In Like Lions

In Like Lions


The sound is rich and soulful with bluesy undertones. Infectious beats carry addicting rhymes through a melodic ride that rocks and rolls.


In Like Lions came to fruition in 2006 when founding members Troy Ramey (vocals) James Bridges (Rhythm Guitar) and Dave Kauffman (Bass Guitar, Keyboard) discovered their collective resolve to rock n' roll while working together in a Boston restaurant. Joined in 2008 by Dave Bates (drummer) they have formed a band that, in a short period of time, has become a fixture of Boston's live music scene.

ILL gained momentum early on with a residency at Good Life before going on to play venues such as Cask n' Flagon and Copperfield's, eventually headlining shows at the iconic Harper's Ferry and Middle East. Their loyal fan base quickly grew with each gig and the energy was contagious. Having covered so much ground on the local scene, the group has begun to take their sound and their story out of Boston's borders, recently playing a show at Sullivan Hall in New York City.

ILL has subtly diversified over time, culminating in a sound that has the feel-good flavor of funk married with the soul of bluesy rock 'n roll. Theirs are songs you can dance to, yet never lack in sentiment. From Deloris, a tune that was inspired by a plaque on a bench dedicated to its namesake, to One Fast Move which expresses the power of acting based on heart as opposed to being lead by fear, Bridges blends his inspired lyrics and the songs' main riffs with instrumental contributions from the rest of the band.

Second only to their skilled songwriting is their vocal and instrumental strength. Ramey, an energetic front man and incredible raw vocal talent, has equally talented musicians behind him. Bates is a masterfully skilled drummer, lending to the sound his impressive power and precision. Bridges' rhythms on the guitar may distinguish him as the true "soul" of the band, while multi-talented bass player (who sometimes moonlights as a kick-ass keyboardist) Kauffman provides the steady, smooth undertones.

Following the successful release of their debut EP in March, ILL is following up with their second EP to be released in Spring, 2010.

-by Meghan Brady


3 song EP:
Lost and Found
The Good, Bad, and The Lovely

At Night:
At Night
Don't Stay Home

Set List

Tie Me to the Post
Hot Water
Takes Me Home
Laugh Track
Love Can Be Wrong
Just Friends
Lost & Found
The Good, Bad and The Lovely
Must Be the Weekend
Stones n' Pearls
One Fast Move