Los Angeles, California, USA

Itch is the former lead singer of the critically acclaimed UK punk rock band, The King Blues. His solo project is a refreshing combination of street smart rap and pop chorus sensibilities. Itch toured with the US Vans Warped Tour in Summer 2013 and has already been playing up to 2,000 cap venues in the UK. With 2 mixtapes out and his debut album on the way, Itch is ready to properly introduce himself to new US fans at SXSW.


Innerpartysystem are an electronic rock band which formed in Mohnton, Pennsylvania, United States in 2006. They consist of Patrick Nissley (vocals, programming), Kris Barman (guitar, synths, programming), and Jared Piccone (drums). Jesse Cronan (sampling, synths, vocals) left IPS in March 2010. Their first record, “Innerpartysystem” was released on Island Records in 2008. The band self-released their EP “American Trash” on May 25, 2010.

The origins of Innerpartysystem can be traced in 2002, when drummer Jared Piccone and vocalist Patrick Nissley attended school together in Reading, Pennsylvania, an hour outside of Philadelphia. The town’s somewhat bleak, depressed nature (it remains the country’s sixth most-dangerous city) eventually inspired the harsh, mechanical tones of the band’s current music…although, ironically, the area’s local “scene” had little to do with IPS’s eventual sound. As the band puts it, “we were the only group in our area experimenting with dance sounds.”

The duo started writing songs together, inspired by both by their love of electronic music (The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Nine Inch Nails) and hardcore punk. Although the intensity of the band, in all its forms, has stayed consistent, the group saw its style begin to morph over time, becoming less “rock” and more digitally based.



September 30, 2008 Innerpartysystem


November 12, 2007 The Download EP (EP)


June 29, 2009 Summertime in Gameland
November 11, 2009 Innerpartysystem Winter Mixtape
Mini-mixtape vol. 1 (Spring 2010)
Mini-mixtape vol. 2 (Spring 2010)


Don't Stop (30 June 2008): #153 UK, #35 US Modern Rock
Die Tonight Live Forever (22 September 2008)
Don't Stop (9 February 2009)
Re-released (for the 2nd time) in the UK. New remix single was available.
Heart of Fire (4 May 2009)
American Trash (18 May 2010)

Set List

Home (Intro)
Die Tonight Live Forever
Heart of Fire
Night is Alive
American Trash
Everyone is the Same
This Town, Your Grave
New Poetry
What We Will Never Know
This Empty Love