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Jump To The Time

Written By: Freeman McMaster

Jump To The Time
If you had a chance to make this world a better place
What kind of things would you do
Of all the changes that have to be made,
Which one most concerns you
Well I feel lost and I feel afraid
And I don’t know which way to turn
“Cos there are so many things that ain’t right in this world
And there’s So many things still to learn
We can change our ways
It’s not too late
This world of ours could terminate
Come on and get wise
Let’s give it a try
It’s a positive sign
Let’s jump to the time

This is the place
Now is the time
Too many wrongs
Let’s jump to the time
The world’s counting down
We’re not reading the signs
We’re losing our way
Let’s jump to the time
Here is our chance
For us to decide
Let’s make a move
And jump to the time
Let me ask you this question
I want to know what’s on your mind
Does the attitude differ with the latitude
Where do you think you rate
On the scale of mankind

Well I think I rate though I may hesitate
Sometimes it’s hard to open my mouth
You can fool some of the people some of the time
But you can’t be a fool to yourself
Repeat Build and Chorus
After all of this time
You know it seems so amazing
That this world of ours
Well it still seems like a play thing
Now it’s time to turn things around
Yes the word is out
And here’s what we’ve found, what we’ve found
Repeat Choruses out