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Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Jazz Singer/Songwriter




""A Vision and Dream of Change" April 2015"

Ingrid D. Johnson talks about her new album Visions and Dreams and her friend, Jowana Pelletier, who died on August,14th,2014 from Cancer, during the production of her album. - Shaw T.V. News

""What About Love?" October 2012 Album Review"


INGRID D. JOHNSON/What About Love?: Oscar Brown would be proud. With a vibe that finds it's roots in 60s message music, Johnson moves the sound from the church basement up to the main sanctuary and rocks up a soulful message of hope through despair. Certainly not everyone's cup of tea, anyone grappling with the messes reality can make might just find this a welcome musical rope offering some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't an on coming train.
- MIDWEST RECORD; Entertainment Reviews, News, and Views (November.28,2012)

"Ingrid D Johnson; Art for Hope October 2012"

By Darcy Penner

For over half a decade, Ingrid D. Johnson has been creating and publishing poetry, music, spoken word, and videos, all with the purpose of sharing a positive message of overcoming childhood sexual abuse and violence against women. Johnson founded her own publication social enterprise, In The Closet Productions, to further her work and “inspire those wounded by childhood sexual abuse and other forms of trauma… to do more than just survive their past — to overcome it!” Her career has included many successes, from wide exposure throughout provincial and national media, to partnering with many community organizations, to being included in The Manitoba Women’s Advisory Council and Mentoring Artist’s for Women’s Art’s publication, Women In the Arts: Artists Working for Social Change.

On Sunday, October 7th, Johnson will be celebrating the release of her debut full length, What About Love?, at The Park Theatre Cafe. Recorded at Studio 11 by Jason Gordon, Johnson is joined by her backup band, The Funky Fresh Crew, to create a heart-filled blend of gospel, blues, and pop. Johnson took the time this week to answer a few questions for Stylus.

Head down to the Park on Sunday night to see Johnson’s set: doors at 7:15, tickets $15 advance/$20 at the door (includes CD).

Ingrid D. Johnson – Come Back

Stylus: As an artist, you work in multiple mediums, including music, spoken word, and poetry. How does working within and publishing in different mediums benefit your art and your message?

Ingrid D. Johnson: Publishing in different mediums allows me to share my thoughts, feelings, concerns and ideas with a more diverse audience. This is especially true with the medium of music because music is such a fun, creative, influential and universal medium for expressing important ideas, attitudes, thoughts, and feelings. It is also the medium that I find the most challenging (in a positive way) and the most rewarding because it is the medium that challenges me to learn more and to grow more, as a developing singer/songwriter.

Stylus: Can you elaborate on the writing process for the songs on this album?

Johnson: The writing process went something like this for my debut singer/songwriter album ”What About Love?”.

Step one: I like to start with a clear understanding of everything and everyone’s part before I start working with anyone in the creative process.
Step two: After that, I sang my original songs (lyrics and melody) with a clear idea of what I expect for my songs to sound like to my band of 5 musicians.
Step three: We worked together to come up with the right style and mood of music to match my lyrics, melody, and unique voice.
Step four: I amend my lyrics, melody, or the phrasing to make my original song work with the music they created, without sacrificing the heart and soul of the message or story I am trying to express in my song.
Step five: My band arranges the music, charts the music, and adds any embellishments needed to enhance the feel/mood of the songs. Then, we practise it together and record it at the studio.
Step six: We listen to the recording several times and make corrections to the song before the final mix.
Step seven: We sit with the studio engineer and fine tune all the instruments and make sure they blend well with vocal tracks and add little ornaments to complete the overall listening experience before mastering the songs. That’s the process.

Stylus: Your work is extremely honest and open about your past, life journey, and personal struggles. Where do you find the courage to be so public with issues such as childhood sexual abuse?

Johnson: To be honest the courage and strength to be so open and honest about my life, in my work, comes from my deep Christian faith.

Stylus: How do you understand the power of art to heal and overcome?

Johnson: I believe art was created as a tool to help people to work through emotions that are hard to deal with. It helps you to express yourself more clearly, which helps you to come to a deeper understanding of yourself, the world around you, and sometimes even others around you. It is a powerful tool to use in the healing process but not the source of healing itself.

Stylus: Some of your past work has commented on the contrast between the media’s perception of womanhood and the reality of the female experience (notably “The Real Woman,” 2006). How do you think this distortion affects our relationships, and the daily experience of both women and men? How do you think your work rejects this distortion? What type of tangible evidence do you look for that feminist voices are succeeding in resisting the norms imposed by a traditionally-sexist mass media?

Johnson: I believe the women being portrayed in the media today are still different from everyday women, although there have been some improvements. I see these improvements in block buster movies where leading actresses are looking more real and less like fant - Stylus Magazine

"Ingrid D. Johnson Using her music to heal wounded souls 2010"

Ingrid D. Johnson
Using her music to heal wounded souls
Last Updated: 20th January 2010, 5:51pm

In a world of shallow, self-centred pop music, Ingrid D. Johnson is clearly an artist with a higher calling. The local singer, poet and spoken-word performer uses her music to overcome the trauma of sexual abuse. Not surprisingly, Johnson speaks from the heart — even when answering my dumb questions.

* * *

* Who’s in the band?

Ingrid D. Johnson and The Funky Fresh Crew (Iesha Hutchinson, Tara De Castro, Phil collins, Steve Marten, Vaughn Poyser, Frank Rizzuto and Nick Mullin).

* How old are you?

33 — and getting younger and wiser everyday.

* What do you play?

We play a little pop fused with R&B and hip-hop, sprinkled with jazz, a spot of spoken-word, and at times a hint of reggae, folk, blues, and funk.

* What do you do for real money?

I work with high-needs children in care. My musicians live and breath music.

* Tell us about the band in 20 words or less.

Void of ego and ready to spiritually lift your mood — while kicking knowledge old-school.

* Describe your music in 20 words or less.

Unique ... yet oddly familiar and reminiscent of the 1930s.

* Describe your look and/or image in 20 words or less.

Smart, sexy, fun, bold, sophisticated, creative, fierce.

* Tell us about your CD.

A spiritual, emotional, and musical journey into the soul of a sexual abuse survivor on the path to overcoming her past and embracing her present and future.

* Why should we buy your CD?

It features many local, Winnipeg, artists, several genres of music, and a portion of the proceeds goes to Laurel Centre.

* How does your music make the world a better place?

Our music is “A voice for The Voiceless”. As an overcomer of sexual abuse, finding myself, my voice, discovering my gifts, developing a strong Christian faith, and pursuing my dreams with passion has restored me from being a “Wounded Soul” to a woman filled with purpose. I hope my music will inspire others to lift their voices, overcome their problems,come out of their closets, and share their stories ... so that we can all work together with God to stop sexual abuse.

* What’s your most original quality?

My creative writing skills.

* What’s your motto?

Dreams come true, not free ... so be in it to win it and hustle, hustle, hustle!

* Complete this sentence: This band runs on ...

Positive vibes from God surrounding us with his love energy. :)

* What’s your best song and what makes it so good?

You and Me, because it makes people happy and remember that love is not sex.

* Name a song you wish you had written and tell us why:

Say by John Mayer

The lyrics are so beautiful — “Love with your arms wide open.”

* Name a song you’re glad you didn’t write:

Snoop’s Drop it like it’s Hot. I just don’t like the message. Rap is more intelligent than that. I grew up on De La Soul, The Roots and other great rappers and I learned wisdom while being entertained. That is what all gifts are for — to teach us something positive and powerful.

* What are your favourite TV shows?

I love America’s Next Top Model because I once pursued modeling. I also LOVE The Hills. It reminds me of my 20s and how much drama there was.

* Your favourite movies?

Little Women.

* Your favourite books?

My favorite book is the Bible, but its not just a book to me.

* Any other favourite things?

Travel, travel, travel, ohhhhhh and my friend “Off-limits guy.”

* What is your most valued possession? And where do you keep it?

My relationship with God is my most valued possession and I keep that in my heart.

* What is your guilty pleasure?

Beef jerky.

* What are your favourite foods and drinks?

Shrimp, dried ribs and beer.

* What kind of food would you like named after you? And what would be in it?

Mud pie. Ingredients: chocolate, sugar, butter, milk, water, almonds, vanilla, etc.

* Name your favourite local musical act.


* Now, name your favourite musical acts of all time.

Jim Morrison, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Leonard Cohen, Sade, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Garnet Silk, Damien Marley, De la Soul, Gaopelle, Gaelle and Amel Larrieux.

* Who would you be happy to be compared to?

Billie Holiday. She had limited vocal range but she used her voice like a horn and was able to reduce a crowd to tears.

* Who would you be insulted to be compared to?

No one ... everyone is a winner if they pursue their dream and get it — unless they abuse their power and hurt someone.

* Tell us about your best gig.

The WAG on Sept. 12, 2009 — my CD release party.

* Now tell us about your worst gig.

None. everything is a learning experience.

* OK, now describe your ultimate fantasy gig. Don’t hold anything back.

My ultimate fantasy gig would be playing The - By DARRYL STERDAN, WINNIPEG SUN

"Ingrid D. Johnson Is No Longer a Wounded Soul! 2010"

Ingrid D. Johnson Is No Longer a Wounded Soul!

Johnson's new CD is entitled Wounded Soul, but her new outlook on life is definitely brighter! She shares her compelling story of survival and finding the courage and strength to make it on her own and on her own terms.

Ingrid D. Johnson sings for Shaw's Holiday Music!

Ingrid D. Johnson performs her favourite Christmas song, and has a soft spot for Shaw TV too! This new up and coming singer songwriter has her own company and CD out too! - SHAW TELEVISION



Local artist Ingrid D. Johnson reveals her soul
noreen mae ritsema | 10/5/09
Tagged with: poetry, local, ingrid johnson

Fresh from the release of her second book, Wounded Souls: A Collection of Poems and Songs, and its companion spoken-word CD, Wounded Souls Vol. 1 & 2, Ingrid D. Johnson is basking in hope and gratitude. A Winnipeg-based artist with a deep message, she is a survivor of sexual abuse who uses words and music to piece together her own life as an offering of hope to others.

Johnson’s first book, Little Black Butterfly in Iridescent Sunlight, came out four years ago. According to Ingrid, it was a catalyst for major personal life transformations. This meant honestly confronting friendships and relationships that were unhealthy and manipulative. “I feel my new poems reflect my struggle to forgive and let go of the past, ways the abuse affected my voice and sense of personal boundaries, and my spiritual struggle to overcome all the anger, loss, pain, resentment, bitterness and sadness I felt and expressed in my first book. This new book is more positive. It offers truth, hope, healing and inspiration instead of anger, venom, rage, profanity and bitterness.” These empowering messages are evident throughout Johnson’s new poetry as self-affirming themes resonate from each chapter.

Taking a more intimate look at the possibility of an interconnected role between poetry and healing, Johnson acknowledges that poetry is a beautiful medium of expression among many, such as music, film and dance. This eclectic approach to artful forms of expression may help explain how Johnson manages to successfully delve into the music world with her second spoken word CD and as a songwriter and collaborator on Flo’s self-titled album. Johnson elaborates on this fusion by explaining how “sexual abuse destroys your spirit and makes you feel wounded, dirty, broken, numb and dead inside. Belief in God's love restored my soul (my mind, will and emotions) faith, trust, hope and belief in love again. Poetry is an outlet, not the source of my hope, faith, victory, inspiration or healing. God is my source. I know not everyone will agree with this — I can respect that — but this is my belief and what I live by.”

Having endured so much adversity early in life, Johnson’s positive messages and life example are indeed motivating. She shares that “my love for people who are hurting and lost is also an inspiration to write, and my anger towards people’s ignorance and lack of care for other victims and survivors drives me to speak up for the voiceless. I work with kids in care and [my] sincerest hope is that my words, my life and my story will inspire at least one of them to be a success.” It is also this love, strength and compassion that has Johnson donating a portion of her book and CD sales to a local organization that provides services to women who were sexually abused as children, the Laurel Centre.

According to Statistics Canada, one in three girls and one in six boys are sexually assaulted by age 18 and a horrifying 97 per cent of these young sexual abuse victims know their perpetrators. As these sexual abuse survivors become adults, 70–80 per cent of them report excessive drug and alcohol abuse. These statistics validate the need for the programs that the Laurel Centre offers. Ingrid offers the following advice to people who find themselves in sexually abusive situations and relationships: “You are not alone. When you are ready, tell your story and don't stop telling it until someone listens and helps you to do something good to counteract it. Overcoming sexual abuse begins with surviving — coping — but you have to confront the abuse and learn from its impact on you in order to overcome it before you can help others.”

With faith and these powerful messages, Ingrid D. Johnson has launched her own production company called In The Closet Productions. She reveals that her future plans are ambitious and realistic: “I am writing my first non-fiction novel, developing my voice as a new singer-songwriter, planning new community projects and praying that I will attract a compassionate promoter and sponsor/investor and agent to help me with my national and international tour, A Voice for The Voiceless, so I can share my story, perform my spoken word/poems and perform my original music.” With clarity and confidence, Johnson’s new works create a path of hope that can help many wounded souls heal.

- The Manitoban


2015 - Visions & Dreams ( Full Album) 

2014 - Vision & Dreams ( 2 singles released) "long After your Gone" & I 'm Running 
2012 - What About Love?
2009 - Wounded Soul Vol 1&2
2007 - Flo ( Wrote several songs on the album)
2006 - Black Butterfly ( Spoken word CD)



Hailing originally from Jamaica, immigrating to Canada at the age of four, Ingrid D. Johnson, knows how to uplift and inspire others, through her original Jazz, Pop and R&B; songs. 

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Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew 

With a strong desire to inspire and uplift people who have gone through and who are going through adversity, Ingrid D. Johnson, with the help of her band, The Funky Fresh Crew, released her 2012 album, What About Love? , and her 2015 album “Visions and Dreams”. An original, mix of uplifting Jazz, Pop, Soul, Rock, Reggae, Gospel, Hip-hop and Spoken word. In addition to releasing her 2009 songwriting compilation album, Wounded Soul Vol 1&2, featuring several Winnipeg vocalists performing songs written by, Johnson. 

Performing live together for 8 years, Ingrid D. Johnson & The Funky Fresh Crew, consists of four full-time musicians and one singer-songwriter, based in Winnipeg, who really enjoy creating and performing live music together.

Chosen by The Manitoba Women' s Advisory Council and Mentoring Artist' s for Women' s Art (MAWA) in October 2011 to be honored ( along with 7 other artists ) in a government publication: Women in The Arts; Artists Working for Social Change; Ingrid D. Johnson's company, In The Closet Productions, mission and vision to be "a voice for the voiceless" ( by using original music and art to help raise awareness and funding for important social issues, like the impact of childhood sexual abuse) was confirmed.  

Previously, Johnson's work has been promoted on Bravo! news, CBC national radio and T.V., CTV, Shaw T.V. The Winnipeg Sun, Hot 103, CJOB. In the past, she has also gain opportunities to perform her music live and speak at MEOW Con 2013 in Austin, Texas The Canadian Red Cross RespectED: Violence and Abuse Prevention program, KLINIC, and Voices Manitoba Youth In Care Network.  In addition to temporarily acting as the spokesperson for the clients of The Laurel Centre (a community resource centre that counsels sexually abused women with addictions) in 2010.

In 2015, Johnson presented a pilot of her songwriting workshop, "Writing Through The Pain," to youths in the child welfare system and performed at The 2015 Winnipeg Fringe Festival, The Bell Tower Cafe, The Steinbach Summer Festival, The Grant and Wilton Coffee House, Happy Mike's Coffee House and several other events. In addition to presenting a public speaking engagement, two live music concerts to youths at The Manitoba Youth Centre in 2015 and showcasing with her band in Nashville, TN at The Objective in May 2016. 

BUY the album Visions and Dreams (released, April 2015) and the 2016 singles "My Life" and "Every Time I" on CD baby, today !


What About Love? ALBUM REVIEWS

Ingrid D. Johnson's voice is simple yet soulful. SoulMatters

... On My Own, gives a telling story of regrets and resolution with great R&B flavor highlighted by hot piano and lead guitar with a mix of spoken word in the lyrics to dramatize the message. Ive Got The Blues shows why jazz and blues are so closely connected with great trumpet and bluesy vocals. Listening to this song and others on What About Love? leaves the listener scratching their head over learning this is Johnsons first musical effort! This amazingly good." - The Phantom Tollbooth

"... Ingrid D. Johnson, based out of Winnipeg demonstrates that the vocal jazz scene is alive and well the Great White North with her smooth sounding voice that seems to mix a little Esthero, a tiny bit of Amy Winehouse and a whole lot of soul. - Scribbles

a hybrid of popular music with spoken word with social action. - Greyowl Point

... With a vibe that finds its roots in 60s message music, Johnson moves the sound from the church basement up to the main sanctuary and rocks up a soulful message of hope through despair. - Midwest Record

" ... Positve vibes permeate every song, even the sad ones, on this ultimately uplifting disc. Her sound is a soulful blend of pop, jazz, and hip-hop supported by her band, the Funky Fresh Crew. An individually talented group. The Crew has a good chemistry that gives the songs a real vibrancy." - Broose Tulloch ( Stylus Magazine)

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