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"Hello, Earth"

Massachusetts' indie/alternative quintet Inherit The Wind is shouting out a proverbial "wake up call" to the local music scene with their newly released EP entitled "Hello, Earth".

Inherit The Wind's third release is woven with a myriad of ups and downs, swerving in several directions, while remaining coherent and united in its purpose. From chaotic to subdued, this three song EP seems to break any confines put on a band and explores new realms outside of any single genre. After undergoing a four month period of slight stagnancy, the band entered the studio in December of 2007 to pour every bit of ingenuity into these songs–their final product being the carefully crafted masterpiece that is "Hello, Earth."

The title alone provides a message telling listeners to open their eyes to something new, but if that doesn't quite catch their attention, the music undoubtedly will. While different is the new trend, the band is sincerely stepping out of their environment and creating music with creative substance. Although only three songs, this EP offers more sonically than most full-length albums could dream of. Intricately laced electronic elements lay underneath a dueling pair of guitars, driven by the solid rhythm of drums and pounding bass lines. Finally, this ensemble of instruments is tied together with aggressive as well as soothing vocals throughout each track. Containing a variety of slower and melodic sections, catchy lyrics, and gang vocals, these songs can not only appeal to a wide range of tastes, but also broaden the interests of all who listen.

In a music scene growing substantially more sterile by each new band it spawns, Inherit The Wind is moving outward with "Hello, Earth" and continuing to grow musically. While all of the band's members are still in their teens, they refuse to be hindered by age. From VFW halls to larger venues or clubs, the band is constantly pushing their music as far as possible with every opportunity they can find. Inherit The Wind frequently shares the stage with larger acts as well as local bands throughout New England.

"Hello, Earth" can be found at all shows, as well as on iTunes and in all Newbury Comics located in Massachusetts. Following the release, the band will continue to play local shows in support of their new material and spread life into a seemingly dying age of music.

-Chris Mongeau


1. Chicago 1934

2. Ithaca

3. Play Something Positive - STEP TO THE MIC! Magazine

"The third attempt is anything but winded…"

The third attempt is anything but winded…

It’s not often when a small town hero band manages to pull off an exceptional album by themselves, and succeed in redefining local music at the same time. Inherit the Wind’s Hello Earth does just that.
Inherit the Wind proves to their audience one more time that they have what it takes to be successful through their latest album. Full of catchy guitar riffs and sing along melodies, not to mention musically smart construction, Hello Earth proves to be one of the best local Albums of this year so far. Each song delivers a new twist to the band’s musical direction, making the album diverse and tasteful. Hello Earth successfully separates Inherit the Wind from the ever growing number of “Myspace bands”, through this album Inherit the Wind is able to fully show their capacity as musicians. While the album’s track count comes to only three songs, they enable Inherit the Wind to show off their musical variation as well as prove that they can compete with many of current leaders in the music world.
Hello Earth is an example of a smart album, with a perfectly produced sound that exemplifies each instrument as to create a musical buffet. Adroitly layered guitars give the record an airy feel that is perfectly contrasted with a heavier side. Not only does the guitar sound provide an artistic feel to the album, but it gives each song a full sound that adds a touch of intensity to the generally light genre. Vocally, Hello Earth leaves little to be wanted. Lead vocals, Pat Dagle, picks up where the guitars leave off as far as intensity goes, giving the disk a raw quality. Mix the intensity of the guitar and vocals with the rhythmic precision and variety of the bass and drums, Hello Earth can easily be labeled as classic in its own respect, and brings Inherit the Wind to a level at which they can compete in today’s modern market.
Overall, Hello Earth is a smart album that beats out all local competition in both its quality and passion, and just goes to show the diligence and devotion that Inherit the Wind places in their music. - Curtis Emery


Take This To Sparta- 8 song EP.
Hello, Earth- 3 Song EP.

We have had tracks debut on Wentworth Institute of Technology's student radio.

Most of our music is available to stream at



We started this band not knowing where it would go, but loving where it is taking us. We had no style in mind, we just new it was going to be raw and unfiltered. We started in small suburbs spread out through central Massachusetts. Each of us were in different bands doing very different things. Some hardcore, some indie, some emo. We simply became friends who all loved to write music and just started booking as many shows as possible because we knew that we had tons of energy and wanted to show as many people as fast as we could. Within our first year as a band we played over a hundred shows. Seeing as our youngest member is 16 and the average age of our members is 17, it is obvious that we have a lot of time and a lot of desire to put all we have into our music. We want to be on the tip of everyones tongue.

The band has just released a new 3 song EP titled "Hello, Earth" on March 2nd, 2008