A Perfect Circle meets Smashing Pumpkins with a hint of Incubus.


It’s hard to find a band nowadays who doesn’t just jump on stage, play three riffs, yell, and call it music. Bandmates Arturo Gutierrez and Lou Flores decided to get away from this cliché. While looking for a bassist and a drummer, they wanted to make a band along the lines of Stone Temple Pilots and A Perfect Circle. A genre of alt rock that proves beautiful vocals can be soothing and fierce at the same time.

Lou and Art recruited Jeff and Jesse after one rehearsal and became Trace Element. It took sometime to achieve the sound they wanted. The result is a live show with the stage presence full of energy and emotion comparable to established national acts.

Again, thanks for your time, come check out a show or two, have some beers, and it’ll all be good.

Set List

A recent set list included the following songs:
1. Jerk
2. Trust
3. Image is Everything
4. Nothing's the Same
5. When Five Becomes Six
6. 17-28-42
7. Would You For Me
8. Don't Run
9. Oceans

Six new songs have been rehearsed but the titles have yet to be released. As of now, they don't play any covers.