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**NOISE NEWS** San Diego, Ca USA 11-30-2006 Last Updated

-Innocent Noise selected for **Feature Interview** on **** - Canada's leading publisher of punk, alternative, and metal interviews, features and reviews. The site has roughly **1.6 Million** Hits and 110,000 users **per month**! Interviews include artists like Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, DragonForce, Dropkick Murphys, Bad Religion, Trapt, and many more... Special thanks to Dixon Christie, Queen J-Rock, and everyone else at for their interest in Innocent Noise [interview complete, release date T.B.A. soon].

-Innocent Noise to recieve a write up in **No Cover Magazine** - bio of band plus hi-res. photo hitting stores Jan 15, 2007. Distribution -**20,000** **Magazines** nationwide on high quality 4-color gloss paper going to retailers such as Barnes and Noble, US Books, B.Dalton Books, Scribbners, Hastings Books and Music, FYE Super Stores and select 7-11’s, Circle K’s, Newstands, and Independent Bookstores Nationwide. Band's that have previously graced the cover include: Ben Harper, Ziggy Marley, Daft Punk, Rise Against, Blink 182, Crystal Method, Linkin Park, and more. No Cover was also selected to be the "Official" JagerMusic Tour Magazine in 2003 with Slayer headlining.

-Innocent Noise song Monster selected to be the first song on a compilation CD to raise $$ to fight drunk driving, and an interview for this campaign with Cusp The Magazine. Rockers for Life, Presented by Illumina Records, will run a Myspace promo campaign requesting 1 million friends [who will hear Monster 1st], as well as live shows in a number of cities around the US. $3 from every CD will goto the Ground Control Program.

-**20 MILLION PEOPLE** [up to] in the 4 weeks of May 2006 have the chance to hear Innocent Noise song Xotica after I.N. was selected through for play on MovieTunes [music played in theaters before major motion pictures, in the lobby, and restrooms]. Play list in press section of EPK. Special thanks to J.D. at IndieCore and Darryl at MovieTunes for their interest in Innocent Noise.

-Innocent Noise EP Xotica gained numerous TOP 5 ADDs [CMJ] around the country, in some cases ahead of major bands, as well as charting well on numerous stations overall:

- 2 YELLOWCARD Lights And Sounds

[top 5 list info requested]


[Special thanks to Tinderbox Music for their work]

-Xotica EP recieving FM spins around the country in cities like Los Angeles, Portland [OR and ME], Chicago, Boston, Houston, New York, Milwaukee, Ft Lauderdale; as well as many cities and towns inbetween. Global spins recieved through five I.N. songs being selected to the syndicated "On The Horizon" radio show on 104.7 FM in Los Angeles, some web casts, and 113 radio stations in Australia via Ison Live Radio, 100.7 FM in Puerto Rico... and, let's not forget the overseas fans on Myspace and the other websites I.N. can be found on.

Much more charting and other radio info available upon request

- Innocent Noise is blessed to now be working with engineer Alan Sanderson of Strait Sound Studios in San Diego. Alan has recieved platinum records from The Rolling Stone's album Bridges to Babylon, Weezer's self titled album [and more] and has recorded with Elton John, Slayer, and Green Day, just to name a few. It was an honor working with Alan, and I.N. is looking forward to future projects with Alan and Strate Sound Studios.

continued in press section...


"The Indie Life For Me" - There is still an aura of innocence and pride in being in charge of ones own music career. I.N. is rising above the pre-manufactured noise of pop culture through distinctive sound, and determined effort at expanding onto the international stage. Innocent Noise has been reborn since the addition of front man Craig Harrison [8-04] after being instrumental for over a year. I.N.'s "debut" self-titled EP was just the tip of the iceberg. I.N.'s latest EP, Xotica, represents an elevation in sound for Innocent Noise being blessed to now record with producer/engineer Alan Sanderson of Strate Sound Studios in San Diego, CA...the band's home town.

With a mountain of new music in the live set; and having opened for Pepper and Long Beach Dub All Stars on the funkier side, and Chaimara [OzFest band] on the harder side, Innocent Noise can rock just about any house they are privileged to play.

The influences? Read
the bios.

Are we Innocent? Is it Noise? We intend to rock the world until we get some answers!

In the meantime, YOU decide.



The band has been reborn since the addition of Craig Harrison on vocals August 2004 after being instrumental for a year.

-Innocent Noise recording two new EPs; one acoustic and one hard rock. Look for teasers over the summer through the end of ’06, and the full release of both starting early '07.

10-26-06 Monster - First song recorded off forthcoming album. Done in one day and already in the EPK.

2-10-06 Xotica EP - XOTICA [Za-ti-ka] 1. Freedom of spirit through music 2. To Achieve ascension of mind and body to become one with universal movement of life being

8-19-05 Innocent Noise - "Debut" self titled EP

Live Acoustic album being recorded soon.

Look for 2 separate releases starting in early 2007 including a plugged rock album, and an acoustic compilation of new songs combined with acoustic versions of songs off the two most recent I.N. EPs.

Set List

Depends on the event. With a mountain of new music in the live set; and having opened for Pepper and Long Beach Dub All Stars on the funkier side, and Chaimara on the harder side, Innocent Noise can entertain just about any house they play. [Also opened for Buck Cherry, and Tila Tequia]

Innocent Noise can taylor to particular crowds. With broad range, talent, and interest in music...there is some Innocent Noise for just about everyone! I.N. has so much music in the pipeline it's astonishing.