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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF

Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Caberet Voltaire 30th January review"

Inner Sight a Dance Rock band from Glasgow. The use of synth/keyboard reminded me a bit of Muse, which is not a bad thing at all! The band had amazing energy and bassist Chris jumped out into the crowd either due to his enthusiasm or because there was no space left on stage due to there being 6 members! Inner Sight are original and brilliant, definitely check out their myspace!
Ailsa Watt. - Y Rock

"Innersight!....Goodbye to Glowsticks"

Venue....Classic Grand.

Headlining a night of good bands may seem daunting to some people, but Innersight certainly didn't appear intimidated, actually looked more to relish this prospect. With the fans eagerly waiting to see them, and excitement in the air provided by the previous bands, they knew that they couldnt let them down.

Lead singer Chris, followed by Peter on drums, joined Goody and Scotty on guitars, Claire on piano, and Calum on syth, they walked onto the stage soaking up the atmophere and joining the fans in the euphora, launching into 'Tormented Dreams' and 'Frostbite', with Chris surprising the choatic fans by joining them on the ground along with his bass and playing while lapping around them, this continued as Goody and Scotty emersed themselves with the people by looking like the professionals they have become, while Chris tore himself from the fans, he returned to the stage to prepare for the next song. The night went into feverpitch when the band played the known Zager and Evan cover 'In the Year 2525, as the trademark glowsticks filled the area another surprise was waiting...balloons, filled the place as well, a slight distraction from the fantastic 'Iskra' as the band and fans were overjoyed by how well the night was going. It had to end, and the band closed with 'Save'.

As someone who has watched this band begin in much small venues and smaller crowds, I was proud to see how they havent gave up and perserver to make themselves known, and it's not a question of if Innersight make it, based on this night, this performance, it is a question of when.

Innersight your fifteen minutes are up, your thankfully here to stay.

Craig - Mr Craig

"Isa and the Filthy Tongues, Sara and the Snakes, Inner Sight live at Stereo, Glasgow"

Inner Sight were a different kettle of fish entirely. They've got to be one of the best rehearsed bands that I've seen recently and they are undoubtedly the most singularly inoffensive indie rock band on the planet. That's pretty much all you need to know about them and, yes, they are apparently coming to a school near you. I know because they told me so. - Bluesbunny Independent Music Rerviews

"Inner Sight and The Gazettas live at The Buff Club, Glasgow"

Inner Sight round things off. They are a bit retro but that look astern is tempered with modern power pop sensibilities. It's good to hear songs with hooks and it's also good to hear those boy-girl harmonies and big guitars. The up-tempo songs work best with the intense "Tormented Dreams" heading right over the top into my arms. - Bluesbunny Independent Music Rerviews

"No Fxd Abode, Inner Sight, The Feuds and Goosedubbs live at ABC2, Glasgow"

Inner Sight seemed familiar but it wasn't until they covered "In the Year 2525" that I remembered that it was but a short while since I had last seen them. As I recall, there were also more of them than in our last encounter. They did a lights out entrance before launching into a set of commercial, crowd pleasing songs so it wouldn't be too great a surprise if they turned out to be destined for greater things. - Bluesbunny Independent Music Rerviews

"Rutherglen band to play at Greenock Prison"

INNER SIGHT, a popular up and coming young band from Cambuslang and East Kilbride, have been given the opportunity to rock Greenock Prison this week.
The alternative cosmic rock ensemble is putting on a show for the inmates today (Wednesday) they will never forget.
The gig could not have came at a better time.
For in October Inner Sight showcased their material and launched their EP The 7th Sense in front of a packed audience celebrating the 160th anniversary of the House of Fraser.
Since the gig, promoters and other contacts within the music industry, have showed a keen interest in the band’s progress.If you would like the chance to catch the action, gigs in the next few weeks include the Classic Grand on December 27 at 7pm; O2 Academy 2 on January 15 at 7pm; Caberiet Voltiare in Edinburgh on January 30 at 7pm; and the Classic Grand headline show at 7pm on February 6. - Rutherglen Reformer

"Inner Sight @ o2 2 Glasgow 15th jan 2010"

It must be said that when I entered the venue, the place filled quickly, very quickly, I was told it was going to be a sell out, but you wouldn’t believe how packed it was, sardines would have found it tight, but anyways on with the review…Rock music was the oxygen that the people breathed tonight at the 02, this was until the headliners, the 6 piece, Inner Sight came on and threw some Alternative Rock into the mix. Inner Sight took the crowd to a different place, space perhaps? This is what it felt like with the synth/keyboard/and I actually think the bass guitar creating astronomical sounds which merged together beautifully, reminded me very much of Muse. The vocals were thrown about between the band, and boy-girl harmonies were created very well, which added to the space-like atmosphere. The drums created a barrage of sound and the guitarists filled in the gaps so that Inner Sight sounded fuller than the ocean. Their cover of the 1969 hit “In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)" by Zager and Evans was incredibly well received by the crowd and worked really well with their sound. Inner Sight is a band, a special band, that people NEED to check out and if they don’t I will be very sad. - Y Rock

"Inner Sight stars won’t miss a gig"

From headline gigs at The Classic Grand to afternoon shows at local high schools, Inner Sight is a band that’s proving unwilling to miss a chance to show off its creative talent.

The Lanarkshire-based band describe themselves as, “alternative rock with a cosmic twist,” and use their range of musical backgrounds to make a different sound.

Although the name Inner Sight has been around since 2007, the current line-up has only been together since October last year.Lead singer and bass guitarist Chris Gray said: “There is a lot of manufactured music out there just now and we want to show that there are still musicians out there with a lot of passion for what they do.”

The band’s ambition is to perform at a festival and to eventually do a tour of arenas.

Last year was a good one for them when they were given the opportunity to showcase their material at the House of Fraser 160th anniversary event in Glasgow.

Late last year, after being spotted at a gig in Glasgow’s Buff Club the sextet were asked to perform the Christmas show at Greenock Prison, where Glasgow band Glasvegas had performed the year before.The band all believe they are lucky to have such a great support network in their families and friends – even if Chris’s dad is their biggest critic.

Drummer Pete Mitchell, says: “Our families are very supportive and all chip in to help.

“Claire’s mum helps us a lot with the merchandise, while Chris’s dad has become like our unofficial manager.”

Inner Sight have also developed a healthy following on the social networking sight My Space with more than 1500 fans so far.

The band is already causing a stir on the Glasgow music scene, even being named on the O2 ABC’S website as one of the top five bands to see.

This year so far, they have sold out shows in ABC2, 02 Academy2 and Classic Grand.

Their first gig with the current line up was in March at the club Rockers.

Stephen says: “I was so nervous as it was my first gig and the ex guitarist was in the audience and I could see him staring at me but it was a great gig.”

Claire Ashwood provides Inner sight with piano and vocals, but is from a distinctly different musical background.

She says: “I am from musical theatre and I was used to the fact that when I was playing people in the audience would sit quietly and listen.

“So the gig at Rockers was a completely different experience for me.”

The six-piece really believe in giving back to their loyal fans.

Synth player Callum McSporan attends Calderglen High School in East Kilbride and has established a good fan base among his fellow pupils.

Chris says: “We really appreciate all of our fans and understand that a lot of them can’t always come to see us at our shows due to age restrictions – that’s why we like to play the schools.

“It gives the pupils a chance to hear us and it’s a way for us to say thank you for being our fans.”

The band take their musical influences from a range of genres but are heavily influenced by the likes of Muse, Queens of the Stonage and Jimi Hendrix.

Inner Sight has just released a new single called Iskra – Russian for “The Spark.”

Chris says: “The songs message is that no matter how dark or dead-end an individual’s life may appear, they must look within themselves as everyone has the Inner Sight, the spark in them to get out of that rut and make the most of their lives.

“Our aim in music is to send out that message in order that a resurgence of hope and optimism is channelled back into people and that everyone is destined for greater things.”

Inner Sight headline at ABC 2 on May 20, and can be followed on - Evening Times


Ignite the Spark (2011) EP
The Outlaw(2011) Single
Iskra (2010) Single
The 7th Sense (2009) EP



We provide these messages with the aid of our fusion of bombastic dark riffage and celestial melodic harmony to produce the Inner Sight sound. Through the song Iskra (Russian for the spark), it symbolizes the message of what it is to have the Inner Sight. A philosophical look into the life of the audience in order to guide people in the right path and show that there is more to life than to just accept the norm, no matter how dark or mundane an individuals life may appear to be, they must look within themselves as everyone has the Inner Sight, the spark within them to get them out of the rut and make the most out of their lives. Essentially everyone are destined for greater things, they just have to believe in themselves, through self belief and determination, the aims and potential is limitless. That’s the Inner Sight.

'Inner Sight took us to somewhere perhaps'

'Inner Sight's sound is fuller than the ocean'

'This band are taking a modern version of what's essentially indie space-rock, into a wholly new and exciting musical dimensions'