Inner Astronaut
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Inner Astronaut

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For the love of music! For over 15 years, music has been the sun of 'I.A.'s universe. Even further back to the age of two or three, Zach had always loved music. The upright piano that his parents purchased would be a source of experimental entertainment for years. His musical taste would wind through almost every frequency on the radio dial. Growing up in west Michigan, Zach's musical tastes would change from day to day. Not only was he a blossoming Beastie Boys fan, he also possessed the love of 'classic' country, 'classic rock', and of course soul...Which at the time you would have dropped the word classic from all of their titles. As he grew older, many of the late 80's pop songs became a staple in the life of a youngster. The roller rink was undoubtedly a source for music at the time. The first tape he had bought was Smashing Pumpkins, 'Siamese Dream'. This would kick off Zach's 90's rock phase, which would prove to be hugely impressionable on him. His mind began to cross musical boundaries that he had not have foreseen. Zach found humor in the new hip hop. Though he may not have related with the gangsta' rap of the time, he found the genre to be very fresh and creative to his ears. Around the age of 12 or so, Zach began to write his own lyrics and rhymes. They took on a Beck/Beastie Boys feel from the start. As the years passed, Zach would realize the importance of conscious lyrics and the power of the 'song' in general. Bands like Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Doors, etc. would be part of this growing experience. Zach would struggle for years with his guitar and singing ability. These days you might find that this is no longer a main issue. 'Inner Astronaut' is now focused upon creativity and separation from the mainstream radio, although most of Zach's songs are still considered by most, pop songs, there is still a fresh approach that is rarely seen in this age of mediocrity and predictability.