Ex Members of Taking Back Sunday, Hot Rod Circuit, Versa Emerge, Once Nothing


Fred Mascherino, from The Color Fred/Taking Back Sunday and Andy Jackson from Hot Rod Circuit have joined forces to form the new band, Initials. They've also recruited bassist, Steven Lucarelli from Solid State metallurgists, Once Nothing and Versa Emerge drummer, Anthony Martone.

Fred wrote some songs over the past year and traveled to Birmingham, AL to record with producer Jason Elgin. Soon after, he met up with Alabama native Andy Jackson to complete the writing of an album. "I had been playing mainly with my solo project for the past two years and I decided it was finally time to get a band going again. I've admired Andy’s playing and songwriting for so long so when it came time to put this together, he was the first call I made.”

There is a common theme running through the songs on the album. A series of fires terrorized Fred’s hometown of Coatesville, PA earlier this year. A number of arsonists were finally arrested in the spring but not before setting almost 50 fires. The songs on the record tell a tale of physical and emotional tolls on a couple trying to stay awake at night to protect their home while having to get through regular life during the day.

Mascherino and Jackson will be sharing singing duties on this project that they describe as, American Rock Revival Music. "With two singer/songwriters in the band, the sky's the limit with creativity" says Andy of the new band. "The four of us happened to be looking to join a band at the same time so we're starting out on the same page. It's been great seeing happens when we get in a room together." Adds, bassist Steve Lucarelli, "Our goal is to play great songs and hit the road immediately".



Set List

6 songs. half hour. no nonsense.