Ingo Star Cruiser

Ingo Star Cruiser


Pavement screwing Sparklehorse in the Super Furries Tank while Prince and the Rev. JT exchange tummy custard in a trash can....


Made in one room in Dorset, Countryside England Late in the 20th Century
Ingo Star Cruiser is one man, we call him Pete, who has handsomely paid a
vast array of musicians to be his friends thru the years.
The Debut release 'ps i cuddle a box' (moshi moshi recorded) in 2000 is a
diverse collection of broken beats and beautiful tin can melodies that seem
to hang together on a whisp of a drunken spiders web. Its like Pavement were
screwing Sparklehorse in the Super Furries Tank while Prince tossed on.
After Giggling thru 2001 and re-locating to London, collaborations followed.
With Manchester's Queen of a boom and a bip 'The King of Woolworths' and
Nu-Northern Soul terrorists 'Noonday Underground', both projects meeting with
critical acclaim, meaning they sold jeff all.
After a year long break through depression it was time to start showing off
again. 2003 saw an extensive touring schedule that took in all of the
British isles including Glastonbury Festival and three weeks in New York.
Taking in mainstream venues CBGB and the Lit Lounge, Pete also played at any
Gallery, subway station and open mike he was offered. With a live show as
vital as it is unpredictable some of the audience left confused, some left
before the end. No-one ever leaves indifferent.
During a summer break Ingo started recording the bulk of the second long
player, a travel odyssey based around planes and ports. More focussed in its
songwriting than 'box', it encompasses the same dizzy melodic range while
harpooning it to a fat back beat.
2004 sees the album complete, a porn soundtrack under his belt (Supercult),
and more and more shows including a return to New York.
Alt.Crop Hop is NOT a genre. If you would like to see Alt.Crop Hop as a
Genre please write and let us know. remember YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE
SHIT YOU DO. c y'all soon now..........


Whistling Sounds of a Falling Projectile - 7"(kooky 2000)
P.S. I Cuddle A Box - album (Moshi Moshi 2000)
Contrafus. oo. Watch - Little Molly Has A Treat For You (March Records NY 2000)
Sukphace - The Hospital Radio Request list (Sink and Stove Records2001)
Seafood & The Plague - We Got Monkeys (Moshi Moshi 2003)