Radik Tulush

Radik Tulush


Radik Tulush is a master Tyvan traditional musician and throat-singer. With deep growls, spectral overtone-singing, sweet-sounding songs and inspirational contemporary improvisations on a range of traditional instruments, he draws audiences to him, transporting them to his homeland.


As a child, Radik learnt traditional Tyvan throat-singing and songs from his family while shepherding in a region close to the Mongolian border. Then, as a member of the Tyvan progressive rock band Yat-kha, with whom he toured internationally for 5 years, he honed his musical improvisation skills. He was awarded first prize at Siberia's 'Sayan Ring World Music Festival' for expanding the boundaries of Tyvan traditional music. He is currently a member of the world famous Tyvan group Huun-Huur-tu. In 2013, he launched his solo career with a concert in Moscow and in October 2013 will work with The Goshawk Project in Cambridge UK (see Carole Pegg showcase bid)


With Yat-kha:
Aldyn Dashgar, Yat-Kha YAT001, 2000
Tyva.rock, Yat-Kha YAT 003, 2003

With Huun-Huur-Tu:
Mother Earth! Father Sky! Featuring Sainkho, Jaro Medien 2008
Huun-Huur-Tu and Carmen Rizzo, Electrofone Music, 2009
Ancestors Call, World Village, Green Wave Records, 2010

Tyva: Spirits of My Land. 7-Star Records SSCD 51, 2007

Set List

Rocky Mountains Head
Dumchuktaar Kargyraa
Tangdy Uula
Middle Pass
Spirit of the Water
Song of the Crickets
River Ulaatai
Wind in Ovur
Orphan Child
The Hunter's Song
My Bai Taiga
Spirits of My Land