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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Avant-garde


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Vestibule is highly recommended for fans of the fragility of Seven Swans, and Stereogum also recommends it for fans of Beirut or Andrew Bird. Perfect for your wintry listening pleasure. - Gorilla vs Bear

Needs to simply go in the books as superb craftsmanship ... For those looking for a more experimental approach to modern pop construction, this is a brilliant place to land, while others can simply bask in the warmth created by Sebastian Krueger and friends - Austin Town Hall

I want to smooch all over this free Inlets track ...
The piano punches of the opening track "[]" are like huge french doors swinging open to reveal a bright light of simple, gorgeous sounds. Track-by-track, the colored choruses, gristly chords and echoing, breathy falsetto refrains have all been responsible for my recent love affair for Inlets. - New York Post

This is something good, this is a sign that someone has been paying attention ... How would I describe it? Good. Very good, in a strange way. It seems I can hear so many of my favourite musicians in here, but that doesn't leave it without its own identity.

Sebastian Krueger (of Inlets) has a way of recording and setting up a song so that everything sounds like morning light hazing in through the thick curtains of your bedroom, and sometimes it's just perfect.
- The Torture Garden

Inlets makes chamber music, with much adornments, but off-balanced, a delicate web of trombone, guitars & banjo, clarinet and bells and many other things. Music recorded between a pillow and a window, a music almost without format but decidedly without certainties. Its ebb & flow only obeying to lunar and unpredictable emotions. Music that's constantly escaping, that does not give any answers but the perfect match for those moments of incomprehension, of questioning. - La Blogotheque

I don’t want to get your hopes up by saying that this sounds like Radiohead’s Hail to the Thief-era minor chord stuff mixed with a little bit of Grizzly Bear production… but it kinda does. - You Ain't No Picasso

If you’re not a fan of Inlets yet, dare I call you an idiot? Inter Arbiter, the latest LP from Sebastian Krueger, is full of layered folk with dark orchestration and haunting vocals. - I Guess I'm Floating

Demonstrates a unique type of beauty that needs to be absorbed ...The vocal harmonies are vastly layered, and even come across as almost psalmic as if sung by a church choir. They might, just might, even give you chills... - I Guess I'm Floating

The ability to compact so much into so little a space is impressive, but being able to interweave the seemingly crude and isolated parts into one coherent narrative of a song is genius - Beyond Race Magazine

As Inlets, multi-instrumentalist Sebastian Krueger blends the simple warmth of his banjo with the lush scope of orchestral pop. His self-recorded debut LP, Inter Arbiter, comprises layered songs that benefit from repeat listens - Flavorpill

This record will be one of the soundtracks of hipster love this summer - Deli Magazine

It has to be some sort of cathartic delight to have minor-key pop that plays like getting punched in the face repeatedly, because this record is a stroke of glowing brilliance - Baeble Music

If you love the beautiful and sad, such as November rocks huddled like abandoned eggs on the beach, then the music of Inlets may satisfy your craving. Another in a growing line of talented bedroom auteurs. - Sixeyes

Y'all know we heart My Brightest Diamond, so we were naturally drawn to the story of Inlets. Just as Shara has managed to transcend her position in Soof's backing band and make a name for herself as Miss Diamond, Sebastian Krueger is perfectly poised to do the same -- only its Shara's band from which he's coming. All in the family.

Sebastian is, of course, a singer/multi-instrumentalist (bass clarinets, guitars, piano, melodica, banjo, bass), performing most of the music on his gentle, engaging EP Vestibule by his lonesome, although joined by friends on trombone, viola, and drums as the need arises. And the music is right up your alley if you're a fan of Soof, Beirut, or Andrew Bird. Think the weariness of a bedroom troubadour, a folkie with mild classical tendencies and a voice of the same timbre as Zach Condon -- but without the rolling vibrato. It's really great stuff, and though it goes beyond any single song, we're proud to premiere this track from Inlets' forthcoming EP:


Post-castration Abelard has access to a tape deck and an arsenal of strings and woodwinds and Heloise's musical preferences include but are not limited to indie folk, Steve Reich, and choral music. - Said The Gramaphone


Vestibule EP - Nov 2006
Released for free @

Singles- Pictures of Trees, Roots on Sidewalks, Your Good Arm,3324

Forthcoming LP on 2Syllable Records- April 2010



Bedroom-fidelity recordings are rarely about stressing the details, but Sebastian Krueger's Inlets is an exception. A worrier, childhood choir member, and unfocused student of many instruments -clarinet, piano, guitar, banjo, the list goes on- Krueger marries the darker ornaments of baroque pop with the intimacy of the best lo-fi artists. Working out of a small Brooklyn apartment, he nervously incubates songs over the course of months, creating short and polished suites. He is a panicked perfectionist working in an imperfect environment.

Thanksgiving of 2006 brought the free online release of Inlets' first offering, The Vestibule EP, an eight-song collection that won praise from a laundry list of influential music blogs like Stereogum, Gorilla vs Bear, Said The Gramophone, and Le Blogotheque. Framed by eclectic layers of clustered woodwinds, brass, and percussive guitars, the record captured a personal and raw enterprise. The self-released Vestibule EP has since been downloaded over 40,000 times.

Rather than lose himself in the attention, Krueger dug in and began the slow process of writing an ambitious collection of new songs. Now, with a new album nearing set for release in April '10, the material picks up where Vestibule left off, but the scope is wider and the hues are sharper, exploring themes as diverse as atheism to municipal light pollution. Krueger has honed his ability to create drama with a short burst of strings and discord out of jangly cheap guitars.

Throughout the process of recording the new album, Krueger has remained a busy collaborator, assisting My Brightest Diamond with woodwinds, playing banjo with Feist on Saturday Night Live, and contributing to records by DM Stith and Marla Hansen. He has also been privileged to rely on help from Beirut (with whom Inlets has performed twice), Department of Eagles, Sufjan Stevens, and Angel Deradoorian of Dirty Projectors.