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Innocent Flannel

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
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Innocent Flannel is an indie/rock band from Nashville, TN. Having played together in various formats for the last 10 years, Innocent Flannel has learned what it takes to create great, thought provoking songs that compel you to linger on every lyric, while being unable to resist dancing. The band has been noted for their melding of Americana and honky tonk sounds with modern indie rock. This mixture of genres creates an eclectic crossbreed of witty, high energy songwriting that tips its hat to the past while exploring the new frontiers of modern storytelling. The members of Innocent Flannel all bring their own unique styles to every event, and although the band's songwriting is one of their greatest strengths, their performance of these songs is simply stellar.
Kyle Dunn's vocals bring an element of emotion that is virtually unrivaled. His singing is a mixture of Tom Petty, Julian Casablancas, and Elliot Smith; running the gamut from gentle and soothing in songs such as "Broke In" and reaching a stylish abrasiveness in songs like "Put The Money In The Bag". The lyrics he writes are deep and thought provoking, but most importantly they feel real, relevant, and genuine.
Ira Schwartz’s frenzied drumming is the glue that holds Innocent Flannel’s music together. With a unique style that contains an unparalleled energy, your body, as well as your mind, will immediately be dancing and in complete astonishment at his rapid fills, thunderous beats, and pulsing rhythms.
Harry West milks the bass in a way that perfectly compliments the playing of the other members of the band. His electrifying riffs tend to be clear, simple and to the point, locking in seamlessly with the drumming to create what some might call the perfect rhythm section.
Jack of all trades, Will Logsdon's guitar, keyboard, and mandolin playing adds critical depth and complexity to the Innocent Flannel sound. Will brings layers of catchy melodies, shreddy solos, and tasteful background parts, all combining to take the musical element of the band to another level.
The combination of these individuals and the the parts they play brings to the table a high-energy, thought provoking array of songs that consistently leaves their crowds hot and heavy, and begging for more.