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i have done singles like when the hurricane coming, strap up, beijing,big shoes, bob marley story, tribute to obama, the 43 presidents of america, history about the priministers of canada, my first and only album is call chronology vol 1 consist of 17 tracks all there tracks are now playing and the radio station all over the world



INFORMATIVE HISTORY MAN You may know him for his chronological music
background, where he sings about the biography of Hail Selassie I,our
own pioneers, Bob Marley – the legacy of reggae music, Marcus Garvey
Africans Inventors and their Iventions and the forty-three presidents
of the United States and many other topical issues.The man who sings
this monikers himself as The Informative History Man. Born Andrew
Kiffin in Kingston, Jamaica, to parents Bernice Stewart and Dalbert
Kiffin, the informative singer grew up in Kingston St, James and clarendon

Andrew first Schooling started at a private institution in
Kingston, after moving to St James he attended the Chatsworth All Age
School, then he moved onto the Marldon High School. However, History
Man then decided to sharpen his skill, which was deejaying . This gave
him the opportunity to DJ on the Soul Shack Disco in his community.
after moving to Frankfield in Clarendon, he hooked up
with two other sounds 'Destroyer' and 'Zion Roots'. While in
Clarendon, he attended Knox College for only three months, due to lack
of funding.In all of this,after History man return to Kingston he
decided to concentrate on his spiritual development with the Ethiopian
Coptic Rite School and Church of Vision, which carved out the
direction of his writing. According to History Man, the religious
experience provided the foundation for his future in the entertainment
world. In the year 1992, the singer recorded his first single 'I cry,
what do you cry' at Kilamanjaro recording His frist air
play on irie fm radio station History Man, in wanting to establish
himself, as a singer had not much help, nevertheless he was self-
motivated. The Tastee talent competition in 1992 was the channel that
would have led History man into his zeal for eminence in the musical
arena. Although not successful at his first attempt, he kept at it,
until the year 2000, he claimed the first place victory. Then again,
in 2003, he placed third in the finals. Since then the informative
singer as been making a name for himself on the musical scene,
performing at several stage shows over the years. These included Rebel
Salute, Sting, Saggle to the East, St. Mary wi come from and many
others. he has done multiple recordings and several
singles for producers. During 2004, when the hurricane Ivan was
approaching, he penned the song 'When Di hurricane a come', which were
played on all of the radio in jamaica follow by the video for the same song that was show on all the jamaica local television.
Not only is the singer inclined to writing songs about our pioneers,
but also involved in enlightening and educating the public on the
deadly disease aids. He did a song entitled 'Positive in mind,
positive in spirit, which Jamaica Aids Support used as their theme
song. With History Man being a regular supporter of the Jamaica Aids
Support, he has performed at many fund raising events. He has also
performed at shows put on by the Ministry of Health island wide. The
chronological singer also elaborated that he always found history
irresistible while attending school. He also emphasized that the
history is the blue print of where we are coming from and where we are
going.Armed with information, in the year 2005, History Man Knocked
into lyrical shape his hit song Bob Marley Story, telling the tale of
Bob's life. The song was done on the Taxi Rhythm, created by Sly
Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. For this, he was well received by Bob
Marley's family and close friend, Allan Skill Cole and Bunny Wailer
with much enthusiasm.With his album now in store entitled Chronology
vol 1, the Bob Marley Story is also located on the album; with this
you can get a comprehensive look on the singers life. In the same year
2005, he represented Jamaica as an activist at the Champion for Change
in Guyana. He was privilege to be the only artiste to perform at the
Guyanese Prime Ministers Ball. History Man just completed his video
called 'strap up' informing and depicting to persons about the
preventative measures to keep them safe. That is using a condom every
time. It has gotten major plays on the local cable stations. The song
was done under the Kings and Queens production.
History Man will continue to sing his way into history 2009 tour usa and france