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Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop EDM


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"Infinito: 2017 and Future Times"

Infinito: 2017 and Future Times
Submitted by cobwebsandstrange on Thu, 06/04/2009 - 19:56

A Future When I first heard "Out With The Old," I think I played it about four times in a row. It's that good. The track takes a ceaseless vibraphone sample that sounds like it's been filtered through a really thick blanket before reaching your ears and is pushed on by the fuzzy bass line. While the production itself sounds incredible, it's pretty clearly a lo-fi product. And while that approach to sound has recently been embraced in the rock world, it might not fly in hip hop - and that would be a bloody shame, seriously.?

Infinito: 2017 doesn't cop some futuristic stance like those dudes in Outkast or even like those weirdos on Mush Records (as a disclaimer, I like those folks, they just seem odd). Instead, the emcee/producer/high minded thinker positions himself as a unifier of culture. It seems like a pretty lofty goal, but the rapper's aim is pretty clear even from a brief examination of his newest full length disc entitled Divided Souls: Africans in America - he also apparently enjoys colons. The disc itself, though, is framed by an (imaginary?) interview with a British woman who asks various questions interspersed with the actual songs here. It isn't a distraction, but I gotta say that she gets kind of annoying by the end of the disc.?

Growing up in Chicago and being sent back and forth between Memphis and the larger northern city that Infinito called home must have some how colored his outlook on race in the Americas. This disc surely isn't going to be taken away from white folks, but with the overall bent of the lyrical content focusing on black folks and how they're beautiful, it might make some listeners wonder what they're listening for. Of course, the approach to rap in order to raise awareness and cultural pride is one of the original intentions of the genre and should continue. But in his attempt to make a name for him self , Infinito dismisses a portion of the hip hop buying populace, which is intergalactic at this point.?

Beyond that, though, Infinito just comes off better as he examines the culture of hip hop as opposed to the folks that founded it. In the aforementioned song, "Out with the Old," the emcee deftly name checks a huge number of groups while still being able to weave a loose narrative around them. It isn't Slick Rick, but what is anymore? "Forget Yesterday," while touching on the fact that he moved around as a child, gets into relationship territory and again succeeds pretty effortlessly.?

There aren't club bangers and really, the biggest possible fan base for this flighty emcee is gonna be the back packer crowd. In addition to those insightful raps, the production here is laid back and smoker friendly. Nothing represented on Divided Souls: Africans in America is gonna change the game, but even in that Infinito pays his respect to the folks that came before him. And really, that's the thesis of his career thus far. As long as the emcee keeps to this track - as well as self producing those videos - we'll hear from him again. Hopefully, soon. - submitted by cobwebsandstrange

"IT (Infininto & Thaione) - Low Income Housing"

IT (Infininto & Thaione) - Low Income Housing (Low Key)

Some artists are stuck in the golden era of Hip Hop. Remember those days when the only thing that mattered was how well you rocked a mic? By the looks of it, many have forgotten, but not IT. Consisting of emcee Infinito (of Molemen fame) and producer Thaione Davis, IT is a product of Hip Hop's golden age. In fact, if you were not aware that this is 2005, than you would swear Infinito and Thaione Davis' debut albumLow Income Housing was made ten years ago. With Infinito's poignant rhymes and Thaione's vintage production, the group succeeds in delivering an original and noteworthy debut.

While Low Income Housing may not be every listener's cup of tea, especially those wanting to hear a more "updated" sound. For those that grew up on early 90's boom bap, the album will find a place in your heart that has been empty for a while. Infinito's opening lines on "My Life Creation #63" epitomize the album perfectly. "I'm from a time when Hip Hop wasn't pop and the mainstream world didn't care about us". The blues and jazz influenced track is one of the albums true gems, with Thaione's triumphant horns adding some rich texture to the track.

The warm and soulful feel of the title track "Low Income Track" is another standout effort. Infinito delivers his own brand of social commentary and asks "black people to unite". More simulating knowledge is dropped by Infinito on "Acknowledge The After", while the group lightens up on other tracks such as "You Are Not It" and "Bubblegum Artist".

Infinito & Thaione's Low Income Housing is a welcomed change of pace in an industry infatuated with duplicating the hot trend of the moment. The album is consistently strong from beginning to end and it will captivate you with its intelligence and strong messages.? - (Low Key)

"Infinito :: Music With Sound Right Reasoning"

Infinito :: Music With Sound Right Reasoning :: ?as reviewed by Tom Doggett

Regardless of musical quality, it's always nice to see an emcee heading in another direction. Most heads would agree that there has been a distinct lack of innovation from a lyrical standpoint. For all of the Roc-a-Fella clones and 50-Cent imitators, there are very few Immortal Techniques and Ghostfaces. This isn't always a bad thing, as emcees nowadays are just giving the people what they want to hear, and moving units is a legitimate motive for any businessman. The artists I'm thinking of cannot be faulted, they are simply caught up in the machine.

Maybe all of this predictable posturing is a blessing, because it makes an artist like Infinito sound that much fresher. Infinito is an emcee's emcee, a rapper who is far more concerned with awareness than raking in dough. Throughout his 2002 record "Music With Sound Right Reasoning," he expresses his own unique views on the industry and just about everything else. Infinito is one of those emcees who isn't remarkably gifted, but he has a voice and isn't afraid of expressing his opinions, however unorthodox they might be.

After the obligatory intro, the title track kicks the record off. Over a solid production credit from Memo of the Molemen, Infinito drops his thesis, making his purpose clear. The organ on the track is slightly haunting, and provides the inspiration for Infinito's verbal barbs:
"Bitch kids should be punished for rhyming about nothing?Wackness on the mic shouldn't exist?Who you frontin', I'm all live?Kill your dead-ass mind?Even when I come twice I'm still one of a kind?Basic complexity, physics, calculus, trigonometry?I keep it right like Posdnous and Badu?On drums like Tito Puente, OK"

Infinito is not the best emcee, but his intent is certainly there. His rhymes aren't especially complex, and he doesn't have a particularly extensive vocabulary. In this sense, he is a relatively ordinary rapper. He separates himself from the others with his subject matter on songs like

"Seeing is Knowing":
"Connection's restored, as I aggravate paper with misdirected anger?Fear from seclusion, accused of petty crimes?Battle dudes who write pretty rhymes?Boys are too much fantasy, not enough male role model"

For much of the record, Infinito's rhymes act as a steady stream of thoughts from an intelligent, guided emcee. To an extent, he is a battle rapper, but his focus is on dragging down the fakers than braggadocio. He unfortunately spends more time battling than he should, but every word has honorable intentions. The most intriguing moments on the LP showcase a more pensive, abstract style of rhyming from the native Chicagoan. He reflects brilliantly on "Escaping the Turmoil of a Twisted Reality," one of the high points of the record. The problem with the frustration he displays with other artists is that he frequently displays those same battle-oriented characteristics. He never champions the flossing lifestyle, but shit-talking is not above him. I can't really fault him for this, as it is how emcees have always made their livings. At times, though, it detracts from his message.

Towards the middle, "Music With Sound Right Reasoning" begins to drag, despite maintaining the same standard of quality. The problem is that none of the music is very varied. The production, mostly by Memo and Mixx Massacre, is consistently good, but each track is constructed in a similar fashion. Over a twelve song album, this lends itself to unity, but over the course of twenty two tracks, some switching of the formula is necessary. The same rule holds for the lyrics, which are aided by a sparse three guests. This leaves Infinito to carry the load on the remainder, which is quite a task for any emcee. Very few rappers could pull that off with such little deviation, and Infinito is no exception.

Despite the length, Infinito's 2002 effort is well worth listening too. If nothing else, it establishes him as someone to watch. His words merit attention, especially for those who are interested in something a bit different. The music is surprisingly accessible given the subject matter, and anyone who gives "Music With Sound Right Reasoning" a try will be refreshed by a strong, seasoned voice.

Music Vibes: 7 of 10 Lyric Vibes: 7 of 10 TOTAL Vibes: 7 of 10
Originally posted: November 2, 2004
- reviewed by Tom Doggett

"Infinito 2017 ?Music with Sound Right"

Infinito 2017 ?Music with Sound Right Reasoning ?By: Chris Craft??

It's refreshing to hear music with substance. Substance is what Infinito brings to the table and is what he stands for. Infinito brings a different style from Chicago; his delivery is unorthodox but deliberate and his rhyme schemes are unique. When listening to Music With Sound Right Reasoning, you can tell that Infinito doesn't settle for anything less than precise when it comes to his lyrics. The danger with most superb lyricists is that they can't pick out a good beat, but Infinito doesn't seem to have that problem. Memo of the Molemen comes in and produces complete heat for this album. Mixx Massacre, DJ PNS, Jesus, and Yoda round up the rest of the producer list and they hold it down nicely.??The album starts off firmly on the back of Infinito's braggadocio yet insightful rhymes and the beats from Memo on "Qualified professional #27" and "Shadow hours." He lays down the word about the females on "Lost energy." The dark "Right at 26" showcases another track from Memo and a hell of a performance from Inf. On "What you wanted to know," Infinito pretty much just spits on various topics over an eerie string-driven track by Jesus from recordplayas. The middle of the album is rather solemn and features some of Infinito's more forceful and in-depth lyrics. The vibe brightens up a bit at "Nubians in devastated places." The next track, "The William Lynch treatment" features an ill guest appearance from Soulchild. Infinito and Soulchild's chemistry work well here. Mixx' most colorful contribution production wise to the album comes next on "Ready for anything." The album ends on a bright note with a nice 'outro' type song produced by PNS of the Molemen.??Infinito has a solid future. Artists that don't give a damn what others think and have strong opinions and talent are trains that can't be stopped. As an artist, he still has a bit to grow, but that will come. One problem with the album is that some of Infinito's hooks sound like verses. Not saying that all hooks have to be "simple and catchy," but in this album's case, it's just too much to soak in sometimes. His "non-typical" delivery might throw some folks off, but just continue to listen because you need to hear what he's saying.? - By: Chris Craft??

"Infinito 2017 - Roddny Dangrr Fild"

Infinito 2017 - Roddny Dangrr Fild

$$$ 1/2 (score)
Political, intellectual and relevant are just a few ways to describe the work of Chicagos Infinito 2017, a Molemen affiliate and self-described unorthodox poet. His latest effort, Roddny Dangrr Fild, boasts eighteen tracks of pure underground passion, highlighted by jazzy production and original rhymes. Far from flashy, this has a lower budget feel from top to bottom, but that doesnt cramp Infinitos style or integrity. Hes aware of his uniqueness (Im Like None Of Yawl) and demands respect on the breezy Dixmoor Illinois before chasing more cat than Too Short (Alot Of Different), but hes at his best on more down to earth and socially conscious efforts like Proto-Complex and What Is A System.

Respect Due: Study Guide pg. 3, Protest In Contest, Controlled Residents

No Respect: Willing To Stop Confusion, This Black Girl Bad, Respect Anu Art [Bradley Miller] Recordings - $$$ 1/2 (score) Recordings

"Unagi & Infinito 2017 - You and Eye"

Unagi & Infinito 2017 - You and Eye?Thursday, August 9, 2007

Have you got your hands on issue 66 of Thick Magazine yet? The 'Producer Issue' has a text book's worth of beat making knowledge. One of the most interesting characters featured is Unagi. This Bay Area cratedigger has our ears' attention over here. In the interview he mentioned a few projects he's been working on, one of which is You and Eye, his new collaboration EP with Chitown's Infinito 2017. All seven tracks here have that feel good early '90's sound that Unagi has mastered. With beats like this you expect some smoothly delivered raps. Not here. The lyrically gifted Infinito's janky flow seems heavily influenced by Kool Keith. Not the Ultra Magnetic flow, the new millennium, awkward, exploring new ground type flow. I guess with the name 2017 you can't expect some regular shit. Songs like Game Winning Moment and On Air Takeover had my head nodding. I could be wrong but it felt like Infinito was freestyling this whole album. It has these moments of dopeness that are similar to when a rapper hits his stride during an off the dome freestyle. My favourite joint on here is A Day That Don't End. This beat really suits Infinito's style and it ends this album on a positive note. And another from SF indie record spot :??"Over the course of three solid albums, the Bay Area's Unagi has blended traditional hip hop with the smooothest love-you-down r&b and soul. On his latest release, he's joined by Memphis based MC Infinito 2017. Combined, their sound is super loose and laidback (especially on the mildly chaotic track "On Air Takeover"), but exceedingly 'up' vibe-y. Seven tracks addin' up to 17 minutes of good times!"

MP3s: It's A Thug World For Us (Infinito: 2017, Plastic Little) - Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Most High Definition"

Most High Definition /

One of the best sets of blueprint hip hop from Infinito 2017 -- a busy MC who manages to keep the quality level top notch -- this time out featuring a pretty impressive roster of guest producers & MCs! Marcellous succeeds by consistently dropping truth and wisdom without fail -- this time out with soulful beats by Thaione, Ptah, Fatnice of 84, Memo from the Molemen, Count Bass D, Dug Infinite and Insight -- and guest rhymes by some of those cats, plus I Self Divine, Mr Skurge, 9th Scientist & others. Titles include "Forthcoming Expectations" feat Queen Nilaja and Rising Sun, "The Akan", "On My Way Back Home" feat Thaione Davis, "Cornbread" feat 9th Scientist and Trek 19, "My Boom Box". "The Making", "Windows Closed", "Rebirth Of A Nation" feat Truth Universal, Mr Skurge & Thaione Davis, "Bo Deen", "Black Friday Madness", "In Love With The Mic", "Super Duper Nubians". -

"I.T. [Infinito & Thaione]?Low Income Housing?"

I.T. [Infinito & Thaione]?Low Income Housing?Label : Domination Recordings

Nacrobats died. Lastly, not completely. Whereas tentacular the crew chicagoan has periclity the year spent, leaving Windy City orphan of its collective emblématique, some of its most active representatives did not want to return the weapons and continue to maintain the friendly and artistic relations profitable. While Psalm One is on the point of arising its Bio:Chemistry via Birthwrite, Infinito and Thaione occupied the front of the scene this year, being left with the honors the suicide Nacrobats. With his brilliance EP Situation Rebirth, the emcee/productor Thaione Davis will have surprised his world and fact display of the progress achieved since Progress. On its side, the discrete one but prolific Infinito will have in the same time put on the market several projects including one mixtape officializing its association with Molemen. On their impetus, to balance the accounts and to make revive the flame of Nacrobats a little, the 2 colleagues thus had the good idea to join by forming new a combo the speaking name: I.T. [ Infinito & Thaione ].

After 3 months of intesive work, I.T. leaves its first opus on Domination Recordings; in other words that the new structure assembled by the old thinking head of Day By Day Ent ertainment, the one and only DJ Fisher. What to cause curiosity and the desire in our rows. Once posed on the turntable, Low Income Housing reveals its secrecies without being too much made request. In the line of the work achieved on Situation Rebirth, Thaione dealt with the setting in music of this Low Income Housing long format. Infusing its productions of an asserted organic colouring, Thaione arranges beats midtempo with rhythmic worked and the heteroclite influences (soul, jazz, dub and blues inter alia). With much of smoothness, it can build with three ends of strings of the instrus well in place and full with musical quality which slowly diffuse their venom with the wire of measurements.

Follower of a pure hip-hop, without ornaments and superfluous pageantries, it works a boom-bap hand made containing samples selected with taste. "Old school rules make my hip-hop the best". Infinito and Thaione thus propose a personal rap to us, of quality, artisanal, not always innovating but indisputably sincere, which will convince of not to doubt the nostalgic ones of the mid-nineties. Upon the departure, the padded keyboard, the low envelope and the surprisingly free harmonica of ' Acknowledge The After' prove that Thaione is a Master of its subject. Its fascinating rate/rhythm nonchalant but gives an image rather right of the environment of Low Income Housing. Between compositions melancholic persons (samples vocal intermingled with the title éponyme), hot productions and intimists (vibrating keyboard of ' Casual Liberation') and beaches more involving (' You Are Not It' and its guitar envoûtante), Thaione draws a hybrid and multicoloured table strewn with some welcome digressions; with the image of these Eastern keys emerged from nowhere on family ' 1884 Berlin Conference'. Apart from two or three a little dull or confused beaches, the member of Linebackers confirms again that it deserves better than the anonymity (relative) in which it currently evolves/moves... Especially that its some microphonic appearances inevitably make assemble the rate of adrenalin.

If Infinito 2017 is even less known than its accomplice, the attentive observers of the scene chicagoanne will surely have on their racks one of his albums or one of its innumerable street-cd' S. Fixed on a rate/rhythm of approximately 4 projects per annum, it is necessary to acknowledge that Marcellous Lovelace is a little difficult to follow. With a little chance, the followers will have fallen on the pearl Music With Sound Right Reasoning, left 2 years ago without making the least noise... Before returning in the details of this Low Income Housing, let us be clear for those which unload: Infinito misses charisma. Its clear voice and a little fluette always do not enable him to take control of the beat and to make its toy of it. And, in spite of their many qualities, Infinito is a little less with its ease on the fine clothes industries of Thaione that on the rough instrus of dismantling of Molemen or Mixx Massacre (which decorated its opus the most succeeded). However, the honest and worked texts of Marcellous like its flow living and without turning often gum these small limitations. For example, on the bed of trumpets cherishing of superb ' My Life Creation # 63 ' where it pleads for the valorization and the protection of a negro music plundered without shame since decades, one finds nothing to repeat his service. In addition, it is necessary to acknowledge that the repeated standpoint of the "freelance Word specialist with prominent sound" end up returning this opus attaching. Indeed, for this first exit at the great day, Infinito did not leave its integrity with the wall cupboard, far from there. "Being blindfolded in life? / Infinito, not has fool ". Political activist at his lost hours, this former king of freestyle poses on furrow of the impressed texts of a developed social conscience and a true desire for making move the things. Avoiding the basic didactism and the edutainment school one, it reveals a sensitivity pro-black exceeding the simple caricature. Shocked by the passivity of his brothers letting themselves carry out in boat since years and swallowing grass snakes without stumbling, it calls its v?ux (utopian?) with the unit and an awakening of the consciences: "In year uneducated world of ignoramus and dumb, cold-blooded people walk through the world numb [... ]

Unwritten laws tell you when and how to think/I' m not has law-abiding citizen/The law, not for me". Instantaneous of the life in the forgotten ghettos of Chicago and Memphis (its towns of reception); collection of accounts of the daily newspaper between social fracture, black one black crime and reign of the materialism: subjects seen and re-examined but which take life under the honest and inhabited feather number 2017. Launching warnings without expenses with all the go-getters ready with all compromisings to succeed in the rap game (on the sinuous dry guitar of ' Green Card'), Infinito forms part of those which look at the past of the hip-hop with a smile moved and a suspicion by bitterness. Logic after any bus, in its eyes, "Hip-hop was year artform that has brother started/Now big corporations get rich while your family' S starving"... Its sets of themes will be able to appear a little obsolete but Infinito of fout. It further sees than the end from its street and its need to be expressed and say what it has on the c?ur is strongest. For this reason, its declaration of metaphorical love ' Some Wise Water' is the most beautiful reflection. Blow, behind a a little anachronistic frontage, Low Income Housing will not unchain passions but is essential like a first album of character.

By proposing the similarities which exist between their musical combat lost in the medium of the large circus of the industry of the disc and the forgotten fights of the black community for the recognition and the unit, Infinito and Thaione mark a point moreover for Chicago and the heritage of Nacrobats. Not inevitably outstanding with the first listening, this first exit of I.T. can convince over the duration, by avoiding the lengths and by revealing best itself when one leaves him time to involve oneself in-depth in our ears. Grant to him a little time and you will see. Best Cuts: ' My Life Creation # 63 ', ' You Are Not It', ' Low Income Housing'.
Cobalt December 2004

Production : Thaione Davis, DJ 5ifth Element.?Année : Octobre 2004
01. Get Down People?02. Acknowledge the After?03. Green Card (feat. Thaione Davis)?04. Casual Liberation?05. MK Ultra?06. Some Wise Water?07. You Are Not It?08. Samuel L. Jackson VS. Dolomite (feat. Thaione Davis)?09. Marcellous Dublace?10. My Life Creation #63 [Blues of Black Music]?11. Bubblegum Artist (feat. Cosmo Galactus & Mr. Skurge)?12. Low Income Housing?13. 1884 Berlin Conference (feat. Fat Nice of 84 & Thaione Davis)?14. 3:30 AM on a Monday?15. Equal Opportunity Employment?16. Some Wise Water [Remix - Bonus Track] - Cobalt December 2004

"Artist Spotlight: Infinito 2017 (from"

Artist Spotlight: Infinito 2017 (from
Written by Markus Seaberry

I want to spotlight a very prolific, versatile artist and a good buddy of mine. His name is Marcellous Ka Sekhem Lovelace aka Infinito 2017.

The painter, rapper, and up-and-coming filmmaker is originally from Chicago, but he now resides in Memphis. Poet/rapper/producer Ennis Newman aka

Fathom 9

introduced me to his music. He has recorded countless albums since the late 1990s, he has produced DVDs and is currently working on a short film as we speak. Yes, I was lucky enough to be in the film. Infinito has mainly operated under the radar becaues his style is not what many consider to be radio-friendly Infinito does not pen lyrics that are materialistic, misogynistic, or "gangsta". He has always felt that hip-hop should be positive and uplifting, and he has a very "pro-Black" message in all of his works. Infinito is also very concerned about supporting other artists. He has directed several videos for likeminded hip-hop artists, both in Chicago and here in Memphis, such as the Iron Mic Coalition. On top of all that, the renaissance man is also publishing an online magazine, Brothers Perspective. - Written by Markus Seaberry



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2010 P.



Biography from All music by Marisa Brown
Born October 26, in Chicago, Marcellous Lamont Lovelace first decided he wanted to make music his career when he was just 13 years old. He teamed up with his cousin Dariel, and the two spent hours in their basements recording crude beats and rhymes on their boomboxes. When he and his mother moved to Kentucky, Lovelace found solace in rapping, something that also kept him going after Dariel's untimely death in 1994. Following that event, Lovelace moved to Tennessee and bought his first professional equipment and began recording. He enrolled in the Memphis College of Art, where he studied painting, also performing regularly at local open hip-hop mike nights. It was at one of these that he met Mr. Skurge; the two connected instantly and decided to work together, calling themselvesthe Unorthodox Poets Society (and it was Skurge who then gave Lovelace the name Infinito). In 1998, the MC moved back to Chicago, where he joined up with crews the Molemen and the Nacrobats, working on albums with them as well as releasing his own material (sometimes as Infinito 2017), including 2002's Music with Sound Right Reasoning, 2004's Low Income Housing, 2005's Roddny Dangrr Fild, 2006's The Soul of Benjamin Banneker in the Age of the Aquarius, 2008's Most High Definition, 2010's We Are Dark and 2011 Rid The Stereotypes and Programmed Slaves 2012 Pause Record