Injured Ninja

Injured Ninja

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

The INJURED NINJA is in itself, an anomaly. The well-honed skills of any Ninja are calculated and precise, silent and deadly, these fit fighting warriors would never be disgraced by falling in the heat of battle. A Ninja knows victory or death – there is no compromise.


INJURED NINJA is an epic sonic force that confronts its audience with experimental Noise Rock and sythethsized electronic wizardry creating a new aural atmosphere. The mysterious Ninja, attacks loud and fiercely, with raw screaming guitars and pounding effected drums while simultaneously drawing the listener into waves of electronic dubbed-out ambience and thick dance floor bass. With a punk rock meets technology aesthetic and righteously dominating live sound, the Ninjas are notoriously hard to define. Some common descriptions are ‘Noise Punk’ or ‘Robot Rock.’

Sometime around 2006 Ninja began as a dub / hip-hop project including a DJ, added Vocalist and two guitarists – but as the band grew and members departed, the band focused its sound into a fusion of the members influences in Dub / Drum and Bass and Experimental Rock. In early 2008 the band claimed a new drummer and recorded debut EP ‘Circuitboard’ in May that year. The Ninja is currently admired by both the indie rock and experimental music scenes alike – commonly playing improvised jam and ‘noise’ performances that have left audiences stunned, screaming and buzzing while at the same time playing tightly rehearsed rock sets at some of Perth’s most popular live venues.

Injured Ninja released their debut EP CIRCUITBOARD in October 2008 and conducted a highly successful 9 show tour of Japan in February 2009. Recently the band has been performing as ‘THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH’ – expanding the band to include upwards of 8 drummers and countless additional musicians, most recently staging the epic at the sold out BENEFIT concert at the Art rage Bakery to help raise funds for the Victorian Bushfire Appeal.

Three of the Ninjas have experience in Audio Engineering, studying music technology at WAAPA, while members Dominic Pearce and Steven Hughes are highly experienced visual artists and film directors heavily involved in making music videos for many Perth artists. Jake Steele has also had considerable experience as a touring keyboardist with his brother’s band The Sleepy Jackson. The band is currently busy in the studio with huge releases planned for late 2009.


Circuitboard EP - Self Released - Oct 2008
'Puppies in Fishtanks' featured on 2009 WAMi Compilation
IDDQD Single - Details TBA - Avail mid 2009

Set List

Injured Ninja have regular sets of all original material mixed with improvsational sections.

Injured Ninja also play ambient / laptop / noise sets and special dub / reggae sets which have lasted for up to two hours of solid grooves.