Ink Dot Boy

Ink Dot Boy


"Soft, insidious, dark, a barely-restrained genius. These adjectives come to mind when contemplating the wide breadth of musical ingenuity that Ink Dot Boy employs in the new album, titled "A Beautiful Murder." -Shericka Martinez (The Arbiter)


Ink Dot Boy is the post-modern tale of an aristocratic madman who posseses great inner conflicts and gifts. This tale involves kidnapping, an evil circus, and murder. This is all just the beginning...


The Beautiful Murder - Released Jan. 1st 2008

1. The Arrival
2. Circle
3. In Wonderland
4. Part of A Memory His
5. The Fail
6. A Nightmare
7. The Tragedy of Mr. Thadeus Triangle
8. The Beautiful Murder
9. Seven Lights to the Sea

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