Inge Berge

Inge Berge

 Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA

Inge Berge writes and performs interesting, catchy, unique, genre-bending originals. Solid following on the North Shore of Boston. The sound is song-oriented rock with elements of ambient, electronica and psychedelia. Influences include David Bowie, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground.


INGE BERGE, a NORWAY native, came to Boston in 1989 and went to BERKLEE. A young man full of half-baked dreams of becoming a famous Hollywood composer, he undertook a course of study in the art of FILM SCORING. Nothing ever really came of that. Instead, he settled in Gloucester, MA, where he got a gig as Resident Music Director at the GLOUCESTER STAGE CO. While there, he wrote, arranged and performed for various & sundry productions including original ISRAEL HOROVITZ plays, and a number of successful musical tribute shows (notably PAUL SIMON, CAROLE KING, GEORGE GERSHWIN.) It stands noting that nowadays, whenever Mr. Horovitz sees Inge on the street, he turns on his heel and runs away. There’s a story there. 

While enjoying his tenure among the refined thespians at GSC, Inge also cultivated his songwriting, putting his skills to use in the critically acclaimed trio VAGABOND VISION and later with the much more eclectic glam-rock ensemble THE INGE BERGE BAND. Both bands gained a tiny cult-following on the North Shore and in Boston.

In 2000, Inge stumbled into a national touring gig as lead guitarist for FOOTLOOSE: THE MUSICAL. He has since spent a majority of his time on THE ROAD, performing with BROADWAY PRODUCTIONS and providing the riffs for performers such as FRANKIE AVALON and CHUBBY CHECKER. Venues played include such hallowed halls as THE WANG CENTER, Boston, MA and THE KODAK THEATER, Hollywood, CA, - and more recently a stint in JAPAN performing THE WHO'S TOMMY in the heart of Tokyo's entertainment district. The Japanese liked Inge, and Inge liked playing for them, perhaps mostly because Inge had always dreamed of playing in a show involving pyrotechnics, and this show had’em. Those were good days. Inge often wishes he could afford to go back to Japan. :)

Presently, however, Inge is busy dressing up like a rockstar around the local barrooms of Cape Ann, notably the DOG BAR, where he plays for a mid-sized following of die-hards every Sunday night, pushing his new album “10 True Things & A Filthy Dirty Lie.”


Dance, Monkey, Dance

Written By: I. Berge / Zerosongs (ASCAP)

Put on yer lipstick
Time to get dumb
Dance Monkey Dance
Put on yer shit-face
Time to get numb
Dance Monkey Dance
Maybe you'll get laid.
Maybe you'll get paid, now
Dance Monkey Dance
Dance Monkey Dance
Dance Monkey Dance
Dance Monkey
Put on yer pretend
Time to get hip
Dance Monkey Dance
Put on yer rockstar
Time to unzip
Dance Monkey Dance
Maybe you'll get head.
Maybe you'll get fed, now
Put on yer clown-suit
Put on the grin
Dance Monkey Dance
Put on yer shit-show
Invite 'em all in
Dance Monkey Dance
Say as the Man say
Play as the Man play, now

Ah! This Vanity

Written By: I. Berge / Zerosongs (ASCAP)

Good men say just to give it up
be an ordinary man
join the march of daily deadmen
follow ordinary plans
they say the gravy train has left the station
pretty young things are all aboard
beauty, vision, high sensation
middle life cannot afford
ah! this vanity
these inevitable blues
ah! this insanity
this silky satin noose
good men say a life of duty
is the only godly way
to live in service to your brother
pay the dues you have to pay
ah they say that freedom is a child's dream
to dream it still would be a sin
you never made it on the dream team
no, no, they never let you in
ah! this vanity
these narcissistic blues
ah! this insanity
this sexy satin noose
ah! this liberty
to hope against all hope
ah! this mystery
behind those velvet ropes
ah! this vanity
these existential blues
ah! this sanity
this unholy satin noose
ah! this liberty
to hope against all hope
ah! this luxury
behind those velvet ropes


Written By: I. Berge / Zerosongs (ASCAP)

Fiona is alone now
she's off the phone now
clutching her black flag
stacking her sandbags
she's been hit too many times
done way too many lines
the world keeps spinning,
she lowers the blinds
Fiona used to lift her eyes to sky
and be surprised
Summer clouds are drifting by
Fiona weeps, Fiona used to smile
Fiona has decided
no longer divided
Fiona has vision
a personal mission
She's considered every door
they won't open any more
the only way out is a hole in the floor
Fiona used to lift her eyes to the sky
and be surprise
fighter jets are roaring by
Fiona laughs, Fiona used to cry
Fiona flies fast now
future is past now
black holes and white heat
the sun and the moon meet
on a rocket ride to nil
with a pocket full of pills
some body is lying, perfectly still
Fiona used to lift her eyes to the sky
and be surprised
ambulances driving by
Fiona lives, Fiona used to die
Hey space girl
Have you seen the light?

Prison Nation

Written By: I. Berge / Zerosongs (ASCAP)

Life is sweet in Prison Nation
Stand up all you people who are free
3% of your population
safely under solid lock & key
so there's 1,000,000 kids on the streets today
that's alright, everything is OK
daddy can't pay he rent while he rots in jail
the wheels of justice will never never fail
your protector the policeman
is out in his police van
rounding up the bad men
you can see it on TV
Here's to you Prison Nation
Freedom is #1 in the USA
Democracy rules in Prison Nation
Just be careful what you say
Life is good in Prison Nation
more convicts here than in Russia or Iran
an industry of human condemnation
building concrete cells across the land
so they came for your neighbor yesterday
that's alright, everything is OK
the judge goes broke unless the jail is filled
and a much bigger jail is always being built
Do you have a license?
Are you in compliance?
Did you humbly ask the man in blue?
Do you have permission?
Are you in defiance?
don't you know they know what's best for you?
Life is safe in Prison Nation
the world could learn so many things from you
With cameras in more and more locations
the government will know just what to do
So the school kids have no books today
that's alright, everything is OK
the guns and cuffs at precinct 9
are enough to keep these punks in line

One True Thing

Written By: I. Berge / Zerosongs (ASCAP)

Sir, may I have a copy
of dying for dummies
I can't find it here on this shelf
There's a couple of items
I would like to look up
That I just can't figure out for myself
things like manifest destiny
and cause and effect
is it none, is it both or is it moot
is adopting a lie for your anchor the answer
or will fumbling in the dark lead to truth
Just give me one true thing
that I can hold on to
Just show me one true thing
that I might believe
Tell me there's one true thing
that I might depend on
Please show me one true thing
that I might receive
Please understand, Sir
I don't care to be saved
from myself nor the world nor from death
I've told God and the devil
both to fuck off
but I hold sacred the path of regret
It the stone is a stone
and the sun is the sun
and you poeple are just who you are
will I enter the kingdom of dumb the dumb king
have I already mad it that far?
Please Sir, there's just one more thing
I need to ask you
How long have you worked here, and why?
Do you work for the money?
Is the salvation of mankind your game?
Do your work. Do you mind if I cry?


Written By: I. Berge / Zerosongs (ASCAP)

She chained herself to a concrete block 
And threw away the key
I've got a hacksaw
I've got a hacksaw

Seems it was too big a shock
To discover she was free
I've got a hacksaw
I've got a hacksaw

Run away with me, baby
we'll find new land
cut these ropes & tethers
Can't you see the stone you drag
is a paper bag
filled with fluffy feathers

She paces 'round the massive rock
While people come to see
I've got a hacksaw
I've got a hacksaw

She prays before the pious flock, 
She stumbles on bound knees
Step aside, slackjaw
I've got a hacksaw

Where we find
The ties that bind
Nobody can tell
but the whispering rain
told me the chain
runs all the way to hell

The Truth That Lies Behind

Written By: I. Berge / Zerosongs (ASCAP)

Petey drank whisky
Petey shot dope
Petey ate pills
Just so Pete could cope
Pete passed out
in the early morning light
Pete stayed up
all through the night
Pete was 50
Though he seemed more like 19
Pete told us all
'bout the things the he had seen
Pete was funny
Pete was cool
Pete was drunk,
as a general rule
The thing about Pete is
he left one day
Took off in a Lincoln,
just drove away.
No one knows where he went
But we're guessing he's dead
Maybe he ended up with just the right pill in his head
To finally go blind
to the truth that lies behind
Penny raised children
Penny cooked meals
Penny clipped coupons
And looked for solid deals
Penny had a plan
For a richer better life.
Penny she became
a rich man's wife
Penny was 20
But lived like fortyfour
Penny had everything
But she still wanted more
Penny was sober
Penny was clear
Penny was wise
That's what we hear
Thing about Penny is
She left one day
Took off on an airplane,
just flew away
No one knows where she went
If she's alive or if she's dead
Maybe she ended up with just the right dreams in her head
To finally go blind
to the truth that lies behind
Paul wrote hit songs
Paul played guitar
Paul knew his talent
Was gonna take him far
Paul had vision
Paul had a style
When Paul did a show
the fans went wild
Paul was a dreamer
and he lived just like a star
Paul got free drinks
in every hotel bar.
Paul was succesful
Paul was big
Paul took a limo
to the gig.
Thing about Paul is
he left one day
HIt the highway,
Just walked away
No one knows where he went
if he's alive or if he's dead
Maybe he ended up with just the right song in his head
To finally go blind
to the truth that lies behind


-10 True Things & A Filthy Dirty Lie (Full length CD, 2010)

-The Zerosum (Full Length CD, 2007)

-One True Thing (Digital Single, 2009)

-Chasing Selma (Digital Single, 2009)

Also appears on:

Miranda Russell - "All The Pretty Little Horses" (2002):
Guitars, Vocals, Keys and Whistling

Toni Ann Enes - "Del Corazon" (2003): Guitars, Vocals & Loops

Dan King - "Two Kinds Of Mind" (2003): Hammond Organ

Set List

A typical set might go something like the following, depending on length of show/venue/crowd. Countless variations available.

Hacksaw (original)
The Truth That Lies Behind (Original)
Heroes (Bowie)
Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Flaming Lips)
Prison Nation (Original)
Fiona (Original)
Fix You up (Original)
Samsara (Original)
Joey (CD version)
Us and Them/Brain Damage/Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd)
The National Anthem (Radiohead)
Sarah Has A Garden (Original)
B-side of Abbey Road (Medley - The Beatles)
Helter Skelter (Beatles)

or on a drunken, local bar night:

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (Lynn Anderson)
Sylvias Mother (Dr. Hook)
Essence (Lucinda Williams)
Ghost Riders in The Sky (J. Cash)
Cotton Fields (Leadbelly)
Cold Turkey (Lennon)
Run Like Hell (Floyd)
Ziggy Stardust (Bowie)
The Pusherman (Steppenwolf)
Hallelujah (Cohen)
One True Thing (Original)
Hey Jude, all sing together now

Now you all go home. Thank you so much for coming out, tip