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The artístas Brazilian Bruno Dourado , Izabella Rocha and Kiko Peres has a long road of music . In 1996 they founded the band Natiruts , in 10 years gravrados five albums with the first CD Nativus achieved significant bandage 500 thousand copies . Then came the Cd Brazilian Ethnicity, Verbalize , Four and Our Mission . Natiruts as the trio traveled the world always taking the banner of Brazilian sound with our multicultural influences .
In 2006 the trio left the band and founded Natiruts Innatura , where wandering around all Brazilian rhythms like reggae but with the reference. With Innatura the trio recorded their first DVD / CD " An artist basileiro " recorded at the National Theatre in Brasilia , directed by Jose Eduardo Belmont . In 2010 Innatura Records CD " Bossa Ragga " which mixes reggae with the softness of Bossa Nova. The Innatura just released the CD Innatura3 , with the participation of various artists such as rapper MV Bill , the singer Dora Vergueiro and singer Fabio Allman ( monoblock ) .
The CD also has a partnership Innatura3 Brazil / France with the participation of Rapper Pacômelézotrés directly from Gabon
To finalize the Innatura just released the clip of the song " City afloat ."


2007 - Um artísta brasileiro
2010 - Bossa Ragga
2013 - Innatura3



The Innatura is a genuinely Brazilian band that mixes various rhythms in their songs like a patchwork quilt where they mix the plurality of cultural capital of Brazil .
Long road with the Brazilian music , the trio Bruno Dourado , Izabella Rocha and Kiko Peres , has 8 albums in their curriculum with 5 being Natiruts ( Nativus , People Brasilero , Verbalize , and Our Mission Four ) , already in 2007 , with Innatura , since launch 3 more albums ( A Brazilian artist Bossa Ragga and Innatura3 ) .
The Innatura just released his last album with several singers participaração as MV Bill , Dora Vergueiro , Fábio Allman , metals of Colonial Furniture of Auburn .
Directed by Leandro Lima , the Innatura just released the clip of music floating in City / cidadeaflutuar
On track number four named Ragga dance , rapper Gabon , based in Brasilia 15 years Pacômelézotrés who sings in French .....
That says so! !
Bsb bresil frero,multiple race différente poto
Ils avaient voulu me faire croire qu'on était tous egaut! Ah negro sortez de vos caniveaux.
Do Rio de Janeiro, ao cerado do Brasil!
Brasilia a fait de nous des fils, le ciel est notre terre notre berceau.
Avec des missions a accomplir, nous allons vous établir,décrire, écrire des chanssons,Pacomelezotres,innatura fais place a cette ragga....
Vous faire rire non,je suis passé du sourire au sinistre,si possible vous éclaircir/qu'ici au bresil!
On a du style, mettez vous a carreaux sur cette ragga,sinon tu prendra une patate.terre des mafio!...... Politiciens a la rigolote des vraies charlotte, a la connes qui parle Pacomelézotres!!
Les filles on kiffe, certain porte des chiffres,
Faisons la différence...

A Brazilian artist
Release by Silvio Gesinger

He walked with a release miss Izabella , Bruno and Kiko 's Natiruts ? The good news is that they are there back to the scene , with the project Innatura . But to know what is the best new , you have to see and hear this DVD / CD debut of the trio, a Brazilian artist . For who knew Bella and Bruno as backing vocalists the band brasiliense , one of the great names of Brazilian reggae , will have a big surprise : they went ahead and finally revealed their voices advocating a repertoire that includes songs in Natiruts , pearls of new composers and some unpublished 's own making . In acoustic format - basically guitars and voices - songs reveal new paths for these Brazilian artists : reggae continues to be a reference , but now his music has also strong folk, soul , samba - rock and even jazz - always in a natural way , that is how things happen to these people .

Were 11 years of Natiruts until Izabella Rocha and Bruno Dourado solve a break . They became parents of small Gabriela and , in 2006 , came to the conclusion that it was better to leave the road side and take care of life . In the quiet family , new musicality surfaced . Suddenly , no more suddenly , there they were rehearsing songs with Kiko Peres , guitar master who left the Natiruts in 2002 to devote himself to a solo career and music production projects .

In trials uncommitted , on Saturday afternoons , was being designed , over six months, the repertoire and arrangements A Brazilian artist - indeed , that was the name of an intimate show where Izabella sang songs from some of the new composers met along the tour with Natiruts . The first show Innatura ended up being just the recording of the DVD - in June 2007 , in Room Martins Pena Brasilia National Theatre , directed by José Eduardo Belmonte . Without pressure , totally independent , Bella , Bruno and Kiko then showed that they came from.

Bossa Ragga
Release by Helio Franco
De Leo and Bia Eduardo and Monica in Brasilia love always ended in music. But in the case of Bruno Dourado and Izabella Rock music blossomed in love - and love unfolded in music again . The drummer and singer fell in love in Natiruts where worked for 11 years , married , brought the world's first daughter, Gabriela , in 2004 , and in 2006 left the reggae band to mount the Innatura with brother Kiko Peres , who Natiruts had left in 2002 .

This partnership in music and life now comes to the second shoot , " Ragga Bossa " recorded in November 2010 by Tiago Sampaio , mixing with Daniel Felix ( Studio Roots Mix ) Ricardo Garcia and mastering .

After debuting in 2008 disk with the CD / DVD live " A Brazilian artist " Bruno , Izabella and Kiko , who had left the Natiruts to devote more families and children , fell back on the road. Soon the song " Smile Flower " - another brother , Rafael Pondé , former member of the band Bahia diamba - burst on the radio , making the group more Innatura touched on global series " Fitness " .

In Natura 3
Release by Gustavo Arnizaut

Components governing the musical art of In Natura are once again in evidence : human instincts , the preservation of the environment , the beauty in its natural state , the contemplation of