in if it is

in if it is


a power trio with a punchy rock-fusion style, their music and lyrics paint a sound that hits you in the funky bone and gets you in the groove


IN IF IT IS was un-officially formed back in ’97 when guitarist/vocalist Marc Mercier and drummer/vocalist Darren Mercier began writing songs simply for their own enjoyment, after the demise of their previous band, and, a long hiatus from music. Endless jam sessions next to the ‘shoe-box ghetto’ spawned song after song after song. Their bare- bones, big-riff, busy style, gave them the sound of a two-piece sounding like a 4 piece. They tried bassists, vocalists, keyboardists, but, the hunt for another member, or members, was going nowhere. Despite this, they kept on writing songs. Even playing a few gigs as a two- piece, that were very well received.

The band’s name came from several attempts to define the band’s style or genre. “ We know what it isn’t, but, what is it? Rock? Blues? Funk? Metal? Jazz?” Marc put it simply:” It’s IN IF IT IS!” It stuck.

A few years went by, the project on the shelf, when one day at the dentist, Darren runs into bassist Terry Marchuk. Coincidently, the last time he had seen him, was in ’98, when Marc joined them for an impromptu jam session in a mutual friends basement. Little did they know at the time, that this would be the lineup for IN IF IT IS.

2004, finally, they had the missing piece. Or did they? For years, they were certain that they would be an instrumental band. However with the addition of Terry, it opened up many possibilities. The pressure was off the two cousins to fill the void of a third instrument, and it changed the songs, for the better. It was decided then to add a vocalist. Marc, an accomplished vocalist and lyricist, began writing words to the songs with the intent of having someone else sing them, freeing him up to concentrate on the guitar. In the waiting for a vocalist to come along, he began singing the words during rehearsals, coming up with vocal lines. It was the easiest decision they had to make as a band. They’d had their vocalist all along.

The band now complete, and armed with their own recording studio, (In studios) are now anxious to share their unique brand of music with anyone who will listen. What can you expect from an IN IF IT IS live show? The un-expected. A very dynamic, high- energy band, who love what they do. ALL their influences are represented, and they’re known to pay homage to them. Their songs have been described as: ‘different but familiar’, “intense’, and ‘very original’.
Keep your peepers peeled for the full-length album: “The movie”, coming out this summer!



Written By: Marc Mercier

what do i spy from the corner of my eye...
is it outta sight or am i just out of my mind...
whoa where did you go...
have you slipped through the cracks...are you incognito...
whoa what's your disguise...
are you pulling the wool over my own private eyes...
you blend in a crowd like a shadow in the dark..
you're as thin as air and i'm not sure where you are...
searching the streets,
scouring the sewers,
scanning the skies...
where did you hide?...
i've got my peepers peeled but i can't see the light...
you've got my senses reeled, my discord is your delight...
if i ever catch a glimpse you won't flee without a fight...
where did you hide?


Written By: Marc Mercier


get up, wake up, we've got work to do
understand, we've a plan we must carry through

smell the coffee, rise and shine

we are one with the sun, all at once we rise
please don't stare in our glare or you'll burn your eyes

it's almost time to get to the grind


turn up the heat until we swelter
we are the molten metal melters
in the hotseat there's no shelter from the blaze

strike a light and ignite when the fuel's in flow
with the scorch of a torch
and we're good to go


turn up the heat until we swelter
we are the molten metal melters
in the hotseat there's no shelter from the blaze
...the smoke and haze

the pressure is on so we're chugging along
we're down to the wire our asses on fire
we stick to the plan 'cause we work for the man
we're under the gun so we're gettin' 'er done

bond the borders and bend the beams
tack the pieces and we stitch it at the seams

Surfin' the Prairies

Written By: Marc Mercier

if you can't swim
better learn to ride
'cause the wave is comin'
and you can't hide

skim the surface
surf is high

when the wave breaks
the crest will fall
the swells will thunder
as we brave the squall

skim the surface
surf is high

so deep below me
so high above
i'm flying somewhere in between
and the spell that holds me
is like the love between the sky and the deep blue sea

Set List

Little Rope Bridge Purge
Cyberwelder Sling Bile Gun
Incognito The Raven
Lost in the Woods Cancel the Funeral
Zendoo The Train
Raining Cats & Dogs The Mailman
Flamencanova Long Walk
Surfin' the Prairies

Immigrant Song She
Crackerman TV Dinners
Mach 5 Jimi Hendmix(Hendrix medley)
Time Have a Flesh Cigar(Floyd medley)
We Care a Lot Into the Void
Twist of Cain
White Rabbit