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i produce original tracks. i make hip-hop but i am highly influenced by almost all genres. my lyrics are usually witty/sarcastic/comedic. i do shows w/ either my 2 djs or my live band. i take pride in my recordings, but my live shows even more. i put ALOT of time and effort into every set and show.


I live in kansas city. I grew up here with a single mom. Growing up, she sang jazz in downtown night clubs for a living. I basically grew up around music and its just always been a huge part of who i am. I started playing guitar seriously at about 12. I taught myself to play drums, bass and piano after that. I played guitar/sang in bands from age 15 to 18. Then, I started becoming interested in hip-hop and independent digital production when i was like 20. I fell in love with being able to produce solo. Being able to be in total control of my music and sound was huge for me. I havent looked back since. Im 28 now, and ive been making music, doing shows and paying dues since 2002. As far as my material, im hugely influenced by alot of music. My music is lyrically hip-hop. Musically, to me it is a "gumbo" of everything that has influenced me. I listen to and draw inspiration from all kinds of music. jazz, soul, blues, rock, r&b, hip-hop. My style is just my style. I am who i am. I dont try to sound like anything in particular. My music just comes out how it does.


Wonderful Pain

Written By: infO

Everybody wants to turn nothing into something
Im juggling concepts over the beat bumping
Life is so repetitive and unpredictable
Unbelievably real it must be fictional
From TJ Maxx sales racks to GQ
One minute think youre in love then she leaves you
One minute you got cash then youre purchasing
A dollar jr. whopper with a water at a burger king
I woke up asleep went to bed energized
Flirting with disaster the devils sending me mental vibes
It doesnt make sense but its understandable
Its just as natural as animals becoming cannibals
And the beats got me open like nose spray
So f-ck what hoes say they can get off like OJ
Canadians are like its dope eh?
Americans in red states please vote obama in 08
Or visualize it all crumbling
Watch somebody eating a steak while youre stomachs grumbling
Look back on yourself youve done some dumb things
Like kurt warner in the 4th quarter fumbling
But its a new day now so you can wipe that slate clean
Blaze green and daydream about being 18
It may seem like youre the away team
When they scheme on your intelligence until your brain freezes
And you dont have to be half a genius to see this
The secrets revealing the weakness
And if you write raps keep each verse tight
Its gotten pretty bad but it could be worse right

Take the pressure and the stress
Take the pleasure and the sex
Take the measuring success
Take embarassing regrets
Take the fairness and neglect
Take your medicine and rest
Bottle it up swallow it up
Its Wonderful Pain


I independently pressed and moved 1000 copies of my lp "tools and machinery" in 2004. Moved 500 copies of my mixtape "positive energy" with appearances by sean price and wordsworth in 2006. Currently im working on 2 projects. My solo mixtape "Whiskey, Weed, Women And What Not" and a collaborative album with my friend/fellow kc artist Scoe. Both will be done by sept. 08.

You can find my music online at: or

Set List

I take alot of pride in my ablility to put a set together. My sets typically run 25 to 30 minutes long. I DO NOT do covers. I do incorporate some sampling, such as other artists instrumental occasionally. But I always perform original lyrics. My sets switch style, speed and vibe smoothly and often. I may have 12 to 15 different songs blended together into a non-stop 30 minute mix. From soul, rock, reggae, all over the place musically. But lyrically consistent.