“Consistently inconsistent”, is the only way to describe the four, offbeat and ingenius band members that make up Inhabitants. Their widespread appetite for music meshes together, cultivating an eclectic and raw mix of classic rock music with an experimental perspective.


Inhabitants just released their debut LP “We Have Always Been Here Before.” Produced by Jamie Candiloro ( Producer of Ryan Adams’ latest release “Easy Tiger” ) and Jason Finkel ( DirtyKicks ) the 11 album tracks cover a broad range of moods yet all resonate with the band’s signature personality. 3 tracks off the album, including their cover of Roky Erickson’s “If You Have Ghosts,” play a prominent role in the soundtrack for Alex Karpovsky’s upcoming feature film “General Impression of Size and Shape” which will be having its World Premiere at the 2008 SXSW Film Festival.

The Inhabs are entertainers to the core, known for their all exciting, late-night performances at New York hotspots such as Lit, Club Love and the legendary, Mercury Lounge. Without a mission to achieve a specific sound, the Inhabs are rarely compared to the same band twice. Their only goal is to let their love of music help translate thoughts into lyrics, and life into sound.

Drummer Kevin Shea, is inspired by the lovable Muppets character, “Animal”, as he creates an experimental chaos of musical invention. Bassist, Pat Dougherty uses a simple, “all walk, no talk” approach to creating a timeless, angular sound. Guitarist Carl Gershon’s broad curiosity ranges anywhere from classic to the obscure revealing his accomplished versatility. Lead-singer and guitarist Eric Bruggemann’s alternately keening and sentimental vocals seem to be resurrected from the subversive Rock Legends of the past.

Inspired by Bunuel's “That Obscure Object of Desire”, the band's first video for the single "Everything” was just released. Directed by Dominic DeJoseph ( R.E.M., Ryan Adams, Tilly and the Wall, Dandy Warhols ), the clip incorporates super-8 film and hi-def video and features silk gymnast Allison Carhart. Inhabitant’s intuition for innovation and well-versed creativity are set to stir up the music scene and leave their listeners internally affected.


Debut LP
We Have Always Been Here Before
October 2007

Set List

time again
cloaks we wore
waitin' for it
station to station
drawing smiles
if you have ghosts ( roky erickson )