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Mixing elements of hip-hop and rock & roll, Inhumans employ both symphonic skill and lyrical dexterity, making each performance an unpredictable roller coaster of laughter and screaming.


Situated in Missoula Montana, Inhumans have been together since 2004, playing through-out the state, and opening for such acts as 2 Live Crew, Awol One and Scarub from Living Legends. Having marinated in their hometown juices long enough, and with the support of their large local following, Inhumans have decided to relocate and utilize Portland Oregon as a home base to supply the world with their unique blend of humor, intelligence, and style.

Influenced by classic rock groups like Led Zeppelin, Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd combined with the more modern sounds of Ween and the Beastie Boys, Inhumans create a unique blend of hip hop never heard before.

"There has never been a band like Inhumans. " -The Missoulian.


97 lovers - 2009

Set List

Sets range from an hour to 3. A typical inhumans show usually fills 2.5 hours

1. The Source
2 Not hot
3 Lajabless
4 Blowjob Eyes
5 Christmas Town
6 Whiskey
7 Good Idea
8 Cheebles
9. 97 Lovers
10 Rainbow Connection
11 Hey Dj (rock on)
12 The undergrowth
13 The Moon Battle
14 Cock Blockers
15 Put it on a Hook
16 Gsus
17 Chicago
18 The Letter 42
19 The Seventies
20 Springfield
21 Halloween Town
22 Old Lady (at the bar)
23 The Head of Corrections
24 Magnet
25 B.R.A.
26 American Band
27 You, Me and My Mansion
28 All Night Party Mother Fucker
29 Simple Things
30 The Breakdown
31 Broke Girl
32 What's that R2?
34 Cancer

Awesome Sound - Ween
The Trial - Pink Floyd
Tush - ZZ Top