Inflict is about power. We take sounds from the past thrash era of metal and mix it with modern elements. Chugging palm-muted grooves breaking into technical riffs over 220bpm blast-beats is a trademark of our sound. The band is only getting bigger, and the music is only getting faster.

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2006: Steps Along The Warpath
Track "Beginning's End" recieved regular airplay on Local Radio

Set List

Beginning's End
Mine's The Mind
Convictions (unreleased to date)
Unearth The Idol
Drum Solo
The Hate Remains
All That Life Is
Steps Along The Warpath

Covers added in:
War Ensemble (Slayer Cover)
Raining Blood (Slayer Cover)
Dead Bury Their Dead (Arch Enemy Cover)
Carry The Cross (Arch Enemy Cover)
Laid To Rest (Lamb Of God Cover)
Omerta (Lamb Of God Cover)
Vigil (Lamb Of God Cover)
Walk (Pantera Cover)
Master Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)