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The best kept secret in music


Demo Sessions? If these songs were demo sessions one would like to know how a complete studio album would sound. Inner Recipe create perfectly written and performed rock music that is impossible to describe in any good way. It's a mixture of progressive rock, grunge, and 'sometimes' eighties guitars. Within one song you'll hear things that resemble different acts. The first song, “Clear the Rain” has a slight “Marillion meets Jane's Addiction” touch. which transfigures into the tribal sounds of Tribe After Tribe at the end of the song. The best definition would be that the music of Inner Recipe fits between the Likes of Pearl Jam and Sunny Day Real Estate, although you will hear some Tesla and Blackfoot influences as well.

Especially the guitar sound during “Kaprkorn” reminds me of these underestimated eighties blues (hard) rock bands. What's left to tell? That the will voice of Gary Guzialek fits perfectly? That the band absolutely knows how to write and play beautiful rock songs? You better listen for yourself. - Ron

After releasing an impressive full length release entitled "High Atop The Giving Tree" earlier this year the band Inner Recipe has now lent some more of their unique music to the masses. After not recording for over two years the band felt it was appropriate to display some of their recent work. The band stays true to their melodic, well written and complex sound on "Demo Sessions 2002". Guitarists Erik Kluiber and John Sullens have a little bigger role on this disc then they did on "High Atop The Giving Tree" while showing off their skills on some cool solos. The more slower paced song "See Though" has one of the most addicting chorus' I've ever heard. I found myself singing to myself well over three days after hearing it. Vocalist Gary Guzialek seems a little more sure of himself on these songs and It's definitely a good thing.

Though only previews to a future full length this five song disc comprised of demos really shows what this band is made of. With that, I find it amazing that these are only demos because the sound present on "Demo Sessions 2002" is some impressive stuff. I had a lot of fun listening to this album and it's great to see how a band develops over time. The songs that I find myself liking the most are "Clear The Rain" and "See Through". I give "Demo Sessions 2002" a rank of (8.5/10)

I am now a very big fan of these guys and I think they should be getting more attention, because it seems like they deserve it. Look for a brand new full length later this year or early next year. For more information visit their site at - Stevo

In the early '90s when scribes were scrambling to come up with a name for the music that would eventually become known as "alternative" the term "college rock" was quite often used to describe your basic four piece who melded '60s and '70s influences with a DIY ethic. This ethic was most notable for its honest emphasis on music rather than the music business, which hadn't been the case in popular music for some time, INNER RECIPE would have been a classic "college rock" band. This particular five track collection of demo recordings by INNER RECIPE touches some of the same territory that Pearl Jam or Soul Asylum did on their best cuts but goes further and pleasantly adrift into the poetic. It is hard to focus on a single attribute but if forced the most pleasant experience in the listening is probably the feeling that both the emotional and musical flows were able to find so natural a synergy. The music leaps from the speakers with a life that could never have been artificially manufactured - nor should it ever be attempted. To find out more about INNER RECIPE or to order a taste of their brilliant take on Rock music with heart punch up. - David Lee Wilson


The Way it Works Vol. 1 - comp cd featuring Odonata and Stones Thrown (2003), Demo Sessions - 5 song ep (2002), High Atop the Giving Tree - 12 song full length (2001), If - 4 song demo (2000)

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Feeling a bit camera shy


Cooking up a substantial fan-base and professional image is an uphill battle for every band. But since their start in 1999, Inner Recipe has earned recognition as major players in the famed Detroit rock scene quicker than most bands can get their first break.

After releasing their earliest material the following year in the form of a four-song EP entitled “If,” Inner Recipe gained enough hometown popularity to attract a loyal army of fans and perk the ears of local label executives. Shortly thereafter, Dakota Falls Artists backed the release of IR’s first full-length effort, “High Atop the Giving Tree.” The self-produced album was recorded in Detroit’s own Rock City Studios and mastered in Hollywood by Tom Baker, a recording tech who’s résumé includes work with The Stone Temple Pilots, R.E.M., The Beastie Boys, Danzig and Big Wreck. The album still enjoys striking sales at hometown shows, maybe because the record’s songs echo Inner Recipe’s Midwest roots.

The band began in the outskirts of Detroit harbored in a warehouse known as “The Loft” to the seventy-some underground bands it houses. Vocalist Gary Guzialak, along with his long-time friend and rhythm guitar bandmate John Sullens met up with Erik Kluiber, a local six string shredder who had recently returned home to Detroit after a semi-successful stint with an Atlanta-based hard rock band known as The End. It was strong beginnings for Inner Recipe; the result of their first meeting was a song that would become the live fan-favorite “Fly Away,” which, among other IR hits has enjoyed a number of spins on 89-X DJ Kelly Brown’s Sunday night Radio show. Soon after the initial meeting, Gary, Erik and John brought former Daisy Chain member Lorenzo Gonzalez into the mix, a seasoned heavy metal drummer whose thunderous percussive capabilities earned him an endorsement with Axis Drum Pedals. Lorenzo backs the band’s rhythm with bassist Michael Massie, the latest and last ingredient to IR’s powerful progressive rock.

“I joined IR in December of 2001 after trying to form a band of my own jamming with a number of musicians out in Ann Arbor,” Michael recalls. “I had heard of IR before, but I had never seen them play. A friend of mine let me know they were looking for a bass player, so I went to check out the band at The Blind Pig when they opened for Soulcracker. I was floored. They were musically tight and the sound and songwriting were amazing. They blew Soulcracker off the stage that night.”

Two weeks later Michael was in the band. Since his addition, Inner Recipe has been able to nurture and evolve the elemental rock sound brewing within each member since the band’s origination. Now Inner Recipe boasts a touring circuit that reaches far into Michigan and Ohio and is ever-extending to other embracing corners of the Midwest.

“Ultimately it’s the songs that win them over,” Erik says about IR’s crowd reception. “It’s all about music that sounds better, looks better, and is more exciting than anything on the radio.”

Inner Recipe continues to excite crowds wherever they play. They’ve shared the stage with acts like The Dirty Americans, Soul Cracker and Thought Industry. They’ve headlined Detroit area venues such as the illustrious and highly publicized 89-X Whitney Garden Parties and the exclusive Magic Bag Theatre. The latest releases from IR include “Demo Sessions 2002,” a five-song EP of self-recorded demos that showcase some of their newest material, and a video of the EP’s last track “Kaprkorn,” a product that landed them an endorsement with Jagermeister liquor, and interest from Red Bull Energy Drink reps. Inner Recipe has belted just about every accolade a local band can earn. The next level is national status; and with IR’s distinct blend of ever-changing complex and up-beat rock ‘n’ roll and an image that’s young, innocent, fresh and real, that next level can only be a stone’s throw away.