I get these millions I put my niggas on
See Mississippi home and I'll never do you wrong
See I won't pull David Banner hit the industry and gone gone


[Verse 2:]
They be pulling out cameras cuz they recognize my face
See my fit stay futuristic like the Jetsons in space
Baby gimme yo' face I love getting face
Got nothing in common put me and yo' face
My ride stay bumping
This beat here jumping
I'm so sick it'll make you haters vomit
Sick to the stomach Yea I promise
Working all day best believe I run this


I like it I like it [x6]

Infinite Starr - Feeling Like a Starr Lyrics


Infinite Starr - World On Fire LP
Mississippi Cartel - "We In Deep" Single

Set List

5 Minute-Set
"World On Fire" Chorus Only

10 Minute-Set
"World On Fire" Chorus Only
"Days Like This"

15 Minute-Set
"World On Fire" Chorus Only
"Days Like This"
"Touch Me Tease Me"
"So Fabulous"

20 Minute-Set
"World On Fire" Chorus Only
"Shut the City Down"
"Days Like This"
"Just Friends"
"Touch Me Tease Me"
"So Fabulous"