ENERGETIC, original, upbeat, optomistic, christian, addictive, and modivational


In Memory Of (Mandeville ,La), born in Febuary 2006, is an energetic group of 5 that is the youngest musicians/modivators around. playing with such acts as The Flood Memoirs, As Cities Burn, David Mellilo, and The Planning Fallacy, we have made a name for ourselves that the people of LA are not soon ot forget. Traveling all over the state at the ages of 16 has won us the respect of many. Striving for perfection with the out come of excellence has been our line of modivation of the months. Our diverse influences from Eric Clapton to All That Remains has made our music a speacial and unique tone for our fans. We are growing like a forest fire, but we do not intend to be put out any time soon.



1) Changing Period
2) Bobble Head
3) Means of Man

we have never had any airplay yet, but we intend to chage that soon.

Set List

Our typical set list usually contains form 6-8 songs.
1) Rebellion (3:25)
2) Unborn (4:17)
3)Means of Man (4:30)
4) Changing Period (3:00)
5) Regretful Mistakes (4:18)
6) Bobble Head (4:01)
7) Shadows (4:47)
8) Without (3:28)

All of our music is original, our average set is around 25 - 30 min playing time, we try in put in about 6 songs for a 25-30 min set.