Ingrid Olava

Ingrid Olava

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR

My name is Ingrid Olava. I have recorded and released two albums to commercial and critical acclaim in my home country Norway.
I'm a singer, a traveller, and a rusty-poetic piano player. I like to make grown men cry. I'm staring at the world and want to get out and play for you!


Control… Personal, professional, of others and oneself, the overarching conflict of freedom and the need to belong.

“At school I was obsessed with rules, being good, being liked… it was very liberating to realise that its ok to have enemies.”

The very nature and proximity of love, power and control is chewed over and spat out in the course of Ingrid’s UK debut The Guest. Tales of often feminine trial, told with an unambiguous lyrical style mistaken for the masculine directness of a Tom Waits, or…

Above a pallet of expansive piano and sympathetic percussion and strings, the voice finds us with the eloquent detail of Nina Simone and unfussy range of... Creeping from minor chord repression to euphoric releases of rhythm and melody, the live essence of Ingrid’s extraordinary voice is at the centre of this dynamic album.

Opener The Queen tackles the futile nature of power when love goes missing – Attias’ pursuit of Marcus Antonius - while Warrior Song “an anthem to a friend who tried to save someone who didn’t want saving” is all the love without the power. The push and pull of need and desire, in her own words the Treasure And Pain.

“I’m not that fond of flying” explains Ingrid of the reluctantly submissive Passenger “To be in the hands of the captain always forces an unpleasant sense of vulnerability upon me, and it was during one of these mild crisis it struck me how much it reminded me of the times I’ve been the most in love in my life.”

Written on a piano in a music shop in Toronto, The Guest is a story of a woman’s love for a man other than her husband, bound by her own choices, sleeping walking into mistakes. An admission that I Was Wrong and the brave face of stoicism, a Poster Child, the “smiling clown with the sad eyes”.

From a non-musical family, 6-year-old Ingrid Olava started out playing the piano in her neighbour's basement. Her doubtful parents – already the victim of daughters childhood whims – would go on to buy her a piano of her own, and yet while she developed as an exceptional pianist and singer, it was only after completing a degree in Clinical Psychology that she turned to music as her true vocation.

Recorded in Oslo, The Guest, produced in collaboration with Ingrid’s regular band Erland Dahlen (drums & percussion) and Jo Berger Myhre (bass and guitar), is characterized by a space and freedom of its arrangements and production. One of Norway’s premier songwriters, Ingrid’s The Guest was reached number 2 in her homeland and garnered three Norwegian Grammy nominations.


Only Just Begun

Written By: Ingrid Olava

It was a blast
But we survived
Now make it last
That’s twice as hard

We’ve only just begun, my baby
Only just begun or maybe it’s already done

Ooh oh

We tried to fight
But no one won
Now make it right
That’s twice as hard

We’ve only just begun, my baby
Only just begun or maybe

All this is madness please remember
All this is madness
Please forget

We’ve only just begun, my baby
Only just begun or maybe
It’s already done

Now take my hand
And tell me now
Just who I am
Three times as hard

We’ve only just begun, my baby
Only just begun or maybe
It’s already x3

Oh oh
No one knows how this will end
Ooh ooh ooOooOooo


The Guest - (Ltd CD/CD/Digital - Album, release Norway only 15.02.2010)
Warrior Song- (Digital Download - Single, release 05.10.2009)
Only Just Begun- (Digital Download - Single) -
(#8, Singles Chart, #6 Airplay Chart - Norway)
Back to Love (Digital Download - Single)
(#20, Singles Chart, #18 Airplay Chart - Norway)
Juliet's Wishes (CD/Digital Download/LP)
(#4, Album Charts - Norway)
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Set List

Warrior Song (New)
Love, oh Love (New)
Drunk (New)
Treasure & Pain (New)
The Queen (New)
Only Just Begun
Back To Love
George Fred & Me
Juliets Wishes
Take This Waltz (Cohen)