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We like to make our crowd feel how we're feeling. That same pumped up feeling when we're up there just letting it all out. We like to Rock and help our friends Rock. Classic, Modern and Alternative Rock is where we'll take you.


In-N-ouT was a collaboration of all 4 of us in the group. We had all had previous band experience and put it all together for this ride. Danny D is the writer in the group and is currently working on an album in Austin, TX. Our inception was back 1996 playing at clubs and bars all around the Valley. We just resurged recently and have hopped on this "magic carpet ride" to see where it takes us. Fun, that's what we feel and I think our fans feel when we're up there just doing what we do. So, we invite everyone who wants to jump on and just see where exactly this ride leads to and just have fun.

Set List

We normally play a 4 hour gig, with 3 hour sets and 2 30 min breaks. Our repertoire consists of Pearl Jam, Doors, Blink 182, Tool, Motley Crue and everything in between.