Inkbat combines their love for the rock music of the 60's with their generation-inflicted disposition in creating a sound that's both beautiful and tragic


When a 2003 class project matched film student/songwriter Ryan Whitney to document drummer Charlie Dresser, the two forged a friendship that extended beyond the halls of their small arts high school in Chicago. Spending nights and weekends writing music as Inkbat, the two enlisted the guitar efforts of Dylan McKenzie, a former classmate from California Institute of the Arts. Combining Whitney's theatrical voice with anthemic indie sensibilities, Inkbat conjurs up mid 60's nostalgia that is, at times, reminiscent of the Zombies and Freddie Mercury. For Inkbat, 2009 will consist mainly of performing in Chicago and throughout the Midwest in support of their self-released EP, Under The Clothes.


Under the Clothes EP (Dec. 08)

Set List

Up to an hour of original material
We'll often throw in a cover