With in-flux, you get 4 talented and seasoned musicians who display a wide variety of styles. You get great songwriting that includes short and catchy powerpop hits like "All About Me" to more complex melodic pieces like "Principia Mathematica". If you need an upbeat and dynamic show, get in-flux!


The beginning wasn’t pretty – 19 years ago, bad blood and competition held two musicians apart. After giving it a try, guitarist Jim and bassist Jon began a musical pilgrimage that has laid the path to in-flux. Spending years playing throughout the Northwest in multiple cover bands including Disbanned, Eclipse, and Legacy, they began to form their own unique yet complimentary styles that allowed them to blend their musical influences into what has become a local sensation.
As time went on, “the thrill of performing other people’s songs was gone.” Playing cover songs just couldn’t provide the rush of writing and displaying their own creations and the obvious clue was when they added their originals in with their cover sets. “All of a sudden, we were playing songs that really meant something to us,” recalls Jim, “that was the turning point.”
Throughout this period, several members and associates were involved in the support and creation of in-flux. When drummer Mike joined the group, they were playing as Zickefoose with Doug Schumacher as lead guitarist and Jody moving from drums to vocals. Coming from a full career of playing with bands including 6, Well-Lit, Tri-Axis, Rage, The Detonators, and WormDrive, Mike brought with him new energy and driving, rock-steady beats that became another turning point for the band.
Following a similar path through the local music scene, Brian had formed and played with a number of original bands including Perkolator Stickshift, Afterglow, and Cloud Nine. Taking a break from originals, he was playing in the acoustic/metal cover band Haze with Kamiel Youseph (local original artist ) and Bill Mathew (The Sand Dunes, Lake Tahoe, NV) when he met up with the guys from Zickefoose at a show in Northern Idaho. As Jody left and Brian entered, the name was changed and the direction of the band was refocused - in-flux was born and the rest is rock history.
After independently recording and producing a 7 song promo CD in late 2007 and early 2008, in-flux took the Spokane music scene by storm. Between local Spokane radio shows on KHTQ Rock 94 ½ FM and KCDA 103.1 FM, guest saxophonist Mark Newell played several shows and recorded with the group. Soon after, another line-up change saw Doug and Mark leave the group, while in-flux solidified into its current 4-piece configuration.
Adding energy-driven performances to a thematic video during their shows, in-flux is a band that you have to see live! Featuring dynamic songwriting and varied musical backgrounds, in-flux seems to shift between genres almost effortlessly. With great songs that include short and catchy powerpop hits like "All About Me" and its counterpart "Sux2BU", to more complex pieces like "Principia Mathematica", and "Oasis", in-flux is all about the music. From soulful melodies, to rockabilly, pop-punk, funk, progressive and classic rock sounds, in-flux has something for everyone. The band is currently focusing on recording the final tracks for their first full-length CD "In-Fluxuated", which will be released @ 8PM on September 19, 2009 @ The NEW BLVD in Spokane, WA. Get in - Get flux’d!
For Booking Information: Contact Jon @ 509-993-1380



Written By: Jim McMillan

Life is so frustrating
Time is liberating
I am suffocating
This is all I am

Look into my eyes
Feel it down inside
Don't you criticize
This is all I am

This is all I am


Written By: Jim McMillan

The next time they come into my home
I'll just tell them I ain't got a soul
Forgive my asking
But why should I be saved
How can I be so wrong
I never meant to hurt no one

And I don't know much about the war
Are we even, who is keeping score
It's a matter of pride
It's a matter of faith
Just like putting god back in her place
Or haven't you seen her face

Follow Me Home

Written By: Jim McMillan

Woke up this morning
With a bottle in my hand
I can't seem to get out of this band
Woke up this evening
I was on my own
Oh won't you help me baby
Follow me home

Won't you help me
Follow me home
I don't need to be alone
Oh won't you help me please
I just found my keys
Oh won't you follow me home


"Zickefoose Rocked" 7-song Demo (December 2007)
"In-Fluxuated" CD Release September 19, 2009

Set List

In-flux currently has 18 original songs that they perform live. Depending on the venue and the line-up, they change their sets to fit the time and style (ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes of original music). The addition of cover songs to lengthen our set can be negotiated. The current set list includes the following songs:

The Path
Alone Together
Ever After
All About Me
Lost at Sea
Fight Song
Follow Me Home
Principia Mathematica
Cool Lines
Cheap Gin and Sacharinne