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"Vampire Freaks - Exclusive Interview"

tell me about the name "ink dot boy", is this in reference to "rorschach" tests?

Actually, Ink Dot Boy was a name that i came up with one night while I was really doesn't mean much...only that it reminds me that I don't want my life to end up like an ink dot in the history of society. No one should.

you seem to adamantly against large corporations and record labels, can you elaborate on your experiences and thoughts about the current state of the music industry?

It's not about hate. It's about practicality and common sense. Musicians tend to think that you need a record label. You don' least...not until the right time. As an need to create energy among people. Isn't this what it's really about anyway? Do you think that Vincent Van Gogh cared about fame? If he certainly did not reflect in his work. The great thing is...with sites like Vampire Freaks, an artist can show the world his or her music without dealing with people that are really just out to make money, and don't really care about the artist in the first place. State of the music industry? Well, I think we all know that almost every fucking thing on the radio these days sounds the same...Only a few break that mold.

you have a 34 date US tour coming up this April, can you give us some more details about the tour such as other bands performing, etc?

The tour is going to commence in April. We play parties, colleges, venues...anything where people are...and are gathering to change things, and make the world a better place through music. We're actually at this point heading out on our own...and doing everything ourselves. That includes booking, everything. But, having said that...we are always open to the idea of hooking up with a band with the same intense vision for change as us.

I saw you have a "house party contest", where Ink Dot Boy will perform a private show at someone's house for each city on the tour. This is a pretty cool idea, how will the winners be chosen?

Yeah, we are really fucking excited about this. House party contest is awesome. There's nothing better than playing in a fans' living room. That's where it all begins. The winners will be chosen in March by simple means...raffle.

what is your musical background, such as formal music training, experiences, etc?

I have never had any formal musical training, and I taught myself how to play instruments. As far as a musical background goes...this is the beginning. There is nothing before this.

You're currently offering youre album as a free download, but it is also available for sale on itunes, do you think that offering your music for free is hurting your sales?

I simply don't care about sales. I only care about providing music for my fans. My greatest joy is that people will use my music as inspiration for their dreams. I want everyone to know that it's your choice.

will you also be releasing a physical album or is it digital only?

yes. physical albums are on the way. as a matter of fact, that's how were supporting our tour...selling the autographed albums along the way!

You describe ink dot boy as leading a revolution, what do you hope to achieve with ink dot boy?

a musical revolution for now. there is alot I hope to achieve with time. Nine Inch Nails started out much different from the "resistance" that they are today. The fans are the ones that make the metamorphosis possible for people like us.

what do you do for a living or when you're not working on ink dot boy?

i was enslaved in a circus...horrible story...ask mr. thadeus triangle...oh wait, he might be dead.

tell us about your past / history / childhood?

unfortunately, the accident prevents me from remembering much.

thanks for your time! anything else you'd like to say to our readers?


"The Arbiter"

Soft, insidious, dark, a barely-restrained genius. These adjectives come to mind when contemplating the wide breadth of musical ingenuity that Ink Dot Boy employs in the new album, titled "A Beautiful Murder."

The murder isn't nearly as beautiful as the fact that this entire compilation comes from a local Boise musician who not only wrote all the music, but performed, produced and recorded it on his own. Yes, a one-man show is leading what he calls, "the revolution."

Andrew Kurtz used a mixture of electric guitars, piano, drums, bass and MIDI electronics to record the new album, compiling a masterpiece of darkly-haunting music impressing even the most resilient music snob.

"It's a journey into the deepest human desires and why we should indulge in them," Kurtz said.

Taking inspiration from such bands as Nine Inch Nails, Tool and Radiohead, "The Beautiful Murder" loosely falls into the category of alternative industrial.

Ink Dot Boy, however, is not like anything heard before. It takes music to an entirely new level.

"I want the concept to develop into permanence. If I had to describe my music, I would say it is the sound of a revolution," Kurtz said.

Ink Dot Boy embodies this in his depiction of a modern day, slightly-twisted George Washington who beguiles the unsuspecting music critic to fall into the spell of Ink Dot Boy at

Free downloads will create the loyal listening army that our newfound, somewhat demonic founding father requires to jumpstart his revolution.

"I want to change the world," Kurtz said.

And the revolution is here.

From the soft, sibilant sounds of "The Arrival," to the roughly demanding (even longing) tone of "Circle," to the other-worldy desires laced in "In Wonderland," to the quietly haunting poetry of "Part of a Memory His," this album brings to mind the elation felt from and appreciation of great works of art.

In "The Fail," Ink Dot Boy incorporates a psychedelically profound arrangement of sound that is quickly flipped about in the following song, "The Nightmare."

The haunting melody of "The Nightmare" touches the emotions of the listener and inspires a sense of awe for the diversity of the artist.

"The Tragedy of Mr. Thadeus Triangle" is more aggressive, using drums to communicate urgency and an electric guitar to imbue the listener with reckless disdain for commonality.

The song the album is titled for, "A Beautiful Murder," indulges in the baser instincts of humanity and incorporates a hypnotic allure that the listener cannot help but fall into.

"Seven Lights to the Sea" closes everything up with a supremely melodic mix of string instruments and static.

Yes, static.

Ink Dot Boy definitely leaves a different taste in the mouth than other genres of music.

Hard, edgy and innovative with a flair of artistic genius, this album leaves a definite possibility for a revolution. - The Arbiter - Sherika Martinez

"French-Metal Webzine"

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Ink Dot Boy ! Ce nom vous ne vous dit rien ? Et pour cause ... c'est un groupe encore inconnu en France
mais l'idée de signer avec une maison de disques ou un label français intéresse le chanteur. J'ai eu la
chance de les découvrir par hasard sur MySpace et, depuis la première écoute, je suis complétement accro !
C'est avec un immense plaisir que j'ai demandé au chanteur de me dévoiler quelques petits détails sur son
groupe hors du commun et je vous fais partager cette petite merveille originaire des Etat-unis ! Vous
trouverez des supports visuels et de l'écoute en allant sur son site ( et sur son
myspace ( Merci à mon Boss (qui a subi mon harcèlement! ) de m'avoir
accordé le droit de faire cette interview, j'y tenais vraiment !
Tu ne dévoiles presque rien au sujet de ton groupe sur MySpace et sur ton site, parle moi des membres et
de l'histoire du groupe.
Ink Dot Boy (chant) : Depuis le premier jour, je pense que le projet a été construit sur le mystère. En fait, la seule
chose que nous savions était à coup sûr que nous étions tous dingue de musique mais que l'industrie de la musique
nous manipulait. Donc nous avons juste décidé de dire "fuck it" et crée quelque chose qui nous était entièrement
propre. Le groupe est consistué de deux membres : moi-même et mon batteur, Oddtyme. Ceux sont nos noms réels
nous ne créons pas de personnage à travers le groupe, nous sommes nous-mêmes.
Comment se passe l'évolution du groupe à Los Angeles ? (concerts, enregistrement, clip ?)
Je vivais à Los Angeles, en Californie en 2008. Je suis venu là pour une raison spécifique : trouver un batteur.
Oddtyme était la premier à répondre à une annonce que j'avais lancée sur “Craigslist”. Parfois, c'est lui qui remet les
choses au point, qui m'aide à voir comment vous vous voyez les choses. Nous avons décidé que notre première
scène ne se ferai pas à Los Angeles. La décision pour cela est simple : nous n'avons pas voulu “vendre” notre façon
d'être ou nous perdre dans les conneries des groupes de Los Angeles et de ce lieu. L'essence de mon histoire est
l'écrit et l'exécution (la mettre en scène). Nous n'avons pas juste voulu jouer la musique…nous avons voulu
l'exécuter. Mes idées sont vraiment théâtrales et bien…quand vous verrez INK DOT BOY en direct, vous serez
démolis et vous ne serez plus jamais les mêmes.
D'où te vient l'idée de ces chapitres que tu écris pour chaque titre de l'album ?
J'ai simplement décidé de raconter mon histoire. L'histoire est une autre passion dans ma vie en plus de la musique
et de l'écriture. J'ai pensé une nuit... wow... je peux vraiment dire que c'était un conte en musique… mais de nos
jours, la beauté de récit par la prose, c'est quelque chose de différent. La plupart des personnes ne connaissent pas
ça… mais quand vous écoutez notre musique, vous devriez lire les chapitres. C'est vraiment tout à fait beau et
sombre. Cela signifie sûrement quelque chose au niveau subconscient en terme de beauté et de pureté.
Le nom du groupe a-t-il une signification précise ?
Oui... La signification sera révélée au fur et à mesure que l'histoire se déroulera dans les années à venir…mais je
ne vous donnerai qu'un indice afin d'aiguiser votre appétit…la signification a un rapport avec cela : Rorschach inkblot
Tu mélangew les genres avec tes photos et ton style différent sur les vidéos, ce qui donne des ambiances
très décalées, quelles sont tes influences pour arriver à ce résultat mystérieux ?
J'ai une arme et elle a un nom : “OrangeRa” (voir MySpace) et elle est le talent derrière les images hantées. Qu'est
ce qui m'influence pour ces vidéos et images ? Facile. Ca vient de l'histoire… mon histoire… ma tragédie. Comme
tout dans ma musique, les vidéos et les images jouent une partie directe dans le mystère et en fin de compte, le
grand dévoilement !
12/13/08 7:18 PM
((( FRENCH METAL ))) Webzine & Annuaire Métal Français
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"Beautiful Murder" est-il ton premier album ?
Oui. “Beautiful Murder” est mon premier album et les seize premiers chapitres de mon histoire. On promet plusieurs
beaucoup plus de chapitres pour la suite. Actuellement je suis en studio, on enregistre le prochain album…qui
s'appellera “The Red Symphony”. Fermez vos portes la nuit pour cette histoire... car celle là… elle devient plus
Tu as mis cet album en téléchargement libre sur Internet (, est-ce ta stratégie pour te faire connaître
auprès du public et des professionnels ?
J'ai envie de faire connaitre cela à chacun. INK DOT BOY est une création de maison pour les enfants indésirables
de chaque génération… spécialement nous-mêmes et la jeune génération. J'ai été abondonné… et je veux que
chaque rejeté (sans disctinction de couleur, orientation sexuelle ou de croyance) sache qu'il y aura toujours un - Choas


The Beautiful Murder EP - December 2007
The Beautiful Murder LP - May 2008



Ink Dot Boy is a groundbreaking artist that is pushing new boundaries and opening up new doors with his self-proclaimed combination of music and prose. Having never been done before, the innovative composer has managed to mesh the two infinitive art forms into one, leaving his demonic audiences captivated by the sorrowful tragedy that he informs us of to be his past.

Nothing is in fact known of his past, though we do put bits and pieces together like a cryptic puzzle from the chapters that he reveals to us in his blog, memoirs, and other various web-based dwellings.

“It is not what is revealed to you, but what is chosen to be revealed.” – Ink Dot Boy

Perhaps someday, in the pale lights of the falling stars, we will hear his cries and learn to understand the true meaning of his tale.

As the darkness awaits, we in turn, await his fate.