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"Ink Dot Boy: The Beautiful Murder"

Theatric and majestic magnificence. Not routinely a phrase I would use to describe an album, however Ink Dot Boy's music is just that: a dramatic conceptual presentation for absorption on every perceptive channel.

This discovery began when I was sent a MySpace message by a fan of a band called Ink Dot Boy: an unsigned band from Boise, Idaho in the US. She pleaded for me to listen to the band's music, a band which she claimed had touched her soul. Well, how could I resist? I contacted the band, which sent me a link to its album for review. Upon first listening I was more than a little dazzled, so I listened to the album over two weeks on my iPod to ensure I wasn't simply buying into the hype. You see, the online presence Ink Dot Boy has created for itself -- as an unsigned band -- sets particularly high expectations.

I visited Ink Dot Boy's website, and clicked on 'Press Kit', where I was met with this rather confronting message: "Are you a Booking Agent, A&R Person, Publisher, Label, or any other type of Blood Sucking Bastard? Enter here!". This remotely filled me with a sense of ennui; most of the people I know who work in music promotions are in it to help musicians and are often the ones who end up being the musicians themselves. Granted, 'blood sucking bastards' exist, but I'm not one of them; if I was, I'd be a millionaire from this music journalism gig ;)

The band statement reads thus:

"We, the chosen ones, had become the distractive festivity for the underground sieges and writhing souls; wretched, constant, glowing...keeping the crowded halls of ancient longing satisfied. A side show of freaks and outcasts, condemned and tattered; resilient in shallow, artic waters that hold trapped spirits and perfectly horrid memories." - Ink Dot Boy

"That's a bit pretentious," was my first thought. It's difficult to take these utopian statements seriously when bands appear to have an inflated sense of self importance. Then I began to wonder if it was a bit tongue in cheek -- I hope it is -- and started to see the beauty in creating an ideal for your music as part of a grand scheme. Ink Dot Boy has the most professional website I believe I've ever seen; its music videos -- or 'dramatic visuals that accompany the music', as they are more suitably named -- are striking; its written statements are grandiose and obtuse, setting expectations for something more than the standard indie band. And thankfully, the music surpasses these giddying heights, meeting the hype head on. A risky game that has paid off.

Ink Dot Boy's debut album, The Beautiful Murder, creeps into your bedroom window in the early morning to steal your dreams. The album, rather than a collection of disjointed songs, is a thematic window into another realm; something I've missed hearing in many recent releases. Songs range from the ethereally atmospheric The Dream to the grinding, dramatic peaks of Circle. One particularly appealing aspect of the album is my difficulty in comparing it to the music of other bands. While influences can be detected, they are subtle and the band owns its sound.

The screams in Circle and the subsequent lulling vocals, combined with distorted beats, creates in my mind visuals of old vampire films where victims in white nightgowns would utter silent pleas for redemption in their padded prisons at night, when the succubus would steal a little of their souls. Their wild hair, tortured, moonstruck eyes...that's what this music reminds me of: a score written for the unravelling of someone's mind.

Once in Romania maintains a mesmerising trance through repetition of a bass line that continues throughout the song from beginning to end. The contrast between the chorus' demented guitars and melodic vocals is striking, as is the addition of a harpsichord scale. The synth sounds used throughout the album remind me of something you'd hear in the Notre Dame cathedral, which lends a rich undertone to the songs. A Nightmare, particularly, holds this emotive and antiquated air.

And here's to you, may you rest in pieces blends into Fluorescent Needles seamlessly, the latter a song that has the potential to be a real commercial success for the band, a crossover song with wide range appeal. The Beautiful Murder Part 2 is a dynamic track reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails, a compliment because the sense of influence is slight and not overwhelming.

Lyrically, the band shows a maturity and eloquence infrequently heard in modern music. The songs contain an old world romanticism and drama, with more than a hint of darkness that speaks to me. I get the impression Ink Dot Boy knows of Rimbaud, of haunted artists and writers screaming creatively to express their grief and frustration.

The Beautiful Murder is a gift awaiting the listener, 16 tracks unlike anything you've heard before. It is an album I will be listening to years from now, such has it left a deep impression upon me. Much more significant than a mere dot on the musical universe, to be certain.

Listen to Ink Dot Boy on MySpace.

Sounds like: Filter, Deftones, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Babylon Zoo, Korn

- My Aural Fixation

"Ink Dot Boy: A Terrible Beauty"

Visually stimulating, with lyrics that bore into the depths of your soul, Ink Dot Boy’s industrial and oft times gothic-sorrowful melodies strikes a cord with anyone who has felt lost and alone while picking through the hazards of everyday life. It isn’t often that artists push the boundaries of the visual to create an image so stunning and shocking, that it evokes the feeling of the elusive “terrible-beauty”.

How did you come up with the name ink dot boy? (laughs)... give us a good story.

Ink Dot Boy: The meaning of the name, like a lot of mysteriousness, will be revealed as my story unfolds...chapter by chapter. But, I'll tell you a secret to wet your has something to do with this: Rorschach Inkblot Test.

We will research it! (laughs) So why all the mystery and secrets...

IDB: From day one, I think that the project was built on mystery. In fact, the only thing that I knew for sure was that I was sick of the music industry and how things worked. So, we just decided to say "fuck it", and create something pure and entirely on our own.

So you had projects before this one... what kind of projects were they?

IDB: Well, I wouldn't say projects, just a means to a beginning. It's been a journey for me up to this point.

So within your journey, what has inspired or galled you that got you to this point? One thing you mention is that the music industry made you "sick".

IDB: The journey up to this point has consisted of a sub-conscious meaning behind my actions; in other words - Why, if I have one life to live, would I spend it this way... Ink Dot Boy is about creating a home for the un-wanted children of every generation...especially our own, and the younger ones. I was abandoned...and I want every outcast in the world to know, that no matter what color, sexual orientation, or beliefs that they may have...they will always have a place here with me in my haunted and twisted musical world. So I guess you could say that the inspiration for telling my story is the fans.

Haunted and Twisted Musical World! How wonderful! (smiles) so how would YOU describe what your music sounds like then? Is it metal or, Goth or....?

IDB: People and energy that have the power and means to change things. Sounds like... hmmm, I would say Industrial rock with a glam approach. It's like future meets the a postmodern nightmare.

Postmodern nightmare? Like Blade Runner? Or Mad Max?

IDB: Someone described our music as being like "Alice in Wonderland on Heroin" I thought that was pretty cool.

I agree when I saw the video I felt a little tripped out hahaha!

IDB: I'd say like an 18th century fairy tale meets 2030. (laughs) If that makes sense. But the music is very are the visuals.

So why did you go for integrating a visual style into your industrial music, I mean you could have just gotten into the industrial scene easier that way... I mean without the visuals.

IDB: We decided from an early stage that we did not want to just PLAY the music...we wanted to PERFORM it. My ideas were really theatrical, and so...when you see Ink Dot Boy live, you'll be blown away and you shall never be the same. The visual style that we have composed is unlike anything anyone has ever done... It's really just a reflection of self inflicted expression.

Self inflicted expression?

IDB: I can't imagine this project without the visuals...they're like 50% of it. Self inflicted expression: Meaning as a result of my own demise. (laughs)

So going back to your visual style... your video also has some really crazy things going on: like you talking to, laughing, and kind of fighting with yourself. It was a little trippy. So tell us what made you do that?

IDB: Glad it had that effect on you. It all has to do with the story. My story, my tragedy

All of your songs are chapters in your book, yes?

IDB: I simply decided that I wanted to tell my story. The other passion in my life besides music is writing... I thought one night, wow, I really can tell a tale through these chords, but the beauty of telling it through prose, now's that's something different.

So does integrating the two, writing and creating music pose a challenge sometimes?

IDB:No, not at's perfect for me. It's a natural instinct for me.

I mean sometimes you may want to write a really, really long chapter; how to you scale it back to a 10 minute song?

IDB: Most people don't know this...but as you listen to the music off of the CD, you should read the chapters. It's really quite beautiful and dark. I will definitely make sense on a sub-conscious level of understanding and purity. Well, the scaling back doesn't really happen so often, because I'm saying what I need to say for the duration of that song...that chapter. It's not difficult for me. I love it!

Would you say it's like a dark and bright mirror of your self? That even though it's kind of dark, the purity of it makes it bright?

IDB: Great observation...that's I’m going to say… (laugh)

Ok maybe I am reaching here. (laughs too)

IDB: Not at all...I think your on track just fine .Like I said though...this whole project is based on mystery, and we will find out what happens in the years and albums to come. - The Mad Hatter: Carmilla Kupritz

"Ink Dot Boy: The Beautiful Murder (MUEN Magazine)"

Ink Dot Boys L.P. “The Beautiful Murder” plays out as if written in the form of a ‘new age’ Goth code bordering into Emoland. Ink Dot Boy takes the listeners into the mind of a madman through a whirlpool of dark and macabre sounds on the latest CD entitled “The Beautiful Murder”. “The Beautiful Murder” is free for download in its entirety from the official website:
Very chilling yet comforting at times. This is definitely an L.P. that will garnish your full out attention or wane your inhibitions to further lands.
Ink Dot Boy considers his music to be a part of a larger, grandiose, visually enhanced live experience. You can catch Ink Dot Boy live on one of his many (to be named) up and coming world tour dates, in full masquerade along with his “Lets start a revolution” attitude. He will be touring in support of his long awaited follow up “The Red Symphony”. One can only wonder how far into this dark and twisted sound, this mystery man can take his audience with a full out assault of the senses.
Introducing a mixture of classical and pop prose to the element of story telling. Ink Dot Boy delivers high end satisfaction in a dark, romantic, thriller way. Many of the lyrics on “The Beautiful Murder”, conjure up a magic potion that lead from chapter to chapter, from song to song. While a song such as “Circle” is suitable for a epic big screen thriller. Many of the other arrangements written by Ink Dot Boy will relax the listener into a heroin trance before musically arousing into a horrid shock of dismay. The overall feeling that “The Beautiful Murder” created within me was an all out insane reclusive fright.
Songs of interests to me that can be heard on the Ink Dot Boy Myspace at: , include “In Wonderland“ and the sinister withdraw sounds of “Once In Romania“.
The world wide web is obviously a playground for Ink Dot Boy and the endless amount of information and free music that he offers with a simple click into his parallel universe,, will entertain the most deranged of minds. This dark industrial rock pioneer appears to have the fortitude to take his ever gaining fan support into a realm of revolutionary musical insanity not yet attempted on a level this commercially extreme. - MUEN Magazine - Quentin Quirk


2008 - The Beautiful Murder
2009 - The Red Symphony



Ink Dot Boy is a groundbreaking artist that is pushing new boundaries and opening up new doors with his self-proclaimed combination of music and prose.

Having never been done before, the innovative composer has managed to mesh the two infinitive art forms into one, leaving his demonic audiences captivated by the sorrowful tragedy that he informs us of to be his past.

Nothing is in fact known of his past, though we do put bits and pieces together like a cryptic puzzle from the chapters that he reveals to us in his blog, memoirs, and other various web-based dwellings.

“It is not what is revealed to you, but what is chosen to be revealed.” – Ink Dot Boy

Perhaps someday, in the pale lights of the falling stars, we will hear his cries and learn to understand the true meaning of his tale. As the darkness awaits we in turn, await his fate.