Ingrid Gerdes

Ingrid Gerdes

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Ingrid Gerdes is still young but has a timeless voice that brings a hauntingly familiar but fresh edge to soul music. She captures the charged, neo-soul of an Amy Winehouse at times, but also the sensuous feel of a legendary singer like Irma Thomas. Her lyrics are bitingly brilliant in a survivor's don't-mess-with-me way, but also hopelessly romantic when the mood strikes. Ingrid's command, her presence and her skill are all world class.


New Album "High Priestess," awards and nominations: 

"Water Through Your Hands," Winner: Song of The Year, Blues - ( West Coast Songwriters)

"Missouri Limestone," Honorable Mention: SAW Awards, Mid Atlantic Song Contest, Semi Finalist, Americana-Unsigned Only Awards

"Fire," Honorable Mention: Best Blues- West Coast Songwriters. Nominee: IMA awards Best Blues. Semi Finalists, Vocal Performance, Unsigned Only Awards. Top 5 Winner, Vocal Performance: Singer Universe.

"I Need A Man," Semi Finalists, Vocal Performance, Unsigned Only Awards.

Ingrid Gerdes ~ High Priestess

 “In a way, Ingrid Gerdes’ new album, “High Priestess,” is a throwback to days when a recording artist approached a new project as a complete package — a song cycle — built around a particular theme. Every track was written and produced and sequenced in a way that would convey a certain emotion or experience for the listener.

  Largely a thing of the past in this age of single-song downloads; many artists and producers now concern themselves with recording only songs they believe will sell apart from a collection. They compile songs not necessarily connected to one another that they hope will be popular enough with their fans to sell them online. There’s often no concept or plan.

  Ingrid took an old-school approach to her new release, “High Priestess,” choosing instead to attempt to create an experience for her fans through a complete collection. Brought together by her unique blues-rock sensibilities, the result feels like summer in the South. It is at times both cool and hot, breezy and still, and imbued with a shot of sass to Gerdes’ hot buttered soul, Dusty-in-Memphis delivery.

  This album also features an impressive roster of musicians including

Garrett, “G Love” Dutton on harmonica, Brad Hallen and Mark Teixiera of the

Duke Robillard band, Aaron Lipp of Robert Randolph and Milt Reder of Barrence Whitfield /Dwight and Nicole.”

Boston Soul/Blues recording artist Ingrid Gerdes’ gospel-meets-R&B voice has earned her more than one comparison to greats like Irma Thomas and Mavis Staples. With a powerful nearly four-octave range and a strong confident stage presence Gerdes has a reputation as a breakout favorite in the Blues world. Ingrid studied opera at University of Kansas before earning her degree at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College of Music. She is currently on tour to support her third studio album, “High Priestess,” as well as tour internationally with other musical acts. Ingrid also continues to work as a noted voice over artist from her home recording studio in Boston


Your Boyfriend

Written By: Ingrid Gerdes

Guess where your boyfriend was last night?
I bet he wasn’t answering his phone
Had you wondering if he’d come home
Well I think it’s time you know

Guess where your boyfriend was last night
He was standing on my front porch
He was ringing up my door
Just like he’d done 9 times before

And he begged me, to let him in
Hollering that he was a changed man
Said this time would be different
Naively I believed him

Guess what your boyfriend said last night
That he came around to reminisce, honey
He missed the was we used to kiss, Ya see
Back when I was his

Guess what your boyfriend said last night
He’d been stalking my status on Facebook
Said I’m like a drug and he’s hooked
Then he gave me that old slick look
And He told me he was unattached
Said, baby, there’s no one else
Then he moved in for the kill
I felt a chill run down my back

Ladies Don’t trust Him
Don’t let him in
You’ve got to put him out
Like the Dog he is

And when your boyfriend left last night
I did some checking of my own
Found out he was never alone
He’d been playing me all along

Now don’t get it twisted I’m not the one who missed him
He lied on his own, I’m just another victim
This information is long overdue
But I swear it, I didn’t know about you

He’ll never change his dirty ways
Ulterior motives, thats the game he plays

Ladies Don’t trust Him
Don’t let him in
You’ve got to put him out
Like the Dog he is
Guess Where Your Boyfriend Was Last night.

Missouri Limestone

Written By: ingrid gerdes

Down along the border in the southwest corner of the Ozarks
There’s a place my heart always calls home
But I been gone too many years
Seen my hopes and dreams start to look like fears
And I feel lost, but that’s my cross to bear

When the nights are long and the road is rough
I dig deep y’all and sure enough
I’m still made up of that gritty stuff

I’m strong, like the ground I grew from
Underneath my skin my bones are forged from
Missouri limestone

Like a path in the rock cut by the river over time
Barefoot and blind, sure nuff I could find my way, I could find my way back
To the fields and the woods where I cut my teeth
On simple country living, sure sounds good to me right now (oh ya)
Sounds so sweet to me

When this city’s cold and I’m all alone
I hear a whispering in my bones
Saying girl it’s time to get on home


Where summer nights sound like Locusts and bullfrogs singing songs
Where July tastes like a red-ripe tomato off the vine
Where Sweet Tea, is brewed up daily, well that feels like home

Modulate Chorus

Fade out: Missouri Limestone

I Need A Man

Written By: Ingrid Gerdes

I Need A Man

I can’t keep messing around with these foolish boys
They never wanna share their souls, just play

I’ve grown tired
Of building walls high up
Around my heart

I need a man
One that sees me for all I am
Who will come to me when I need him
Who can lift me up, if I’ve fallen
I need a man

I’ve never been one to settle down
Always running arms wide open to the distance
And I gave and I give and I love and I live
Now I’m just looking for a place to rest

I need a man
One that sees me for all I am
Who won’t hold back a bit of his love
Who can let me shine, cuz he’s strong enough
Ya cuz that’s a man
that’s a man

Now I don’t seek anything I couldn’t give
Lord knows I would honor my man
All the days that I live

Said I can’t keep messing around with these foolish boys
I need a man

High Priestess

Written By: ingrid gerdes

High Priestess
By Ingrid Gerdes

Way Down in Lousiana
I happened on a HooDoo Man

He was sittin' down at a rusty old card table
He called me out, said come here child
I’m gonna read you if I’m able

He pulled out a well worn deck
From underneath a brown bandana
He said, “I’m the best card cutting conjure man this side of Savannah”

Pre Chorus:
I shuffled that set, picked one out of the deck, set it face up and this is what he said

Said I drew the High Priestess, the High Priestess, then he called me high Priestess oh ya

Now Magic Man, I said I don’t believe
Well you musta got me twisted
Ain’t nobody prayin to me

Don’t be foolish child
The cards never lie
The wind done told me stories bout you before you arrived

There’s magic in the cards, I tell it true
Said you don’t choose the card my child, the card chooses you

And you drew the High Priestess, High Priestess, you drew the high Priestess oh ya

- Bridge-
When I left that bayou I knew I’d never be the same
Now that I know my truth, now that I know my name

You can call me High Priestess, High Priestess ,You can call me High Priestess
(Repeat and fade)


Written By: Ingrid Gerdes


My light was out
I was turned off
Spent sleepless nights
Worrying bout paths left uncrossed

Then you came along
With your bag of tricks
You lit me up Baby
Yes you know you did

I’m electrified
In your presence
Now my sleepless nights
Spent worrying bout your intentions

Pre Chorus:
You can give me what I want
But can you give me what I need
And the only way through this is to burn
And I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire

V2: Won’t you put me out
Turn me to ash
You fan my flames with every
Naughty Pass

I need some water
Pour it on me babe
You gotta cool me down
Before I blaze

You can give me what I want
But can you give me what I need

C: And the only way through this is to Burn
And I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire

Burn baby burn baby burn x’s 4

You can give me what I want
I think that you can you give me what I need
And the only way through this is to Burn
And I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire
I’m on Fire

Someone Else’s Problem

Written By: Ingrid Gerdes

Someone Else’s Problem
by Ingrid Gerdes

People been coming round, asking how I handle it
Since we called it quits and you’re already with some other chick

They wanna know, how I deal
They wanna know just how sad I feel

Well listen up (up) I’ma clear up (up)
All of them questions

Well Thank God you’re gone
Thank God, you moved on
I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry bout you round my door
I’m so pleased, I’m so relieved, I’m so happy babe to watch you leave
I’m only sorry that it took me so long
So Thank God, you’re someone else’s problem

I wish I could say, that I’m sorry bout the way it ended
But you see my momma raised me to know that lying was a sin

Don’t get me wrong I’m not cruel
Oh honey if you only knew this fool
Well you might think I’m crazy but sure 'nuff wouldn’t blame me for sayin’

Well Thank God you’re gone
Thank God, you moved on
I’m so glad that I don’t have to worry bout you round my door, Anymore
I’m so pleased, I’m so relieved, I’m so happy babe to watch you leave
I’m only sorry that it took me so long
So Thank God, you’re someone else’s problem

You can hear me sayin Bye bye baby, bye bye bye baby so long
Bye bye baby, bye bye bye baby move along
(Bye bye bgvx..)
Now get to steppin baby
Take your crazy to your lady
Leave your keys on the table
Bye bye baby, bye bye bye baby get on

Chorus x’s 2



When my mind is troubled
And I can’t sleep
I picture a place that comforts me

In my mind I’m sitting on the dock
Feet hanging over in the water
Just watchin the sun dance
Along the waterfall

That cabin’s been in my mama’s kin for 60 years
With walls my granddaddy built with his own two hands

There’s a place up in the cliffs I swear
I can feel the spirit
Stronger than any place else I ever been

Tonight I’m thinking of the Finley River
Tonight I’ll be dreaming of linden lure

Oh god bless that dark green murky water
I never felt so free just swimming up to flat rock

Spent my summer days in a sticky July haze
Learn to skip a stone along that rocky river bank.


It’s a place few are lucky to know
You feel Like you stepped back to a simpler time.
And even the most ornery of us
Gonna find your sins washed clean enough
Oh in that river


Tag: Oh I can see it
Oh I can almost feel it
Oh lord won’t you please let me dream it
Sweet Linden Lure

Water Through Your Hands Lyrics


He tried to
Hold me tight but
That ain't what
I like
No i'm not like
All those other women

Now now now
I can't breathe If you
Squeeze me you
Just got to let me
Roam free
My love is a nomad
And my heart belongs
To No man

If you try to hold me
I'll be gone
Like Wa-wa-water
Through your Hands

Baby try to crush
Beggin’ on his knees but
You can’t cage a
Bird like me
I do what I want
And I wanna be free

Can’t dig your claws
In too deep
Only gonna cause
Me to bleed
I love ya I do
But you got to give me room


Yes I’ll be runnin, runnin runnin Like the river x’s 3

Chorus (tag ending)


  • "High Priestess" 9/2/14
  • "Missouri Limestone" Single, 9/2014
  • "Shed"12/15/10
  • "Move," Single 10/1/10
  • "Trying To Remember," Terminal Bytz remix- single 11/2011
  • "Can't Take Anymore," Terminal Bytz remix- single 11/2011
  • "The Eclectic Collection" 1/1/08
  •  EP "Ingrid Demo" 2002

Set List

Soul Blues songs from all three of my albums.