In His Image

In His Image



In His Image has been captivating audiences with its industrial metal sound and innovative socio-political
message since 2008. The masked band members, representative of the blind authority of the oppressive
social order, dominate the stage with a forceful presence. In His Image's primary objective is not only
to entertain, but to encourage listeners to question the authority which orders their lives.
The band is comprised of Sancho Panza (vocals), Magog (guitar), Odin (bass), Boaz (drums), and
Long Devil (electronics). This secret collective of musicians has shared a stage with Cold, Taproot,
Halloween and a myriad of other talented Detroit-based bands at popular venues in the metro-Detroit
music scene, such as The Hayloft, St. Andrew's Hall, Crofoot Ballroom, The Emerald Theater, and
the I-Rock.
Their highly anticipated EP Entered Apprentice is set to release June 4, 2010 (Questionable Records).
The album, representative of their popular stage show, is a constant barrage of crunching guitar, blasting
drum beats, thunderous bass, abrasive electronics and gritty vocals. While the intense music provides an
assault on the senses, the music's message opens the mind.


Entered Apprentice