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In-flight Safety

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"the most f#%&ing amazing band I've seen in a long time ... it has been a while since a band has literally made me forget everything and just make me sink into their music order their album" - Emm Gryner (Juno Award Nominated Canadian Singer/Songwriter)

"[vacation land is a]nice album... like it" - David Bowie

"There are some truly great songs on [vacation land] and the vibe of the band and the performances are magical." - Warne Livesey (legendary producer: Midnight Oil, Emm Gryner, Matthew Good Band, etc...)

"[in-flight safety] intensified the music to the point where nothing else seemed to matter. Their sound is comparable to Radiohead's, Coldplay's and even Sigur Ros's. Vocalist J. Mullane enchanted the audience with his beautiful voice, soaring into falsetto while the rest of the band provided a strong rhythm" - Kyle Cunjak on IFS live (Argosy)

"[Vacation Land] is the best recording I have ever heard come out of the Moncton area ... I see big things for this band, if that's what they want. If not, I will relish seeing them once a month at the local shit holes" - Andy Sharpe (Roger's TV, The Mascaret)
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"The Mascaret"

Vacation Land - In-flight Safety -

This is the first release from the young, Sackville-born band, In-flight Safety. After fine tuning their songs in smokey Moncton and Sackville bars for close to a year, the band settled down and recorded a five song EP titled "Vacation Land". They did all the producing, recording, mixing and artwork for the album themselves, and what a fine job they did. This is the best recording I have ever heard come out of the Moncton area. Lead singer John Mullane's haunting vocals are backed by three guitars, drums, and keys, to produce an extensive sound that wraps around your whole head and mesmorizes. This is most evident in "Missing Persons", which could easily fit on the soundtrack to a Bond film. A summer date on Toronto's North-By-Northeast music festival will serve as a good launching point for this fine New Brunswick band. - Andrew Sharpe

"Chart Attack"

Band: In-Flight Safety
Hometown: Sackville, NB
Venue: C'est What
Date: June 7, 2003

Composition David Bowie is apparently a fan of this band and this five-piece group from outta the East Coast draw their influences from Radiohead, The Cure and Coldplay.

Achievement of Rock 'n' Roll Expectations

80-100: Band exceeds skill and knowledge expectations. Rocked us so hard we peed our pants.

70-79: Band achieves required skills and knowledge. Meets rock 'n' roll standard.

60-69: Demonstrates some skills. Approaches rock 'n' roll standard.

50-59: Band demonstrates some required skills and knowledge in a limited way.

Below 50: Band has not demonstrated required skills or knowledge.

Grade: 89

World Domination Status:
Progressing well towards world domination

A melodic blend of serious guitars define this band best. Overall, In-Flight Safety, which is gathering a bit of buzz at NXNE, pulled together a tightly-knitted set.

It's scary to hear just how much the lead singe's voice sounds like Thom Yorke and how much their music sounds like The Bends or Pablo Honey. Could they be the next Radiohead? Hmmm.

Musical Analysis
There wasn't a lot of stage bantering, which was a little disappointing, but serious can be good too, as In-Flight Safety put together a calm and well-crafted 40-minute set.

I liked how many of their influences tend to lean towards the "art band" types and yet, these guys are up there, all nervous because it's their first trip to Toronto and are still kicking back in flannel and jeans.

- Jenny Yuen


"Vacation Land" - Feb 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


“We couldn’t believe it!” commented guitarist Ian MacDonald on finding out that David Bowie listened to In-flight Safety’s first album, Vacation Land. “When we later found out that he actually ‘liked it’ we were shocked at first, then giddy like schoolgirls for days”, explains singer John Mullane.

One may wonder how a young maritime band’s low budget, self-produced debut gets in the hands of, none other than, Mr. David Bowie. “Things just started happening for us”, comments Mullane on being noticed by Juno nominated singer/songwriter, Emm Gryner, playing in a club just outside of their hometown: Sackville, New Brunswick.

Walking a fine line between experimental soundscapes and pop music, the band has built a loyal following through several months of east coast touring. Since being on the road, they have had thousands of visitors a month to their first-rate website, where fans regularly join their ‘Passenger 46b’ email list.

In-flight Safety regularly draws comparisons to bands like Sigur Rós, The Cure and Coldplay. “Outside of alt-country bands, like Wilco and Ryan Adams, we seem to be drawn to a lot of stuff coming out of Europe”, says drummer Glen Nicholson. For a band whose music seems to reach beyond the shores of their native New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island homes, they have never been more eager to take the music to the rest of the world. The band is set to do just that in July when then will be touring in Quebec and Ontario.

After getting to know In-flight Safety, it seems somehow fitting that a band, whose name stirs up images of stewardesses in blue acting out various life-saving techniques, could very well be at the forefront of east coast non-traditional rock.