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In Like Lions

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative




"Winter Preview"

IN LIKE LIONS | Middle East upstairs | February 24 | Fort Point Recordings' eclectic roster has its many bases covered, from the bluesy garage rock of Viva Viva to the underground hip-hop styling of Mister Jason to the skygazing soar of Endless Wave.

But busy at the label's bar ordering drinks for the ladies while everyone else is distracted is In Like Lions, a radio-destined pop-rock band whose new Through Red and Blue — recorded over 84 hours back in February — is a romantic homage to the long-lost heyday of the FM dial.

With MY PET DRAGON + SOFT PYRAMIDS | 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge | 18+ | $10 | 617.864.3278 or - Boston Phoenix

"In Like A Goddamn Lion"

You’re familiar with the saying “March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb?” Well, soulful Boston rockers In Like Lions aren’t much for deception, seeing as they don’t come in like their namesake and out like a nice medium-rare chop so much as they come in like a goddamn lion and out like a goddamn lion that just played a gazelle-killer of a set at Church. ‘Course, it’s a cool lion. Wears shades, likes Tom Waits, plays guitar but isn’t that lion-guy who brings one to parties. Will bite you, though. Is totally that lion-guy -

"Just Off Mainstream Local Spotlight: In Like Lions"

They might not be related, but In Like Lions is the next Kings of Leon. The Boston-based rock quartet's strength is its musicality, but then you throw in thoughtful song-writing and a lead singer with a killer voice and you have all the makings of a ridiculously good rock band. And that's what In Like Lions is, a ridiculously good rock band. And what's even more astonishing is that these guys have only been at it for three years, but they're so polished you'd assume they've been playing together since they were kids. Back in 2010, In Like Lions released the 5-song At Night-EP, which was received with open arms by fans and critics alike. So they followed that up with the 7-song record Through Red and Blue, released this past Valentine's Day, which I think most women would have preferred to receive over chocolate and flowers.

Troy Ramey (vocals) has one of the best set of pipes I've heard from an emerging rock band. His tone is perfect for modern rock music, and the best part is, you can't even tell if he's trying, it sounds effortless. All of the other pieces come together around Troy's lead vocals, Dave Kauffman stands out on bass and Dave Bates anchors the band with his flawless percussion. James Bridges (guitar) strongly carries the melody throughout each track; In Like Lions' music defines infectious rock. I said it here, In Like Lions is going to blow up, and I can't wait to watch these guys take over the modern rock scene. -

"Through Red & Blue"

“In Like Lions latest album, Through Red & Blue, harnesses...qualities to forge a truly impressive collection of pop songs. The record, ... is a unique combination of Top 40 pop sound, soul, and R&B, with a splash of rock n’ roll added for good measure. "Honey" is the stand-out track on Through Red & Blue, complete with up-tempo guitar riffs and a hook so catchy you’ll be singing the words long after the song is over. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Through Red & Blue. In Like Lions have found the formula for making great pop songs and seem poised to make a huge impact on the Boston (and New England) music scene with this latest release. ”-Daniel McMahon (The Deli Magazine)

"Welcome to the church of love and rock. (Dig Boston)"

"If you're looking for the perfect seducing music for any special occasion coming up (forgotten birthdays, anniversaries, or god forbid Valentine's Day) the new In Like Lions album may be your ticket to redemption.
A mixture of Kings of Leon, the Black Keys, Brian McKnight at his suavest and a non-vomit inducing Dave Matthews, the album cover might as well say, "Welcome to the church of love and rock." Upon opening it, you are showered with rose petals. Forget the jewelry, nix the box of chocolates and make sure your singing voice is not too terrible to woo your heart out. Or better yet, hers.
The album is epic all the way through, from soulful ballads that finish off with moving string pieces like in "Shallow Cars" to more sassy garage-tinged tunes like "Lies" and "Honey." It's fun, sweet without being saccharine and you're going to want to put it on repeat."-Ariana Hakim (Dig Boston) - The Weekly Dig

"New Music for Boston's Winter of Discontent"

"... a radio-destined pop-rock band whose new Through Red and Blue — recorded over 84 hours back in February — is a romantic homage to the long-lost heyday of the FM dial."- Micheal Marotta (Music Editor of Boston Phoenix)


"The Other Half"

"In Like Lions performed well. Their front man, humbly dressed in a sweater, blue jeans, and Black Keys t-shirt with a layer of scruff over his brightly lit face looked like an Aaron doll and had a decent voice. Overall...they played with energy and creativity." -

" Review"

"Dave Matthews crashes into Kings of Leon sprinkled with a little Amos Lee on top. Pop this album onto your playlist at your next dinner party or soiree. Heart-string tugging and smile-inducing lyrics are guaranteed to bring back rushing memories of good times with good people if given a listen years from now." - Tanya, -


In Like Lions has an edge that is well adapted to the smooth, ballad-like vocals of Troy Ramey. The first track, "At Night", hints on Kings of Leon and a ' 97 Collective Soul. Electric guitars create a raw, but surprisingly familiar feel. What interested me were the obvious signs of change and progress. Each song is quite different, well-defining the spectrum, which, in and of itself, could be steadily growing. The live piano sound meshes well with the synth strings, bass, guitars and a very spunky drum kit. I say "spunky" for many reasons. Primarily, I forgot that word exists, but more importantly, the hits just chug along, keeping you moving, so what better word is there? "Don't Stay Home" is very much a feel-good song. The punchy bass guitar fills and tribal, "Graceland" sounding drums make me wish I were anywhere but home right now, i suppose appropriately so. "20's and Dreams" blurs all its own lines and boundaries, as the whole song swims in a figure-8 whirlpool of electric jello. It's all quite comforting. - Kyle Patrick -

"In Like Lions"

“In Like Lions are a radio-ready alt-rock quartet reflecting Crow(e)s both Black and Counting…” -Michael Marotta, Boston Pheonix - Boston Phoenix

"Eclectic label lives the Good Life in Cambridge"

...In like Lions are a radio-ready alt-rock quartet reflecting Crow(e)s both Black and Counting. - Boston Pheonix

"Fri. 6/18"

Ah, if we've heard it once, we've heard it a thousand times (to be fair, we do drink a lot in Brighton): A couple of guys express a shared interest in putting together an alt-blues rock band, get together to practice and then, an eighth and some Mario Kart later, they're just another group of never-beens. But every once in a camo can, a group like In Like Lions comes along. Not only have they stuck with it, but they're celebrating their second CD release with a show at Church. Way to rub it in, guys. - Weekly Dig


At Night - EP 2010

Halfway Home Limited Edition Promo

Through Red & Blue - LP 2012



Boston band In Like Lions, Most recently nominated for The Deli magazines’ New England artist of the Month, has moved crowds in Boston all the way to the South By Southwest festival in Austin TX and many places in between. Their live performance is powerful and polished leading to comparisons to The Kings of Leon, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, even Otis Redding. Lead singer Troy Ramey’s soulful vocals give In Like Lions genre of rock a unique and recognizable distinction."Ramey’s vocals are the driving force behind the record, adding a dynamic and powerful element to each track.” -Daniel McMahon(The Deli Magazine)

What sets them apart from other bands is that they don't chain themselves down trying to create music under a certain genre. As they evolve as musicians, so does the music. The evolution of In Like Lions can really be heard at each electrifying live performance.

In Like Lions released their second album, Through Red & Blue, on February 14, 2012. A conceptual travel along the arc of love, Through Red & Blue was recorded in a century-old Masonic temple, 1867 Recording Studios in Chelsea MA, by LA producer Jim Dineen (Saint Motel, Adam Jones, Whiskey Saints) and engineer/owner Chris McLaughlin (Mean Creek, The New Pornographers, You can Be a Wesley, Township.)
Through Red & Blue was released on Boston indie label Fort Point Recordings and is available at Newbury Comics, iTunes and every other major distribution site. In Like Lions just returned from a successful 10 show 2 week tour with 6 showcases during SXSW and will continue touring this summer in support of Through Red & Blue.

In Like Lions has also gained the attention of best-selling author Jessica Park. Their music has been chosen for exclusive use on the enhanced-edition app of Park’s highly acclaimed book, “Flat-Out Love,” which will be available on iPhone and iPad very soon.

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