In My Words

In My Words


In My Words is four driving minds creating chaos on stage and giving you a show like never before while still delivering great musicianship and a sound everyone can enjoy.


In My Words formed in 2007. Taking different influences such as melodic metal metal, punk, and pop rock, they combined them into styles of their own. This band is all about promoting, getting the fans out to shows and bringing new fans in. We love to meet others and bands with the same drive in life. This band is not just a project or garage band to us. It is a determination that runs threw three driving minds and thought of as a business and love to be taken serious.


July of 2007 we finished a promotional demo.
We are looking to record a full length CD in Jan. 2008. We are also looking to book a 1 week tour up the East coast Late Jan. 2008.

Set List

Die Like You Mean It
James st.
Hell is for liars
cherry lime aid
You don't know me(I'm bobby's boyfriend)
Perfect in Every Way
Life Is Transit

We usually run a 30 to 45 min. set with all originals.