Inman Hendricks

Inman Hendricks


I have been performing for 5 years now and I love it. I love to interact with people and play songs that people will enjoy. I write songs to make people think. I love energetic talented musicians. We do many styles, anything with intelligent lyrics and upbeat rhythms. I strive to please the crowd.


I have been performing in North Myrtle Beach for around 5 years. I have original music that sounds like Americana, but lately i have been playing alot of Reggae music. The musicians i like to perform with are well rounded players, energetic, proffesional, and enjoy people and performing music. I have played with some different line-ups, but most of the guys are still around and love to gig with me. I also do a 1 man acoustic to make ends meet , but mostly enjoy the performing music with others. The Reggae seen is alot of fun, and the spiritual and uplifting lyrics really get me going. I enjoy to perform and strive to become a better player , as well as songwriter for the rest of my life. This is a life long journey and i am so Blessed to have found music.


28th and Hillside 2003
illside 2006
No More Flags 2010

Set List

3 one hour sets. 2 20 minute breaks. And one encore Set.