Inigo delivers a powerful blend of art-rock complexity, driving guitars, and, somewhere in there, enough pop sensibility to get their songs stuck in your head.


Inigo is a three piece indie/alternarock guitar driven band drawing from the
Pixies, Modest Mouse, Muse, and big guitar rock. Inigo has
been playing around Southern California for over two years and have developed
an energetic performance that often evokes dancing despite our sometimes
jumpy music.


Four Songs EP
"When I Say Go" has received San Diego radio airplay in 2006.

Set List

Original Songs: When I Say Go, Long Division, 54, Radio, Lusanity, Goes to 11, The Other One, Solitare or Scrabble, Green Kayak Adventure, Monkeyfist.

We usually add one cover per set. Often they are Pixies covers. We have also performed songs by Seaweed, Kelly Clarkson, and others for variety.