innerelement is an award-winning hard rock band from Des Moines, IA that combines the diverse style of Incubus with the aggressiveness of Linkin Park. The band’s brand of rock has already caught the ear of local press and the attention of national bands.


Undoubtedly the definitive factor in the aggressive hard rock music created by innerelement is the band’s ability to raise any eyebrow and turn any head. From the usual teenage front-of-stage thrashing, to Grandma tapping her toe from her distant lawnchair, innerelement’s music is capable of grabbing anyone and holding their focus for the entire show. “Refreshingly different” is the general descriptive phrase being tossed around Des Moines, IA where innerelement calls home.

Combining everything from blues to metal, innerelement’s hard rock pulls from nearly every musical spectrum. From the soaring vocals in “Rosetta” to the up-tempo hip hop feel of “I”, nearly every influence within the band is represented. This eclectic approach to hard rock has formed one of the fastest-growing followings in Des Moines. The musical style of bands like Incubus, Linkin Park, Chevelle and Hoobastank can all be found in the music of innerelement.

innerelement has received recognition both locally, and across the Midwest. The band has had the opportunity to open for multiple national touring bands such as Local H and the Nadas. They’ve been featured on various rock radio stations in Central Iowa and in local newspapers. They have also been one of the top 4 picks in every battle of the bands entered to date.

If there’s one thing evident that clearly sets innerelement apart from the others, it lies within the passion that exists in each member of the group. The same passion that can be heard on any innerelement disc, and seen on any stage featuring this band. innerelement does not dissappoint!


Full length lp 'from within' 2004

Set List

Typical Set 45 minutes to 1 hour

Typical Set
1. Fall
2. What it takes to love you
3. Nice to know
4. Beside Me
5. I
6. Let it out
7. Excuse me
8. Rosetta
9. Paint the Picture
10. Tomorrow
11. Needed
12. Darkest Day
13. What I've Become
Rotating songs

Winter's Summer
In Spite
Something to hold onto
Other Side


Warning - Incubus
The Warmth - Incubus
Machinehead - Bush