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"Inglewood: Rattus Magnanimous EP"

There’s a fine line between cool and pompous. Tennessee indie band Inglewood treads that line and manage to do just enough to stay on the cool side. With their latest EP Rattus Magnanimous, Inglewood has crafted a fine mix of rock cool with hip-hop beats and rap attitude.

Featuring the vocals of main man Colbs and drummer Mike, as well as Seth on the bass, Inglewood aren’t a band that you’d immediately think of when picturing the latest next big thing on the indie scene. They look too much like the kids that got picked last for the college soccer team – yet this suits them and their music, since one thing Inglewood will never be accused of is trying to be popular for popularity’s sake.
Inglewood offer a Chili Peppers for new generation

Lead song Heart Strings (Paralyzed) is a lumbering slice of Americana jazz-fused indie a la Chili Peppers and Everclear. Indeed, you can almost picture the latter band’s frontman Art Alexakis singing this in an MTV-friendly homemade video. It’s a good start, and one that invites further listening.

The Chili influence continues on Everybody Everywhere, which is just crying out for a sunshine state B-list actress to star in the obligatory happy video. With a hook-laden chorus that gives The Zephyr Song a run for its money, it’s a radio hit-in-waiting.

Sunshine shows that Inglewood has an uncanny knack of staying commercial without being poppy, keeping the right amount of grunge as opposed to going all Avril Lavigne. Dirty guitars mix with a lo-fi arrangement that shoegaze fans will lap up in their droves.
Indie pop rock

Movies is quite possibly one of the happiest songs of 2007, with an irresistible chorus full of singalong woo-hoos, and a melody that defies even the lamest of dancers not to get up on the floor. Smiling to a song has never been so much fun.

And this is where Inglewood manages to tread that line between cool and pompous. Songs like the reggae-tinged Miser (I Never Once) are a genuine joy to listen to and offer something different from the all too frequent banality of today’s indie scene. Like The Sun and Fly You Anywhere finish the EP off in a heavier vein, yet they still show that it won't be the songwriting that stops Inglewood from succeeding, if indeed they don’t reach the heights this release deserves. -

"Old school like the old school"

By Corie Burris

For those of you who have never been to The End in West End you have been missing out on one of Nashville’s smaller music venues. The End has been home to such performers as Swimming Pool Q’s, Neko Case, The Violent Femmes, and Cake. Wednesday March 29th they played host to an up and coming great, Inglewood.
Inglewood is a three man band led by lead singer and guitarist Colbs, who’s lyrics seem inspired by nothing less than true passion and a lyric, dramatic voice. His guitar skills are no less great. He moves from rhythmic strumming to cheer inspiring solos with ease and uses the guitar as another outlet for his message. Mike, the drummer, sings backup and keeps the crowd going with an energetic playing style and a true performers facial expressions. His beats are fast and furious, but always under control. Adding a well-fitting element to the band’s unique style. Seth adds the bass to finish off their style. He brings the crowd into the music with his playing style and his obvious love of performing.
Their style brings to mind the likes of Sublime or Cake, but also has quite a strong hit of true American 70’s Rock – n – Roll. Their lyrics are true, but fun and they have a beat you can dance to, as well as chill to in the car on a long drive. Their stage presence adds such another element to their show. They are all obviously passionate about their music, but they know how to have fun on stage.
Wednesday, the crowd was small and it was a little late at night, but those of us who were there were driven to dance and sing a long. There was no resisting the urge. The band is undoubtedly creative and open to new things though. They had a guest appearance of one of Nashville’s local rappers who performed with quite a bit of skill and put a whole new spin on how Inglewood could sound.
Their influences range from Steve Miller, Everclear, Weezer, Sublime, Radiohead, and Sly and the Family Stone. A mixture that is sure not to disappoint.
To catch Inglewood live head on over to The French Quarter on April 14th at 10:30 or you can look them up on, of course, Myspace Music.
- Managing Editor- Lipscomb's Babbler


"Rattus Magnanimous" EP
Spat! records artist Compilation
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Travis Colby and Michael Ferrera have played music together since they were 13. One night after a High school party, Colby fell asleep at the wheel and nearly died. He crushed his pelvis, fractured both legs (femurs), and scared his face and body. This, along with getting his girlfriend of 4 years stolen by "KIDS" producer Harmony Korine made him sink into a downheartedness in which he gathered much inspiration and character. Mike and Colby continued writing and playing acoustic gigs around Nashville. While attending College Mike ran into a long haired feline of a man named Seth Hall. The formation of the band Inglewood was done, infusing elements of the likes of Weezer, Sublime, Sly and Family Stone, and even Steve Miller. The band has been playing Nashville and surrounding cities for approximately 2 years and has a built a decent college following on homemade recordings. In Aug. 2007 They released their first professional Ep entitled “Rattus Magnanimous” on the local digital label Spat!Records.