inneke23 (& the Lipstick Painters)

inneke23 (& the Lipstick Painters)


a mixture of cheerful countrysongs and morbid ballads telling the roadstory of a European cowgirl in search of her "cowboy angel" ...sometimes in a RnR outfit (with the full band) ... sometimes allmost "naked" (stripped to solo) but allways REAL with a little touch of magic!


inneke23 used to play bass in garagerock cultband de Bossen.
After touring through Europe as roady of an American band (Mark Olson and Victoria Williams' Creekdippers) and hitch hiking through the States she formed her own band: inneke23 & the Lipstick Painters.
inneke and her band have been playing at a diversity of places and learned to cope with any situation and bring the musical magic to any crowd.
The full band consists of 5 people, but versions of inneke23 with 1, 2 or 3 Lipstick Painters also work, as well as inneke23 solo.
inneke23 also has been touring along with Two Dollar Bash and Eamonn Dowd with pleasant small co-operatios as a result
"Charcoal", the second album of inneke23 & the Lipstick Painters was recorded in Ljubljana and produced by Chris Eckman of a.o. the Walkabouts


"Elephant Crossing", CoraZong records (2007)
"Charcoal", CoraZong records (2009)

songs on our site:

Set List

-I'd rather be a fair play loser (than a winner with a cheating heart)
-Elephant Crossing
-Your smile, olives & red wine
covers of Lucinda Williams, Neil Youg, Bob Dylan, the Stranglers, Wannes Van De Velde, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams