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"Rogue Review"

Chemistry is a big part of performance, and the laidback members of the Eclectic Duet (Inflight Nymphs)--- poet Deanna Pierro and singer Jessica Taylor -- have the kind of easy-going, cheery rapport that induces relaxation and introspection in an audience. The idea is that these two musicians switch instruments often, first one playing on amplified guitar and then the other, in sort of an ongoing tag-team match, with a keyboard and drum kit thrown into the mix (along with a third uncredited-in-the-program member of the "duet" on bass in many of the songs).

Many of the songs have a folk-introspective feel, with themes ranging from long-distance relationships (they're tough) and religion (it can be a crock) to absent fathers (an edgy personal gripe session from Pierro, who manages to cut the bitterness with her wry, self-deprecating introduction).

The highliglht of the set Friday night at Spectrum Gallery was Taylor's smoky, slight voice. In many of the songs, she and Pierro alternate back and forth not just on instruments but on singing vs. spoken-word poetry. It's a nice contrast, and if the group has a decidedly low-key, disjointed stage presence -- talking among themselves about what song to sing next, for example, and calling out to the audience for a time check -- it only adds to the informality of the experience. It's sort of like hanging out in a garage with friends as they jam up a storm of poetry and song.

A word about the Spectrum Gallery venue: It looks particularly good for this festival and is a great space to catch a performance. The walls are hung with this month's show, a collection of vivid black and white photographs by Dave Barber and color works by Lyssa Bird. (If you can, arrive a few minutes early so you can check out the prints.) With the intense track lighting, crisply painted grayish walls and black chairs, the ambience is terrific. The Spectrum is a premier venue.
- Mike Oz


Waiting to Stand - LP 2007
Beginning of the Past - EP 2008
Scatter and Stray - LP 2009



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